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  1. Since it is a militaristic organization I thought it might suit it....
  2. k no probs, im just looking for a gang to kind of get started up when the game launches.
  3. That's what I like to hear "A simple post that answers the question or links to the answer, goes a long way. " +rep
  4. Ya that makes sense. "In addition, these threads will close since you are replying to it way after it has been deemed dead." Ok but why is it that this isn't already closed it didn't say anywhere this thread is dead and if I start a new one the myrlin dude will come and close it and say there are way too many threads about it already.
  5. Thing is some people want to make a one time payment, I personally don't care weather it is subscription or not, but literally like 5 of my friends were like "I'm not getting that" some people want to pay once and be able to play whenever as long as they want without having to worry about cutting coffee or something out of thier life.
  6. ?Still, the subscription thing is scaring people away, I agree with the like stop smoking thing or don't spend 10$ on a Big Mac or whatever, but can someone tell me why for example fallout 76 doesn't have a subscription model?? It's multiplayer right?? https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/can-mmos-still-justify-a-subscription-fee-555534/
  7. Well judging by how user based the game is we will probably have some ability to modify weapons (elements) most likely as well as hand held weapons. If I was a pre-alpha tester I could probably give u a better answer.
  8. Ya, I been thinking about that too I think the two main things are server and company upkeep. I suggested getting the game to some of my friends and as soon as they hear the monthly subscription thing they are just like "fuck that" lol. If DU will have at least one million people playing that should be about 10 million per month and 120 million per year... so im like... k den...
  9. Meh, i guess its connected doesn't really answer my question tho but its not that serious
  10. How much does it cost to keep the DU server online? Pretty sure they said it was one server... one shard thing.
  11. So like im wondering is the ground of planets going to like naturally regenerate? Like if u dig a hole in the real world it kinda repairs itself in a way, like it eventually gets filled naturally or grass just covers it. Are the worlds gonna look like some next Swiss cheese hollowed out and with holes everywhere???
  12. oof im ok at graphic design, I can try if this is still relevant )) two questions: how many peeps u got in ur gang and is it accepting new members?
  13. If telling friends about the game counts as advertising then i guess im advertising as well
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