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  1. Perhaps you should read more closely because the mod said specifically... "then I can keep this thread open so you might actually see an answer to your question at some point. " I believe the warning from the mod was more intended for the participates of this conversation like yourself, who are making assumptions about the purpose of this area in the game, jumping to defend their proposed purpose before we actually know what the purpose is, and attacking the people who are simply asking the question to get more information about what the intended purpose is, so that we do not have to resort to assumptions and theories.
  2. Yes I find it interesting that the question is being ignored and instead jumping to the defense of the developer before we even know if the behavior needs defending. If it doesn't matter to you to know the answer, then why are you in here telling other people that they shouldn't care either.
  3. What did your unkillable guide character do in the game world? Nothing but talk to players correct? Never physically interacted with the game world in any way correct? In fact you were PREVENTED from doing so correct? Do you honestly not see the difference? You are describing exactly the rules that are applied to every GM or DEV or Guide in every MMO ever made. Except this one apparently? I don't know we still haven't gotten an answer.
  4. Oh my mistake, I was just pointing out that like most of the other defenders in this thread you are starting off by saying you don't care about this but then immediately offer the explanation that it must just be for testing. The truth is we don't know. Just because YOU think it could be for testing doesn't mean no one should care and it doesn't matter and we shouldn't ask. So what you really mean to say is, you don't care what the developer does, you don't care if this is not for testing, you don't care if actually another player owned one of those tiles and got booted out of it by JC to clear the land for his purposes whatever they may be. So if you get banned tomorrow for no reason you definitely won't be complaining on discord or reddit right away because the developers can do whatever they want right? I think I understand your position now. My position is, I would like to know to what extent the developers plan to use developer tools to impact the game world using their player characters in the future, before I commit more time and money to this game.
  5. When they create a character and log it into the game world, and perform in game activities on that player character, what other definition is there?
  6. So we agree that if he is using it for testing then neither of us would have a problem with that. Great, then let's wait to see what the answer to the question is. I am sure that if this is for testing they will be happy to give us that answer. It would be interesting to know that this game that is now launched with a paid subscription and no plans to wipe again is having a developer test things in the live player sandbox areas, wouldn't you agree?
  7. Thanks for the response Mondlicht. I believe this question is important to ask because it sends a strong message about the stance the developers take around their in game presence and how it impacts the ecosystem and playerbase. Specifically, when their in-game characters are using developer tools to impact the player sandbox. We can be certain that the way these 37 tiles were acquired was by using developer tools, a means outside the scope of a normal player character. If the developers will be playing the game using in-game characters, what rules if any are in place internally to restrict their usage of developer tools to benefit their in-game characters or any organizations they belong to? Unlike some in this thread I do not feel it is necessary to jump to conclusions about the purpose of this area of the game, or if it is justifiable because the developers can do whatever they want. I believe the people who say that would not feel the same if a developer banned them tomorrow on a whim, surely "they can do whatever they want" would suddenly not be defensible. In the end we are all now paying customers and we were sold a vision of a player-driven sandbox. If a developer is also playing the game as a player, there is an expectation that we are playing on an equal footing; knowledge of the game not withstanding.
  8. Still looking for a response on this question of why 37 tiles are locked down by the game developer in the open world part of the game.
  9. You care enough to come in here and attack players for asking questions of the developers. You have shared your opinion, if you have nothing else to contribute to the conversation why not go back to not caring what the creators of the game choose to do. Some of us care to know what decisions are being made by the owners of this business that is now accepting money from customers.
  10. I do not understand why people are defending this behavior of the developers before we know why this area was claimed. Does this need defending? Who has said they have done something improper? Simply trying to understand why the developer has chosen to flaunt their game-developer powers in the areas of the game specifically designed to be the sandbox for the playerbase. There are more than 1000 tiles on the same planet that are reserved for any purpose the developer wishes where the players cannot claim or otherwise modify the area. Once territory warfare is active, should we expect similar behavior from the developers, claiming land using methods beyond the scope of the playerbase?
  11. I believe the purpose of this thread can be seen in the very first word of the title. Asking the question; why does this area exist? There are no conspiracy theories here, thanks for agreeing that we do not know why this place exists and we should ask for more information from the devs.
  12. The second territory unit you place on the same planet costs 120k, and the price quadruples from there for each additional unit. Placing 37 units costs 141,670,994,486,089,000,000,000,000 which is a number so large that it will be unlikely the entire population of the game would acquire this much wealth in many decades of playing the game. The fact that you think you could have an area like that if you wanted is testament to the power of the idea that this is entirely a player driven game world where we are in control. Unfortunately, the developer is currently flaunting the reality that they can make an impact on the game world in a way that goes around the limitations placed upon the rest of us.
  13. You can quite easily click each tile and see each one is owned by NQ-Sophon. This area is about 100km west of the Arkship. I live near the area and noticed last week that 4 tiles were owned by NQ-Sophon on this mountain. Yesterday I noticed it had suddenly increased in size to 37 tiles.
  14. It is pretty normal for developers to play their own games, but not with a character that is obviously playing by different rules or with advantages. With the exponentially increasing cost of placing an additional territory unit on the same planet, it is impossible for a single character to own this many territories on the same planet. I bought into the idea and vision of this game being a totally player created universe. The below serves to remind the players that there are beings in this universe that play by a different set of rules.
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