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  1. Good Afternoon(should it be your case ) fellow Noveans, Just hopping in quickly into this topic to do a quick but friendly reminder of the following; We know all of you are very excited and looking forward towards the next Q&A with JC (Much information we all crave will be released soon) However, (There's always a however) please avoid instigating other users opinions into an unnecessary heated discussion where there needs to be none, and most importantly, avoid extreme profanity and disrupting this official thread with flame/troll-like comments. (some provoking comments have already been hidden) Best Regards, Your friendly Meldrik!
  2. Hi @xlDvSlx, @DvS_UK, I'm not going to get into the specifics of the topic, however as some have already suggested, please use the Quote system properly. It is indeed hard to see what you're responding to and to whom. Secondly, please use one account to continue to post your replies instead of using two accounts. It is coming across as boosting your thread activity (bumping - spam) which can lead it to be closed very fast. Please use proper forum etiquette for everyone's benefit. ~ Meldrik
  3. New topic created free of off topic comments - You are free to continue the recruitment as you were @Daphne Jones Best Regards, Meldrik
  4. OK here is whats going to happen - because at this time - this just went overboard with everyone involved here. First, @Daphne Jones I apologize for the entirety of the rude and toxic behaviour some have brought into your recruiting thread. As I do understand this is not what you wanted - I've created a new thread cleared of all this nonsense here. Secondly, this goes to especially everyone else who engaged in this topic; Some of you guys have derailed the purpose of this thread and made it go off-topic Some of you have initiated in trolling, harassment and personal attacks towards the OP Some of you had no intention in asking legit questions or joining the topic in a proper discussion While not everyone was involved in all the above mentioned behaviour(s), yes, I want this to be a warning and reminder to all of you; keep out of topics you have no intention of legitimately being a part and or stop the continuous harassment some of your have engaged in towards individuals who don't share your point of view. This is a final warning of such and next time this happens it may lead bigger sanctions than just a verbal warning. Topic Locked. Regards, Meldrik
  5. Moved this to a more proper section of the forums. Regards, Meldrik
  6. I moved this to a more proper section - it would be much appreciated if off-topic threads were kept in the off-topic section. Again, it would very much be appreciated. Regards, Meldrik
  7. Topic locked due to necroing. Regards, Meldrik
  8. Double post has been merged. Make sure you keep topics to one thread only. Organization Recruitment threads, go in the Novark's Organization Registry subforum, as well. Regards, Meldrik
  9. Topic moved to appropriate section. Regards, Meldrik
  10. Since this is actually necroing this post I will just split it into a new topic to be discussed further, however, it is highly unlikely that these rules will changed based on the fact that they need to be as is to avoid the reviving of old threads that may or may not be out of date. In the case of the linked topic mentioned above, since it was not a common issue that seemed as though it did not need further discussions the topic, it was locked. Otherwise the conversation would have been split into a new topic. Regards, Meldrik Edit: The above conversation was split from this topic:
  11. Thread locked for inflammatory discussions. @Emtec3PL, please stop making threads discussing this matter, this was already explained here. Consider this a warning. Please resolve this issue between Novaquark and you, privately. More topics like this will lead to more sanctions in your account. @Lethys, please stop playing moderator on the forums. Report the topics and move on. Don't engage in responses that can be seen as moderator-like. Consider this a warning. Regards, Meldrik
  12. Topic Locked - Necro'd Topic Regards, Meldrik
  13. some comments breaking the NDA were hidden Folks, as a gentle reminder, keep all NDA related information (personal opinion and/or experience included) in it's proper channel here in the forums. Willingly sharing information under NDA can bring sanctions. Regards, Meldrik
  14. @Spartan118, 1. The block user function IS already present. It is under the profile settings. 2. Regarding the comments about necroing post. The topics to which you posted had no comments added to them after 2 months, some even since 2016. As per our forum rules, yes, they were dead. 3. Spreading the same link to the same 1 topic you created on those others threads, is and was, spamming, as per our forums rules. 4. You can read our forums rules here: The comments "I didn't know about it" or "It doesn't apply to me" or "those weren't dead" or "I was only sparking conversations" are no valid answers to not knowing about the forum rules and/or breaking the forum rules. As such, you'll be moderated with them accordingly, even if you have not read them. That's what creating a forum account here means. If you are not in accordance to our rules, please read the following snippet: @Lethys @Cal Rouvenor 1. Please don't feed the troll anymore. Future problems, use the report function. 2. Replying to such posts in such manner only servers to increase the polemics and the toxicity of the conversation and adds nothing of value. 3. Doing so also falls under the "flaming" section of the Forums. Which is a big no-no. If you don't want to be moderated, don't do it as well. @everyone else, since the original question has been answered, and there is nothing left of value to add to this topic, the topic is now closed. Regards, Meldrik
  15. Hey @TeemuMilto, Yes, the previous thread was locked due to Necroposting. The rules are pretty clear on that (forum rules) now, the only reason I'm intervening on here now it's because of the last section of your OP. It falls under name and shamming community members in this forum. I'd like if you and all others who've posted (with a quote or replied in kind to that section of the OP) thus far to edit this out, to avoid any unnecessary problems that will coming with that. Otherwise we'll have to go a different route with this. Aside from that: stay chill, stay on topic and be cool! Regards, Meldrik
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll get to the point; 1. The topic has been cleaned due to Offtopic Replies - please stay on topic 2. Necroposting is a no-no based on the forum rules (Don't do it, if you're not sure about it, read before posting) 3. Don't try to backseat-moderate necro'd posts (this a bit disrespectful to the moderators and just makes the necro'ing even worse and harder for us mods to clean up afterwards) 4. Don't Cross-post (this is a form of spam as well - 1 Thread is enough for 1 Topic) 5. Don't provoke others either. Just use the report system (even if it doesn't seem like the fastest way to resolve an issue rest assure it gets our attention and will get looked into) That being said, let's now keep on topic: Antigravity Drives (try not to also break the NDA when discussing this) Best Regards, Meldrik
  17. Welcome to the forums, LightAngel. Check out the Organization Registry section of the forums to check out the awesome organizations we already have dedicated to Dual Universe. Regards, Meldrik
  18. Welcome welcome nice to see more Kickstarter backers joining us here, basox70! Regards, Meldrik
  19. Very glad you decided to officially join us here in the forums, LosNopales! Regards, Meldrik
  20. Welcome to Dual Universe Bladekyle! Regards, Meldrik
  21. Welcome to the forums Regards, Meldrik
  22. Welcome to the forums @therazor113 Regards, Meldrik
  23. Not quite real enough. But since we're already here, why not! Welcome to the forums! Regards, Meldrik
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