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    Bomdiggety reacted to Grimmstone in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Good to see more LM builders coming in  - 
     I was Grimmstone there too
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Metallical in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hey there.  I was in Landmark, and I built stuff. Nice to see a lot of you around.
    I am sort of hovering around DU. Not entirely sure DU is going to scratch the Landmark itch for me, but I will find out, someday. I have access to the game, but it wasn't up to a standard I was interested in.  So, I decided to wait until they get further along. I check on here, and other places, every so often. Always on the lookout for a Landmark replacement.
    See you guys around, somewhere, sometime!
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Thelandira in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hello all! Thelandira (or Thela for short) and former Landmarkian here. I started LM about 2 weeks after Alpha ended and was in the 'Artists Guild' and then 'Voxel Benders' guild (after mega wipe). Totally miss that game. I just purchased DU and am looking forward to diving in and getting my hands dirty.

    Here's a pic of one of my favorite builds I did in LM -
    You can see more pics of some of my creations at - http://thelashangout.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_15.html
    Hope to see you all in DU!
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    Bomdiggety reacted to FelonyMelanie in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hey all. I'm a Landmarkian! Some of you might remember me :)  I just got the game tonight and am looking forward to playing it
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    Bomdiggety reacted to yamamushi in Vote me for Forum Moderator!   
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    Bomdiggety reacted to _Anime_ in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    So is every one scattered all over the place?
    Do we have a  guild, or a place where most of us are playing?
    Also my build from landmark,  The queens castle!  
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Dhara in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    I think @_Anime_ already found Infinity Corp, right?
    If not, or for anyone else interested, these orgs all have some LM players.  Some more than others.  There might be other orgs out there, but these are the three I am aware of.
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Geo in Animated Neon GIFs for Orgs & Ships, Signs & Screens   
    Here's the latest Neon Sign I'm finalizing for @Dhara & The Outfit:

    If anyone want's a "Neon Sign" / Logo Animation made for their DU Org, just post the info here. ?
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    Bomdiggety got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in Why it is a good idea to pay subscription fee for Dual Universe   
    NQ seems pretty on top of things as far as keeping out the trash, im not worried.
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Brimor in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hey everyone, my name on Landmark was Angelsheart and i was one half of (BiA). Below is one of the builds we did on Landmark that ended up in the safe hands of LadyKathrine. The build took us a while to make and was HUGE. Hello to all our friends who may remember me and hopefully we will meet in you all in DU.

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    Bomdiggety got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in General Relativistic Time   
    hey there's some guy named schrodinger out here asking about a cat. anyone seen it?
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Dhara in Prophet Rocket Foundry - “Trust in Creation”   
    Too much watching star wars you have been.
    @Alayna  There are lots of Landmark players in the game and there are no official DU rules as to who can or can't join any organization (unless the org itself has such rules).  I have several LM friends in my org.  Some are going rouge and haven't joined any org at all. Some set up their own org. And afaik you don't have to be a Landmark player to join Pantera's org either (correct me if I'm wrong Pantera). 
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Dhara in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    Another great video from PrinceChawmin!  Honk, honk, lol
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    Bomdiggety reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Apology from Slaxx to NQ and the Dual Community   
    All right, this topic is going to be locked.
    Surprisingly all these "TheSlaxx" defenders are fresh new accounts.
    Apparently some think it's okay to create accounts just to try to strongharm Novaquark's decision, even if this was already discussed and explained in private many times.
    Making it public will NOT change Novaquark's decision. If someone opens another topic on TheSlaxx to try to change Novaquark's mind, expect your account to be banned permanently from the forum without further notice. We don't have time to waste on this topic anymore. This practice of coming back again and again on a decision made by Novaquark will only make the situation worse.
    TheSlaxx hasn't been banned for the shady practices regarding the Organizations.
    He has been banned for what he did after.
    "He has changed now" will never be a valid argument to rehabilitate him.
    If we make an exception for him, we will have to make exceptions for everyone else that has a toxic behavior. 
    That's not gonna happen.
    Best Regards,
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    Bomdiggety got a reaction from Rex in I am human   
    welcome (puny) human(!)
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Dhara in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    Thanks guys! 
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Dilectos in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    Yes, it looks amazing Dhara ! 
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    Bomdiggety reacted to GalloInfligo in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    Looks good Dhara!  
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Dhara in The Outfit is Now Recruiting   
    Beholden to no government. Respected by all. Feared by some.
    We are The Outfit!
    The Outfit is an organization full of outcasts including traders, smugglers, merchants, rogues and like-minded entrepreneurs. Some might even call us pirates from time to time. But those are their words, not ours!! Mostly, we just take the jobs we can get and we do what we have to do to survive. We WILL build a name for ourselves in this strange new sector of space.
