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  1. Honestly, I don’t see this game doing well in the open market without third person options. For one, their first person view tends to feel as if you’re crawling on the ground. You get stuck on plants, or player made holes you can’t see. It’s complicated to get out of different situations simply because you can’t see. With a setting to use third person if you’d like, it would be the best of both worlds. Those set on first person can continue using it and those who prefer third, can change to the setting. Many games do great with both options. Secondly, being able to see your character tends to give the player a sort of “bond” with it. I have spent hours looking at my avatar in Landmark and it still warms my heart to see photos of it. For some players it builds on the emotional side of gameplay. For me, that’s as important as having beautiful sunsets, or desirable textures. Third, while in third person, you can also see visual queue’s to assist with building, or even while mining. Instead of depending on staring the small building square to see the mode your in, in 3rd person, you can see your character shift as you flow through modes. And most importantly, while building, I can see exactly what I’m doing if I have a full line of sight of my surroundings. And lastly, emotes! Third person opens up conversation, such as emotes- clapping, dancing, sitting, etc etc etc... the opportunities are limitless. Just need to add one small option in settings! It’s that simple. Of course, this is only my opinion. But I admit...I strongly dislike playing this game (so far) solely due to not having third person capabilities. I gave it a couple months, hoping to get used to the first person mode, but for me, it’s so painful to get stuck on things constantly. And I absolutely hate feeling as if I’m a foot from the ground while moving up a mountain, or hill. I want to see the beautiful scenery...not the rock I’m stuck on! Please give us us the option in settings for third person! You’ll later make money selling emotes, clothing/skins, pets...the opportunities are limitless. Take a look at landmark, swtor, LoL, WoW, and so many others..third person is critical in those games, and it is here as well.
  2. I did! So happy to see so many Landmark players. Feels like home. Thank you Infinity Corp for all your help and guidance over the weekend. Looking forward to servers coming Live again!!
  3. So is every one scattered all over the place? Do we have a guild, or a place where most of us are playing? Also my build from landmark, The queens castle!
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