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  1. As long as they don't adopt the shady business practices that CIG have among various other controversial issues they're at the helm of. but that's a discussion for another time on another forum am not bringing the toxicity to here there is plenty of that over at CIG.
  2. I fully understand what you're saying, thank you. I was naively thinking that the key was, in fact, the same as the 3rd package and granted me access to the game once per week. Since that's not the case i will just wait to a released date is announced for the beta and ill buy my key the real way Keep up the great work guys and shove this project Down CIG's throat lol
  3. Screw EVE TOS am done playing that game and as for NQ they have nothing to do with how i get my beta key. if a backer decided to gift me a key then there is no rules being broken.
  4. From what i understood it to be if you got the $180 pack you get weekly server invites. I guess the person who buys that gets it but those 3 keys they gift wouldn'?
  5. Hi, i have decided to stop following SC and focus on DU, it looks like this may be released long before SC but i won't get into that topic on this forum. Unfortunately, I don't have the $ to buy the packages yet thus are looking to rade anyone who plays eve online. as i understand it if you buy the $180 package you get 3 keys to share, I am willing to trade Eve online isk for one of those keys. i currently, hold about 60b isk and if anyone is an eve fan and has keys to share i would be willing to trade.
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