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  1. sigh... so sad... okies thanks man. suppose ill play empyrion some more till release.
  2. Back during the original kickstarter I didnt kick in cause from what I understood there would be no weapons on the ships we were creating. Only a soldier and his rifle... is this still the case? I like the looks of the game, and would love to click fund... but if my ships don't have weapons then i'm still not interested.. thanks
  3. Well.... if they didn't wipe it.. there would be ancient lost cities for people to discover on far off planets. 8-)
  4. This isn't ramming construct to construct this is damage via energy weapons or explosions
  5. Blowing the crust off leaving a dead core with a debris field around it would be just as satisfying
  6. I'd love to see some bids of weapon fire destruction of planet terrain like missles blowing holes in the dirt... Building up to the mother of all weapons the death star which being voxels I m assuming we can blow a planet to pieces. Would be cool explorers would show up to find a debris field or maybe a quarter sized ragged chink of continent floating in space
  7. An underground base of course : ) but... stargate Atlantis and deep space nine also fly thru my mind he he
  8. I was disappointed when star citizen banned streaming phasers like star trek. Yes they have drawbacks.. dmg to a target is over time vs a pulse or disrupt or which hits for Max dmg at impact.. phasers also cost more energy to fire to keep in the stream going.. but they are so pretty lol.
  9. Since the planets contain different materials for mining.. willbthe planets also have a lava core? One that if you were to mine too deep you could break into this core and the rising lava would endanger you and your nearby constructs.
  10. If you don't have a job to pay a sub fee, you should be looking for one and not playing games to start with. Lol. Minimum wage in some states is $15 an hour, so go out and get a job!!
  11. People pay $15 a month to play Warcraft like 15yrs after release.. It will be fine. If you don't have a job to pay the fee, your butt should be out looking for one and not sitting on a forum complaining or playing a game.
  12. The original poster must love Korean games... pay to win much? A monthly sub is the only way to prevent pay to win from a cash shop. Warcraft isn't pay to win.. every Korean game is.. We want a skill based game.. not pay to win.. therefore a sub is required
  13. Well currently there are 2 gold packages, could make the cheaper one the digital version. Just remove the id tag and T-shirt... swap it for a tier 3 pet. Instant digital version. Keep us updated please
  14. Very first stretch goal should be construct vs construct. My ships need lasers, disruptors, guided missiles.. Nukes. And a death star that can't fire, isn't a death star.
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