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  1. WooHoo!!! finally a potential end to pathetic cheaters! Hopefully NQ doesnt go easy on them!
  2. Good stuff! Nothing like a dose of accountability to level the playing field! Thank you all for your help in bringing attention to this
  3. A living list is being forged. Some liken it to Santas "Naughty List", however, the All Father isnt so nice! The falling of the Swords has been commanded. The rivers will run red with the blood of the lost... the cleansing is almost upon us. The Purge Will Begin!
  4. Gotta say.. that was good attempt, yet an epic fail. What else ya got?
  5. Those with higher percentages are to be commended for their dedication! I'm not going to define a number because it would mean nothing. But those with obviously scammed numbers are the true "target" of this entire proposition. Thank you for the data, assuming its at least mostly accurate.
  6. Thats the great part of being part of something!
  7. Its perfectly fine that thats your opinion. It doesn't make it right, it simply makes it yours. That why public votes and debate are so great! The proof is every orgs member list and the % of owners owning the game and not.
  8. - I very clearly didn't accuse anyONE of anything. I stated a fact about the current ongoing statistical data from any and all Orgs. Reading more into it than that, again, only further justifies the the reason this post exists! Those not doing anything "wrong" have no reason to feel guilty. If one doesn't feel guilty then they never feel the need to defend themselves! - The fact that NQs stand on this appears to be clear is really the problem.... its very much not, thus the need for it to be brought up. - RDMS, and the game in general, has no connection to the website at all. Sure, that could change at some point. But again, clarification and some level of understanding of NQs intent will easily clear many things up, this included!
  9. I guess thats the kind of opinion we would all expect from someone taking part in benefiting for the strange goings on! Its a human nature kinda thing. I guess I can see the distinction between the types of members as being a fair option. Not sure I agree with the ranking side of thing. But 2 different player counts would certianly give a perspective new member a better view of what the org really has to offer. Org 1 has 10000 members with 4 owning the game and 9996 still unable to join in vs another org with 100 members that consists of 95 paid players and 5 still waiting to get in.
  10. Great point! So in that we know that NQ has at least some standard that have been set in place. Its not in any way a stretch to expect those standards to be upheld now. After all.. thats kinda what makes them standards! So its time to bring attention to this to ensure they in fact do it. Or at very least address it publicly so we ALL know what can be expected.
  11. Sure it does.. there are thousands of players out there now. All of them are potentially in and Org, or will be looking for one. All of the tens of thousands of people that have been watching DU as its grown up are also exposed to this bogus info. If there's no accountability and integrity in the data now then why would anyone ever believe it will change in the future?
  12. I didn't say that ALL accounts that don't own the game are fake! I opened my account when the site first opened. but didnt buy the game till just before Alpha 2 started. I also didnt join an org till I owned the game.
  13. You can look at most of the top 20 Orgs and find dozens of accounts that both don't own the game, and have absolutely no interaction on both the DU website and the DU official Discord. Sure, some of those accounts are going to be valid. But most of them have absolutely nothing to do with the make-up of the org. Nothing but bogus fluff. On Orgs strength, or weakness is defined by the people in it. If ya don't own the game, you aren't part of that machine!
  14. New players looking for an Org need to be able to depend on real information to make educated decisions. Some join an Org to be part of something bigger. Others look for a place to fill needed roles. But everyone looks for a "home" based on the quality of that potential home. As the start of Alpha 3 come more near there will a huge influx of new players. I think its better to allow them to make intelligent, honestly informed decisions. Its better for the player, as well as the game itself
  15. But just a little. Couldn't wait any longer. Cant believe I put off doing this for so long
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