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  1. Lua scripts are cool, but what about some sort of way to save files? Some sort of thumb drive and memory storage device for computers? You could save log files, images, news articles, and maybe even entire Lua programs that you can execute on any computer. Perhaps this could even be used for a sort of virus minigame between programmers, where they attempt to infect and patch each other's systems. Computers would need a virtual "backend" where they emulate what an actual computer would do, so that programmers can interact with them better. I would love this so much. Also, why not networking? Could be a public Internet as well as local clan run networks for file sharing and stuff. Could even be html website support. What are your thoughts?
  2. Hey @blazemonger, can you not post 3 posts in a long chain? Its a bit hard on the eyes. I don't see any rules against this, but I would prefer it if you use the edit function instead. My ideas and opinions have nothing to do with this thread. I made this topic purely for the spreading of facts and information. If you view that I am trying to express an opinion in this topic, you are incorrect. If you want my opinion, it is that Novaquark is making an amazing game and I can't wait to see what it has in store. I will not pre-order, but that is more out of principle than out of dislike for any company in particular. I don't have enough money to spend on this sort of thing.
  3. I recommend you make your own thread. My main concern is that this thread will be taken down due to people arguing, and then no one will see this in the future. Discussing your opinions in a separate post will prevent this sort of thing from happening, while still allowing you to express your concerns in a public setting.
  4. Technically, your a consumer, not an investor. Investors make investments for economic return. You bought the game for future enjoyment. Slight difference there. However, both consumers and investors are deserving of respect. There is nothing wrong with being a consumer, as you still have the ability to back out if you are unhappy with how things are going. If Novaquark makes their consumers unhappy, they will suffer for it, so this is the last thing they want to do right now. Please, however, don't bring this sort of thing to this thread. Don't want negativity here, because that will just turn this thread into an argument and will cause it to inevitably be locked/removed. I just want to share information, and if this thread is taken down, it will make it harder for me to share. Bring your complaints elsewhere, thanks!
  5. Why would keeping things from public view be bad? If this was true, you are saying Novaquark shouldn't even have a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  6. You cannot be sued for using an idea in this way, as this qualifies as fair use. However, I recommend you you disclaim this information when you post images and stuff of your ship on the Internet to make it clear that you don't claim ownership of the ideas. This sort of thing is classified the same as modding. You may notice, there are all sorts of games out there with mods based on other company's IPs. The only time that a modder needs permission, is if they want to use assets owned by the company, like textures, models, and other things used in other games. Making your own assets based on their creations constitutes as fair use, as long as you don't use it for anything that will earn you a profit. Freeware fan games are another huge example of this. The only ones that get in trouble and get shut down, are the ones that use assets without permission. Another game where this sort of thing can be seen is Empyrion: Galactic Survival. I find this game to be a bit buggy so I refunded it, but this game has a ship building system very similar to the one advertised publicly for Dual Universe (never been in the game, so I have no idea what its actually in our game like due to the NDA). On the Steam workshop for Empyrion, many players upload ships that are based on the designs of ships from Star Wars, Star Trek, and other Sci-Fi IPs. This is fine, since these ships are free for anyone to obtain. However, the development team of Empyrion will never add one of these ships as an official prefab found in the main game, because by including it in a sold product, they are breaking copyright rules and may be sued. If a player sells a blueprint with real world money or transferable money, this is a gray area. You might be sued, but I doubt that the owners of each IP will notice or even care enough to sue you. For an IP owner to care, they need to see huge amounts of money being made on their idea, in a way that harms their own reputation. Players selling ships to other players in a different game, is actually a good thing for them because it is free advertising. Also, it would make themselves look really bad for suing players who copied their ideas because they liked them so much. Hope this explanation is helpful. Good question!
  7. Indeed! We are classified as consumers. Our rights are explained in the Terms and Conditions of Novaquark, Terms of Service of Xsolla, and the privacy policies of both Novaquark and Xsolla. BTW, this thread is not meant negatively. This is just something neat I found out. Investors are a requirement for a company to succeed in most cases, so this doesn't surprise me.
  8. It is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy that Xsolla terms apply, and it links to their website. See for yourself.
  9. Turns out, Xsolla got involved due to the investments of the Xsolla subsidiary known as Xsolla Capital. https://xsollacapital.com Read the "How this works?" section. Note from step 4, Xsolla Capital may require the studios to agree to terms before they make an investment. Xsolla Capital could require the studio to do things, whatever this means. Games that Xsolla Capital has invested in before: Life is Feudal: MMO (mentioned in "Portfolio" section on their website) Player's Unknown Battlegrounds (mentioned in "Opportunity" in the "Key Advantages" section on their website) Dual Universe Others that are not listed anywhere. They keep this very quiet
  10. NOTE: This thread is not negative. This is just for the sharing of info I just learned. Please take your complaints or rants elsewhere, thanks! In "Terms and Conditions", recently changed. The Video Game is jointly provided to You by NOVAQUARK and XSOLLA acting as licensee of NOVAQUARK. Also, these terms now apply: https://xsolla.com/eula And this privacy policy: https://xsolla.com/privacypolicy Is this a bad thing? Not really. Xsolla used to be a partner of Steam, and managed their transactions. They don't anymore, but they still manage Twitch. Seems that Dual Universe was invested into by the subsidiary known as Xsolla Capital. Xsolla has done this with other games in the past. NOVAQUARK still is the main license holder, and XSOLLA is a licensee, so NOVAQUARK still owns the product. Just thought this would be an interesting thing to talk about! Thanks guys!
  11. Space Kahjit has wareez if you hav coin.
  12. Don't know where to post this. Every time I'm changing pages in the community website, it requests me to accept privacy policy and terms of use again. Very annoying.
  13. Holy smokes I just tried it. In the tutorial I "redeemed" a skill book and I injected it. I don't know what this did, but apparently I used it wrong because I cannot continue. So I'm done I guess :/
  14. Dyson spheres man... Will they even be possible? How large are suns in this game?
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