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  1. Like what they do in the rust and arms where you pres a button and if you are close they can here it
  2. How about repair bots that doesn't need a texture
  3. There could be a emp device to shut it down
  4. Can you beam onto a ship and take it out from the inside
  5. NNNNobody

    Ship battles

    So no bomb filled ships
  6. NNNNobody

    Self destruct

    Will there be a way to self destruct as a last ditch attempt to cripple the enemy or if you get boarded by enemy's
  7. NNNNobody

    Ship battles

    Ok but when they do refine the battles more to show I would like to know. Wondering because of the shap of our ships and making fire ships that use will just to crash into a enemy ship and explode it and more tactics like that
  8. NNNNobody

    Ship battles

    I still have no idea how ship battles work can a dev or tester make and send me a video better explaining and in detail showing how it works
  9. What will be the fast travel mechanism if any
  10. NNNNobody

    Super weapons

    I would like to know when and I do mean when a organization gets to that stage how will it work. Or where will it end last like making a halo or a Death Star. If you can destroy planets what happens to the resources
  11. NNNNobody


    Or something like the swarm or the flood from halo and Starcraft
  12. For war you could do the star wars 1 2 and3 way where they used droids and clones but it costs so much to make. Can you add a way to download music and put them on a "speaker block" so every one can hear it or use it for morning news or put it on a ai drone and use it for propaganda.
  13. NNNNobody


    You could find a way to implement a disease to add more spice to the game Or something like the swarm or the flood from halo and Starcraft
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