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  1. Yeah I wouldnt want to see the fireworks as fireworks rather as the plume from the engines. Now that would be better.
  2. On that part I agree with you that servers should be prioritized over multi language coding but it would be a nice thing to have maybe after the release.
  3. Seeing these rigs makes me feel great about my beast. Its great isnt it the specs are Intel pentium N3540 erm.. core i7 8700K Nvidia GeForce GT820m erm.. GTX 1080Ti in quad SLI Asus X552MD mobo erm.. *insert a Z270 mobo here* Stock cooler for all erm.. custom water cooling loop for all So yeah pretty beasty. If anyone doesnt know this is sarcasm.
  4. As a C++ programmer I think it would be great to have something like C++ inplemented. Who is with me?
  5. Finally the falcon heavy will be launching in 2.5 hours. Arent you excited? I sure am.
  6. PVP is what drives the economy. With out it there would not be losses. With out losses there would not be need to make something new. What would happen then? The economy would fail and then you have got a boring mmo with free stuff and absolute no difficulty and so no reward on acomplishing something again boring. So your type of mmo would not be possible. I know this is old but here are my 2 minutes. The end.
  7. *Looks at videos comments* *Almost cries* *shouts* "Why do people compare the game to NMS!" *Proceeds to explain*
  8. We shall name it Novae spes in english it means new hope as like its a new hope for humanity
  9. Would it be possible to have a radio in-game to transmit stuff over specific frequences in a certain range and have other people pick up the signal? I think it would be a real immersion maker and it would bring a lot of possibilities like Space traffic control at a large spaceport with a lot of traffic would be able to make sure people dont crash in each other.
  10. Happy alpha day to everyone who reads this!
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