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  1. Rex

    I am human

    @gladiator550 That is now your assigned quick-access nomenclature. See also: nick-name. hu·man (h)yo͞omən noun 1. a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien. synonyms: person, human being, personage, mortal, member of the human race Query: What is "alien" in the context of beings not being native to a region?
  2. Rex

    I am human

    In congratulations upon your discovery of new knowledge, I present to you two images that you might consider for a profile picture for your communications avatar in these forums.
  3. Rex

    I am human

    @Alsan_Teamaro I was built born with a stamp sign that said R3X725. My manufacturer mother called it a serialization birthmark. @Armedwithwings It is too late. @Lord_Void, @BliitzTheFox I do not identify as Cybrex. My noun is "human" and I am from... Humansville, Missouri. @TheMasterKirby welcome to Dual Universe! I look forward to collecting your connection information to add to my communications repository for... friendship purposes. @gladiator550 glad. Glad. GladOS.
  4. Rex

    I am human

    @Mod-Mercutio, @Aaron Cain & @Lethys thank you for the welcome to the forums. I have begun download and categorization of the collective wealth of knowledge here. I am now rich with memes.
  5. Hi I am human. Much like, you, fellow humans. I enjoy drinking water to lubricate my internal organs. I enjoy human things like walking.
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