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  1. Oh yeah, of course! With that being the case, I'd imagine NQ would be cool with it. Their call, obviously.
  2. Wait, so how does Shadow know your install of the game you want to play is legit? Surely they have the same issue as GFN? In that, Shadow needs to rely on some way of verifying your licence, be it Steam, Origin, etc. Right? Or am I missing something obvious?
  3. I've looked into Shadow. Seems to do exactly what GFN is doing now. Any reason why you guys seem to have more faith in that service over GFN?
  4. What makes you think it won't happen?
  5. Howdy all! First post here. I'm Tor and uh, I will be getting a pet cat next week. Anyway... So my computer sucks and won't be able to run DU. Is Novaquarck thinking of having DU on Geforce Now? If not I might have to save the pennies for a new rig. Thanks in advance!
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