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  1. Please Unlock my account in support DU; 4 months have passed; waiting waiting....
  2. Emtec3PL

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    I played in EVE from 2012 to 2015; I stopped playing because I did not have time; I am now waiting for Alpha 2
  3. Emtec3PL

    Can someone explain it to me?

    very funny, I am blocked with support DU
  4. Emtec3PL

    Can someone explain it to me?

    The truth hurts, doesn't it?
  5. Do you block anyone who says your opinion? Do you treat people who supported this game like that? Please explain on the forum for all players... why are you blocking my queries !!!!
  6. I can not write a message because you blocked my account (Emtec3PL is suspended.), you can explain it officially in the game forum. That's how you treat sponsors from kickstarter times 

  7. I think you're kidding it was an official question for the company and not a private interview you have to unlock the topic


  8. Dear players, the company completely ignored kickstarter sponsors for 1 euro: Quotes the answer: "As I said previously, your silver pledge does not grant you access to the Alpha 1, because it has been made on the website, and not during the Kickstarter campaign. As a website backer, you'll be granted access to the Alpha 2, however Alpha 1 is reserved to the Kickstarter pledges, which do not include the symbolic donations Best regards, Gary Novaquark" In the kickstarter project I supported 1 euro and then I paid extra money to the silver account after funding the game. It's a total ignoring of the player; because that means equating it with people from Alpha 2
  9. discordauth:rJJSMirupRK477cccVlhZinAi91Qve9mPKWd4DSk9dE=

  10. Emtec3PL

    old subscribers treated worse

    YES, we're waiting for any new road map
  11. Emtec3PL

    old subscribers treated worse

    THX for discussion, but We have April 2018 (prealpha) planned release date game of December 2018 (beta) according to kicstarter
  12. Emtec3PL

    old subscribers treated worse

    in my opinion Alpha II is Beta only under a different name
  13. Emtec3PL

    Lasers Are Overrated.

    In laser gun Apply overheating as in EVE ONLINE