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  1. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ for the server status ..... ???? All this shows me is what i already know that the servers are not live 24/7 why would this info answer my question and would i not of already known the server status to be asking this question in the 1st place lol https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/ this is the news page but most of it is well out of date for E,G..... The main news at the top of this page is dated 4/12/18 regarding alpha 1 launch and and the next on the 6/12/18 ...... has the game stopped development ? did it all crash and burn on the 6th of Dec 2018 ? Why is this the main news ? has nothing else noteworthy happened since. The rest is just game updates related to mechanics visual and networking. (Unless someone has played the game this all might as well be written in an alien language due to the fact the changes to the game mean nothing to some one who has not played the game) and understands the current / previous mechanics. This image is the current Roadmap .... i have looked at this multiple times but cant seem to find the info i'm looking for ..... The question i was asking was .... (how far from being live 24/7 - Not finished but just fully available to play/test). Are you indicating that the game will not be available 24/7 until 2nd Half 2020 upon full release ? and at no point before hand will it be available 24/7. Thanks.
  2. Hi about 10 months ago i joined this forum with this topic Now i have had a looking at the DU main page for news but i'm fining it hard to navigate to useful info on the games progress and basically how far from being live 24/7 ...... (Not finished but just fully available to play/test). I'm not asking for the sake of being impatient just interested to know. P.S .. If the game servers were up 24/7 (Bar - Sever updates, patches, restarts and so forth) I would pay €180 right this second.
  3. Thank you all with your helpful response think i will wait for a while to get the game. I'm currently on long term sick from work due to becoming basically disabled 2 days before new years eve so spent last 8 months on the web and in games and forums lot of vile people. You all have been very helpful witch is a good sign of the community you all could of told me to go search google for the answers but you never and it was people's opinions i was after and that i got. Ty again will pop back in a month or 2 to see the progress.
  4. Hi was just looking thru the web for something to sink some hours into when i stumbled onto Dual Universe. I need to be a little careful when spending so i have 1st a few questions i would like to ask and then will follow with where i spend my time normally and what i enjoy and don't enjoy. If you can answer my questions thank you very much....and then just let me know why i would enjoy this game. 1. If i bought a Pledge how long until i can play. 2. If i join the game before launch will everything i have done be wiped. 3. What kind of environment will i be getting into as in pvp, pve, pvpve, slow paced, Fast Paced, grindy, hostile, competitive and so on. 4. Is this game small server based, Large server, or MMO Scale server. My Games = Space Engineers, 7D2D, Empyrion Galactic Survival, Avorion, From The Depths, SWTOR, Elite Dangerous, GTA V, Rimworld and Egosoft X series of games. are lots more but this should give a good idea of what I'm about. This is just a list of things i like and don't like ... not necessarily meaning i want them all to be or not to be in any given game. Things I enjoy = Building, Designing, Crafting, Farming, PVE Content, PVP At my own choice, Loot(i Love the loot), complex character Building (as in stat management skill trees upgrades)... there are more but this will do. Things I don't like = Steep grinding curves, Very Clunky, No Customization(Charter or arsenal), Forced pvp+Full Loot, Nasty Communities, Nothing much to do(repetitive), Bland Game play, Thanks all Who respond.
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