    We are currently recruiting…
    The Crew:
    We are going to build a strong fleet of ships and are in need of dedicated players who are interested in participating in PVP related game play to assist in our transportation services and related PVP activities.
    If interested, you can learn more on our website at our Our Crew Page.
    The Outfit is not just a crew of people looking to make a living off our our trade skills and our fleet though! We are also looking for a few brave players who are interested in staking a claim with us in this brand new Universe.
    The benefits will be numerous.
    If interested, visit Our Settler’s Page for all of the details.
    Or check out more details on our Dual Community page:
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    Bomdiggety reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in [Reminder] About NQ staff impersonation   
    Dear community members and visitors,
    It has come to our attention that someone has recently impersonated Novaquark staff and especially the company founder (Jean-Christophe Baillie) to harass other gaming communities on Reddit and Discord. First, we want to clarify that no official Novaquark staff would do such a thing, and the whole team totally disapproves and condemns such behavior. 
    We take this very seriously, as Novaquark has in mind to nurture a healthy, fun and welcoming community. That’s why we have rules and if one or several have been broken, this will call the appropriate sanctions.
    An investigation has been opened. If someone in the Dual Universe community is responsible for the said behavior and we acquire the necessary proof, this/these person(s) will be banned without further notice. It has been stated clearly in our policy that presenting yourself as Novaquark staff when you are not, especially when adopting a toxic behavior, is an offense that triggers the highest sanction possible.
    Harassing players from other gaming communities to play Dual Universe is not OK. Harassing players to join a DU Organization is not OK. Spreading false information is not OK Impersonating other DU players or anyone else is not OK Presenting yourself as Novaquark staff toward players in other gaming communities when you’re not is not OK.  
    If you have been targeted by such behavior, and you want to help with the investigation, you can always contact us at support@novaquark.com. We will also get in touch with Reddit Mods and Discord staff if necessary to get to the bottom of this.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team.
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    Bomdiggety reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Player Experiences and Feedback   
    Hi Primate and welcome on the official Dual Universe forum.
    - The need of approval for your first post by a Moderator or a Community Manager has nothing to do with NDA.
    You need to be approved once. After that, you won't need anymore validation.
    Why resorting to such measure? Captcha systems gave mixed efficiency results to prevent spam accounts to spawn on the forum.
    As we had Korean and Chinese, as well as English spam accounts on the forum in the past, this is the most efficient way to block them before they start polluting the forum (you would be surprised to see how many we have removed so far that never became visible to the Community
    - You might think that current Supporter Packs are underwhelming. That's totally your right.
    Sure, there are a lot less attractive than our previous Kickstarter Founder Packs, but they remain worth it in terms of value: their price alone is approximatively the total value of the number of DACs (tokens for months of playtime) included in it. That means that everything else if given for free (while cosmetics items - pets, outfits, skins and decorative Elements - have also a significant value too). The value of Pre-Alpha access is not even taken into account as we consider it a "bonus perk" for those who want to support the game beyond just buying it to play. As mentioned in the disclaimer of the Patron Pack, Pre-Alpha is not meant for those who want an immediate fun experience, as the game is not yet at this stage. Pre-Alpha is meant for those who really want to help us tracking bugs and give feedback on every aspect of the game in its current state. In any case, just wanting to play the game and have fun is perfectly understandable, it's just it's not the right time for that yet, and that's why we won't encourage players to aim for a patron pack if they're not interested in this early phase.
    - Live gameplay is limited for the time being indeed. 
    That's pretty common in this early stage, especially for a MMORPG.
    Again, if you prefer to play when the server will be up permanently, Pre-Alpha may not be the phase you want to join, and that's totally understandable.
    - Subscription model is necessary. Server architecture to host the whole community in the same universe (no instances) and Quality Support cost a lot.
    As this kind of cost can be, in a certain measure, proportional to the amount of players, it would make no sense to go Free-to-Play and even Buy-to-Play could be a risky move.
    Hence, Subscription model is the most logical choice.
    Best Regards,
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Torenstahl in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Now, is that some kind of a test?
    For in landmark the base voxel position was south/east/up. And it is necessary to define it, since any voxel based shape only comes to existance by drawing lines from a base voxel to it's 7 neighbour voxels in pre defined directions and filling the space between them to create a visible surface (so in the case of landmark, to the north/west/down neighbour voxels).
    To say: If you place the smallest cube in a voxel-world - that's not the voxel. The voxel is one of it's corners, building a visible cube by drawing lines to it's neighbours (the other corners) and filling the space between them. That's not a glitch, that's voxel technology basics and inevitable. Just saying.
