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  1. Yes as pre alpha performance won't be perfectly tuned yet ? Was unsure where to post this though ?
  2. But the GTX 1070ti should make DU run good if on one monitor?
  3. I upgraded my PC and now have the following: 16GB RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070ti with 8GB VRAM Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.1GHz I know that my processor is the thing I should replace next. My question is if what I have now will be a significant improvement despite of the processor. I know that with a better processor things would look even better, but what is your take on this hardware setup? The other demanding games I have tested on my system now run much better by far. On Ultra High settings and some High Settings I can run games now with high fps compared to earlier. Was able to run DU with my 1.5 GB vram graphics card, so I would expect huge improvements now, even though it is not a finished game yet, so yes I know things might not be 100% perfect just yet. Also the DU Launcher now opens as it should after replacing the graphics card.
  4. If I want to be a part of the entire alpha tests, 1 and 2, plus betas, what do I do? I have access right now to the pre alpha. I have a Gold Founder investment, is that enough or do I need more? Looking forward to kind inputs. Thanks community.
  5. Alioth and it's local planets were only the beginning.
    What comes next?...............well here there might be monsters.

  6. Come and find me in the verse if you can :D hahaha :D  deeeeep underground.

  7. Anyone received an email to download the actual alpha? I received the other email prior to it.
  8. Lets have voice, but only when the more crucial things have been implemented and working.
  9. Sketchup is great, I use it for my work where I create large airports for simulators, and it does the job just fine. You can even get plugins that let you do things in a whole different way.
  10. Lets DO THIIIIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Who else here is pumped for the Pre-Alpha test coming this sept 30'th? I know that I am, and I will test, provide feedback and respect the no share on social media etc policy. It is fully understandable why sucha policy is made. I am fully aware of that the build won't be 100% stable, trust me, I know what a pre-alpha is. My computer should be able to run this game at least near perfect in terms of performance once the full optimized game is out. Knowing that JC had the game running on a slow labtop computer in a Youtube video, is good to know, considering my rig is able to run demanding games. Following is what type of base I will be building.
  12. is there any live streaming or video archive from the gamescom floor of Dual Universe? Would be a shame if there is nothing to see for those not there, one way or the other
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