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  1. Oh boy so many questions....so so many. Please answer any you can. (I am also currently researching everything I can about Dual Universe, (youtube, google searching, looking at some dev interviews, etc) Q: So, I have heard about the idea of "safe zones". How will these safe zones be managed? Do they only appear when you are building? Or are they certain areas in space and on planets? Q: Automated machines? Could I make a factory by making auto miners that mine resources for me? And if so will the mined goods go directly to me?.. or will the have to be manually picked up via a storage unit of some kind? Q: Land Claiming.. Oh boy where to begin..... Well, how does it start? Is it as simple as sticking a flag down and saying "this is my land"? Q: Defending Claimed Land? People have a life in reality, and cannot be on 24/7. What would stop a player from taking over all your land while you are offline? Q: AI de buffed? So I heard that AI CAN guard ur land or ship, but because they are automated and not a player, they do little damage. This makes me frustrated if true. Q: Lua Aid, Unfair? Is it true that players can use lua to script parts of a ship to make them more advanced? If so, is this kind of biased towards people who have no scripting knowledge? Would that not be unfair? Q: Lua Idea? If the lua thing will not change, they could make it so people can sell lua scripts they made on the market? This would give people with no knowledge a chance at more advanced ships. Q: Too Much Pressure? I love just about everything there is about this game. But it feels like if someone gets a large empire, they will have to fully commit to keep it running and in order. I know that sounds natural, but what if they can't play for a few days for whatever reason? Will everything they have built come crashing down? It feels like as you get more and more power, there is more and more pressure to stay on longer and shorten break intervals. (any idea how we can counter this to make it a bit less stressful?) These are all the questions I have time for. I will post this and may add on to it later. Max
  2. So I just got a cool thought. If someone wanted to be a small knit squad or something..or maybe even go solo...and the universe is endless..would that person just fly into deep space..and just keep going until there is no one? How far could you actually go? Could you really fly so far away from the "spawn" (that is what I will say) that there will be no one?
  3. Ah. I love that idea! Like "Oh you were a mass murderer?" "Now your dead huh" "PAYBACK" XDXD love it.
  4. You are right. I like the way you put this, even if you were kinda rude and brash, and even though some points are a bit rough round the edges. Hmm. I would be more willing to participate in a large empire if there was a tight system that would help... dissuade betrayal I suppose. They still got a lot to work out. I am excited to see the progress.
  5. I am a massive fan of the idea of this game, and I wanted to give some ideas to the devs on how dying could work out. Think of it like a scale of 1 to 10. 1: Death had no penalties and is meaningless. When you die, you do not lose any stats or resources, etc. 2: Death has microscopic effects. Perhaps a very small and short penalty on tasks such as combat, mining, etc. 3: Now we could consider spawn delays, and maybe inventory losses. Very small and short lasting negative effects. No stats loss. 4: By now, death might make a player hesitate before putting themselves on the line. 5: Spawn delay perhaps? 50% inventory loss, lasting negative effects. 6: Complete inventory loss, stat penalty. 7: Long spawn delay, no recovery of an items. demoting perhaps. Permanent stat loss. 8: Loss of any armor or skins on character at death, long delay in spawn. Loss of any ships that were destroyed. 9: Loss of all items, ships, stats, and other set ups. 10: Player's character wiped. They will have to start all over and completely lose all bases and ships. I hope you consider one of the higher ones. This is a massive game with loads of possibilities. You want death to count, you have to make it important to make the game more immersive and realistic. People have to strategist and think, and not be hot headed and kill everyone in sight. Now is number 10 too far? Most of you would probably think so, but in a game of this scale and this much possibility, you have to make death count so that some random user does not decided to kill just to have fun, everything has to be a risk, just like in real life. You don't see people everyday running around killing others...because there are consequences. You have to turn reality into the game for it to work better as a community. And of course, this is all purely my opinion, I am not saying this is fact and sealed. While the part about reality is slightly true, everything else is purely my thoughts on the matter. Thank you for reading my ideas Maximus
  6. When I first saw a video about this game, I was absolutely crazy. I felt immense excitement and thrill at the idea of such an immersive space business. But I had one issue nagging at my mind. I love..LOVE the player interaction, but there does not seem to be any other way to play it. It seems you HAVE to rely on others to grow any larger than a small business. There should be AI that can manufacture, defend and complete tasks on their own. I want to be a one man empire, or at least only have a small knit group of trusted allies. I quite honestly hate the idea of having to rely on an army of other players for several reasons. While AI have no other mind but to serve, players are ALWAYS looking to grow and rise in the chain of command. Betrayal is 90% a possibility, and 100% possibility if given enough time. Every user is only loyal to themselves, and while I can understand it, I am also frustrated at this downside. I might be wrong? Maybe there are ways you can run an empire with only AI? I also understand this may take away from the fun, but everyone is different. I am sure there are people here that are like me, who like going slow paced, and running a business. In my point of view, having to worry about being betrayed by other and looking over your shoulder or trying to command hundreds of other players..it is impossible. I am not criticizing the player to player format..not at all. I just wish there were more options for people like me, who want a more AI running business. Of course I still want to interact with other players and deal with others and go to war with others, I just want an empire to myself. If there are advanced AI and this option is available, please by all means set me straight.
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