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Torenstahl in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Well, I hope there are a few of us out there. And if you see an Alicorn flying through space ... that'll probably be me. And I don't give a ship how idiotic this will look. I WILL build it again. And this time i will make it FLY! Hah!  

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    Bomdiggety reacted to Elkay in Cannot Logon   
    You are quite right!  I was frustrated that yet another "pre-alpha" had come along and i'd missed it yet again.  I paid up-front in order to be allowed an early preview of the game as promised and it was so long ago I can honestly say i do not remember reading anything that said, "Most of the early previews will be on European time" but regardless, i was irritated and took it out on my original post.  
    To all those i offended, my apologies.  This doesn't change the fact that numerous "tests" have been conducted and a large portion of the US audience who will eventually become customers - were "left out" if only because of the test-hours.  Anyway that's no excuse for me typing text that definitely had an air of angst inside the content.  
    Your scolding was kind and well worded, Nyzaltar and that's exactly how i should have worded my original post.  I can assure you and the rest of the forum trollers i will curb my emotions in the future and stick to the task at hand:  Help NQ build a better product.
    Thanks to everyone for reminding me who i am
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    Bomdiggety reacted to Elkay in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hey guys...we're using this Thread to connect actual Landmark-Builder fans...not to hurl fecal matter at each other like monkeys in cages.  While many like myself were drawn in by the lure of EQ-Next (I do desperately want another GREAT MMO to come out) that doesn't mean the creative side of my personality didn't show thru with my creations.  I very quickly became a fan of just building.  Heck, i'd have loved an EQN World where i was nothing more than an architect for guilds to hire and construct their...whatever.  Castle/keeps/homes/taverns whatever.  Learning how to use the sandbox became the game for me and it was just fine for that.
    For all the problems it had, there were a hundred great things it also did and i'm posting these NOT TO PAT MYSELF ON THE BACK but to prove a point.  If you or your friends or your enemies are going to sit there and say, "Landmark was garbage you could do nothing with it" then how do you explain the items myself and many other far more talented builders made???  MY personal stuff was by no stretch of the imagination "the best" - there's at least fifty other players that i can think of almost instantly who could out-build me with their eyes shut.
    But there it is.  Here's what *I* built using "That broken piece of dung Landmark that nobody could do anything with"
    This build was wiped in Alpha and re-built several times but this is my first recording of the overall structure:
    This next vid was *not* the final version - but it was the final version i vid-grabbed.  It's the same "Keep" as above but several months have gone by and quite a lot has changed.
    Don't like square corners, blocky structures?  How about something a little more organic like my Kerran Monastery?
    VERY VERY VERY Few props were used in ANY of my builds - with the sole exception being the "Monastery" where there was the clear need for an over-abundance of plant-props and other sundries.
    Everyone knows DBG crapped the bed when they fired everyone worth a hoot - everyone with the dream and the drive to make EQN - THOSE were the people who killed EQN, not SONY.  SONY stopped development on it because they didn't want 20 mil in debt on their books when trying to sell off their game-development division...NOT because Voxels are stupid or unusable or whatever...and oh BTW the Enterprise?  Uses ZERO "Voxelmancy" - that's pure built with the built-in tools.  Don't tell me what i know.  I know what i know.
    As for Voxel manipulation how bout this?
    My train set wound up being a collection of 12 cars each built where nothing is what it appears to be - all of the voxels were offsets or insets or inverted or turned.  Had to in order to make it work the way i wanted rather than the way the Voxel-Farm intended the voxels to be displayed.  Is that breaking the engine?  Or is that expanding it?  Did i build this using nothing but glitches???  DONT TELL ME WHAT I KNOW.  I KNOW WHAT I KNOW
    Sorry everyone - i'm so sick to ()*#)ing death of the general public ragging on LM simply because they're mostly made up of instant-gratification-required individuals afraid to work their brains a little to figure things out.  Just sick and yeah tired.  Can we please, PLEASE stop with the LM bashing????  
    I posted these videos to stand up and say to those who made/make those claims, "Yes. You CAN do this.  THIS was made USING LANDMARK and by someone who doesn't know the first thing about "voxelmancy" (I always hated that term btw...called those peeps "Voxelnancies" yeah i'm a child get over it.)  Sure a lot of my builds used fancy bits n pieces all of which i was taught by those specialists i'm referring to.  Were it not for their help, i'd have figured it out - just would have taken a lot longer and hooking up with other builders was actually kind of fun from time to time.
    Ok stepping off my soap-box now.  PLEASE lets stop with the LM Bashing.  Let the old girl lay in peace.  PLEASE.
    We're very quickly going to embark into a new world where sandbox building presumably has no limits...we'll see.  We'll see
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