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  1. Thank Evil_Porcupine. 20 km is pretty big an are
  2. That does make sense. It will be interesting to see how fast the resources are mined
  3. Thanks for the replies. Wondering now how NQ will keep beginning zone available for new players coming in to the game later on ? I mean if we strip it bare in the first couple of weeks. I do expect that safe area to be picked over pretty fast .. What will new players have to mine ? Also wondering on the safe area, how big is it ?
  4. Hi there Wonder will there be any type/form of resource re-generation ? I am not sure how big the safe zone is but with everyone mining I am wondering what will happen to the resources? thanks in advance for any replies
  5. sorry to be noob but what does DAC stand for?
  6. ty Hades and blazemonger for the feedback. The am researching more
  7. Hi there My apologizes if this has been asked. I could not find it having been asked. I read that when you die you 'loose inventory, ships, etc ' and revive at resurrection node (RN). Does losing inventory mean losing it all ? is there any way to secure a portion of it from being lost including blue prints ? I do not like the idea of having all my hard earned work being taken at the drop of a hat. I am also worried that this will become a mecca for griefers. Why harvest anything when you can take it all from your victim?
  8. Morning everyone. I am new here and reading up on the game. Looking forward to its release !!
  9. discordauth:_vGPhayPBrB1u7n-ZtqPmagjss6T-KhkT0fsyGEwF98=

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