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  1. Since my first post about that a couple of years ago alot has changed. I really really like how crafting is basically as complex as in factorio!! Awesome. What I would like to see at some point in the future would be physical conveyer systems or tube systems. It would allow for some interesting game mechanics and beauty. I think it is not so important if you can see the items wiz around. It would be cool but there are other things that are realy cool about them. * Conveyers need Space * you have to plan ahead if you want to expand * you can not so easily repurpose a factory * you can design factories that focus on easy refitting * you have to think about how you wanna connect stuff in an efficient way * there would be factory module blueprints for cetrain production chains with specific modular layouts * Conveyers can be destroyed * ships would have to be designed with weak spots in mind * how does the fuel get to the engines * how the amunition to the turets -> do the guns shoot faster than the supply? build small cargo caches? * how the power to everything * how does information flow (lua control systems) an how do programs compensate for malfunctions All this could be had by just adding one basic mechanic: the need of packets (items, power units, bits etc.) to traveling along a physicaly defined path (the conveyer) that is breakable and throughput limited.
  2. Oh wow. Thanks for the extensive answer. LUA scripts can apparently do more then I hoped for. Autopilots are nice. very! Being able to shoot holes into ships is nice too. Otherwise immersion would be completly broken for me. It is already hard to swallow, that you can lift and turn the shipt without engines with just your tools. That you have to join grids/cores is an interesting choice. It forces communities for larger builds. I like that much more then the restrictions they put into EVE to force players to play together. OK. I think I give it a try and spend a couple of bucks on it : ) Thank you very much : )
  3. I have been watching a lot of videos lately to see how the game works currently. A few things I could not figure out though. So before I decide if I wanna join I wanted to ask you how some things work. 1) Is there a maximum size for space stations? If so, is it still somehow possible connect enough "grids" together to build a real sized death star? 2) Are there things you can only do if you have a certain skill trained? Or are skills just about efficiency? 3) If you crash hard enough: can ships/structures take structural damage? In the sense that holes form or grid parts get torn off. 4) Can a claim be totally mined out? Or is there always more stuff deeper down because planets are very big? 5) To what extend can you use scripts? Is it possible to programm something like an autopilot? Thats it. I am curious : )
  4. Ghahaha :'( Noooooooooo! Whyyyyy. Ah. I guess I am getting used to it. So here is what is behind my questions: Full Automation would make the game actually very very hard. Instead of given a predetermined path and way of playing now everything is possible. And that includes very dangerous and unpredictable things, which could and would lead to the fatal collapse of the in game economy and their factions. But the game experience would be absolutly unique. It would feel very real. Being not in control, facing something so powerful and dangerous is indescribable. Maybe that kind of game is just not compatible with MMO since the compay that runs it wants to keep as much players happy as they can. And the majority probably does not want a hard game. The 2b2t Server in Minecraft comes to mind. Everything is allowed there. Including hacked clients. Battles there are unfair. If somebody with a better hacked client found you and had better equipment, you would be toast in a second. Oh the hate. But. It forced you to find ways of dealing with it. Have multpile bases and backup stashes. Have an ALT somewhere that could bring supplies where needed. Teaming up to reduce the losses of dying. All on that server revolved around whom you could trust. Because if someone ever found your outpost it would be gone. So so unbalanced and unfair. But if you explored the server you would find abondened structures. Huge builds. From the moment of their inception doomed to be destroyed at some point. This place has a history. Unlike any other game I played before. Losing our first base to someone like that: in any other game you would cry for stupid. But there being on your own with nobody to blame but our selfes for being naive. Something strange happened. We would accept it and think about how to make a better base next time. Every moment had value there. Because you never knew when you would loose it all. WOW.
  5. This is about how far you will go with the scripting system. Sorry if that has been asked before. But I could not find it in the forums. Maybe I am just blind. So here we go: * How many scripts can a player run in parallel? * Will there be a limit at all? * Will scripts on different grids be able to communicate through some sort of wifi potentially over long distances? * Can scripts be part of a blueprint? * Will scripts be able to do everything that a player can? > Can the script trigger and read everything from a module a player can > Can a script select the blueprint for a replicator > Can a script create new blueprints programaticaly (oh! i love fractals) > Will there be modules to get a map of the environment > Will there be some sort of positioning system? Space engineers has absolute coordinates. ComputerCraft gives you the distance to a wifi device and allowing the player to calculate its position. * Will it be possible to solo the game? > EVE has removed that possibility by limiting your capacities per player quiete severly. You can only have so and so many productions running. Players can not produce all items that are required to create ships. You always need to pay for something with credits. Like blueprints cost money. You can not get all the resources you need for a ship on your own because some are in very dangerous areas you can not go in the begining. So I am thinking Computercraft and Factorio here. Inventing celver ways to automate stuff. No space sim I know of does this right. Space engineers does some of the above points right but never intended for real automation. So some cruical parts are missing. Like blueprint selection. Or The physics being to unpredictable to even dock a ship autoatically without it exploding sometimes. What I want to create is something like the Xenon from the X Series. There would be different AI scripts that control different abstract levels of my fleet. At the bottom level ther would be drones that fulfill a specific task like scanning, mining, transportation, offence/defence or prouduction. At the next level there would be information AIs that provide services for the drones like gps, mapping, sharing information on drone positions, storage capacities, production outputs. At the next level there would be management AIs which use the information to shedule drones for specific jobs. For example order defencive drones to fend of an attacker, shedule logistic drones to deliver fuel or materials to other drones. At the next level there would be a strategic AI that selects sites for expansion and materials on an inter outpost level. And then there would be an bootstraping script. This script can turn any drone it runs on into a bootstraping drone. Which contains all blueprints and scripts to recreate everything from scratch. So it would be like a virus spreading through the galaxy. And ideally you never could get rid of it entirely. If it is really good it would be a challenging opponent. But getting there would be the actual fun part. It would probably take years to develop and fine tune all the scripts. With monumental failures along the way. But if the above is at least theoretically possible it would mean that automation will not have some frustrating limitations. So the question is: Will a playstyle like this be actively supported? Will automation be a first class citizen in the game?
  6. As long as there are defensive options against this kind of stuff it would be ok.
  7. How realistic will the Physics be? This is about where you draw the line between "real live as we know it" and making compromises to get a fun game. 1) Will there be a top speed, like in the other space sims, or can you, given enough energy, accelerate to approx. 'c'? 2) How realistic will the computation of forces be? * Could a black hole for example rip a ship appart? * Can a tiny sand grain tear a big hole through a ship given enough speed? * Can materials melt? * Is the EM Fields being calculated, and if so how realistic? 3) Do you consider physics a part of combat mechanics? * In Eve physics does not play a role at all for combat. Ships just bump off of each other when they get close. * In Space Engineers physics is part of combat, but the physics calculations are very unstable and unpredictable especially when moving at speeds close to their maximum speed. 4) Will there be a pressure system for gases and/or liquids?
  8. All right I see. I was just confused by seeing other peoples replies in that toppic. Thak you very much everyone : ) .
  9. I still can not :'( I fact I can not reply to any toppic in "Rules & Announcements ". How can I tell if a Toppic is locked? I can't spot any Indicator telling me.
  10. I joined a while ago. So that can't be it. Also in this Post I can reply. I wanted to add a Comment on "DevBlog: LUA Scripting and Distributed Processing Units (DPUs)" but I can't. Is that Forum/Post somehow special? Thanks you very much for your Help : )
  11. I also can not reply to Toppics. So I guess I have the same Problem. So, what would one have to do normaly to get validated? Did I miss something?
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