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Market Clean-Up (Updated Oct 20, 2021)


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Update 10-20-21 - REMINDER: These rules are still in effect and are now extended to mission hubs

In an effort to improve the experience of visiting some of our most popular markets, we will be implementing a new set of rules for constructs left at markets. Enforcement of these rules will begin on the 3rd of September at 6pm UTC. (That’s one week from the date of this notification.)


We want to encourage a free and open game environment for all to enjoy. It’s in the spirit of that goal that these measures are being put into place.

  • Only ships are allowed on the market landing platform.
  • Constructs must be parked outside the green perimeter line surrounding the main market building and the access ramp to the market.
  • One container construct per entity (player or organization) will be allowed for the purpose of storage below the landing pads.
  • Shop constructs, advertisements, and dispensers are not permitted at any markets. These should be placed on your own tiles or at districts instead. We would like to remind you that you now have the ability to place a “Welcome Visitors” marker on your territory. 
  • Under no circumstances may player constructs intersect with the Aphelia constructs.
  • Constructs at the Aphelia markets must be parked either on the landing platform or the ground around the Aphelia markets.
  • Airspace within 2km of the market building must remain clear.
  • XL screens and screen arrays are not permitted within 2km of the market building
  • Constructs that violate these rules may be hidden, removed, or abandoned without warning.
  • Novaquark reserves the right to move, hide, or delete constructs at its discretion, for example if they are designed to circumvent these rules or if they impact marketplace performance or usability.


To safeguard the performance of everyone visiting these locations, we strongly encourage players to adapt any screens and advertisements to use Lua based Render Script instead of SVG/HTML even if that is in the form of uploading an image of your SVG and then loading that into the Render Script.

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