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  1. This thread got hella off topic. Thank you to those who actually answered my question. Disappointing, but definitely understandable. The single server means there must be sacrifices, and this is one of them I guess.
  2. Just wondering what the word was on the damage/collision front. I just started playing space engineers, having come from Empyrion, and one of the reasons I'm enjoying SE much more is because there is the constant threat of someone ramming their ship into your ship or base. I like that level of realism, and the interesting gameplay that such potential presents. Same goes for moving parts, like pistons and rotors. It opens up a whole new level of potential for the gameplay. I do realize that such systems put a high degree of strain on the physics system, and having thousands of players in a single shard universe flying around and building and mining is hard enough on its own, but I would personally be willing to wait and maybe even pay extra if these two features were present in the final game. So I'm wondering if anyone knows what the official word is on these two fronts. Will there be any collision/visible damage on the stuff you build? Also, will there be moving parts of any sort, and if so in what way? Thanks.
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