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  1. I can already see it now. We all get together and build a massive city outside the ship. We get a few casino's up and running. Band of Outlaws turns into a mafia running the casinos and inticing new players to the gambling games with lines of credit. New players lose all the money and get shipped off to some distant planet to work in mines for their war efforts. Just... tossing ideas at the wall to see what sticks.
  2. Hey as long as I can eventually have a santa hat at some point on my suit.
  3. You know how in a lot of MMO's they'll have seasonal events, like, I play FFXIV as my main MMO currently and we get seasonal and special events for cosmetic items around most major holidays. I'm also curious though if there will be potentially down the line be something like fishing or other mini game activities added to the game. will there be a command for a random number generator? What if someone wanted to run a casino? Building, exploring, and fighting is all well and good mind you. And obviously I don't expect precious man hours to be wasted on these types of things throughout the alpha and beta stages of the game. Let's get the core gameplay solid and balanced first. But as someone that's played a lot of different MMO's, and a pretty avid RPer, I've noticed that one of the best ways to keep a keep community strong is by giving them as many options to be able to interact with one another as possible. So possibly giving us some mini-game options, fishing for just relaxing (assuming you can develope a fun fishing system sadly a lot of games fall flat on that one) But even some casino like mini-games would make things fun.
  4. Obviously we have to collect materials to build whatever our hearts content in the game. But I'm more curious about the methods now that we approach closer to the first alpha phase. I know that initially we'll be given essentially creative mode despite my dislike for creative mode in any game. It is what it is. But what I'm most curious about, is from what I've seen in the videos. Its basically, select a shape, drag it across the ground and you carve out a path to collect resources from it like that. Is what the videos show going to be the way we actually get resources? Or will there be a more indepth way? Having drills both hand held or automated, if so will there be ship sized drills to make resource ships and drilling platforms in space. What we've been shown is great and all for the short term of things imo. But I'm hoping that there will be equipment needed for if not the only way to get resources, then perhaps more efficiently? I'm also curious about how much mining has to be done to build something from a small fighter, to the death star. (As Novaquark have said if there was enough people, you could build a 1:1 scale death star) Do the raw resources have to be processed some way? Or if I drag my little shape across an iron deposit, do I just have X amount of iron at my disposal to build what I want with it. What's the limit I can personally carry on myself? What happens if I reach that limit? Do I need to think of a warehouse to store resources in for later use or for the use of my organization? These sort of questions have me thinking. If it's been answered already awesome can I have the link?
  5. Even still. Replica or no. The original question I asked was the type of ship players would be most interested in, in terms of a small, single-seat craft. Maneuverability and fire power? Or endurance and survivability. Of course all this is speculation to me on things like fuel use, what we actually need to have with us on long journies, O2 supplies, all that other stuff. I would assume things like needing some form of fuel to power ships, generating oxygen to breath, and maybe even hopefully food would be with the game. Maybe not with the alpha or beta. But I do like some survival elements to my games after all. So long as things like food is balanced to where its more a chore to keep food coming in just to stay alive having to shove entire herds and gardens down my throat daily to stay alive....
  6. Well, even the problem there with original IP's having an issue. If you want a sleek looking fighter that's both powerful and efficient, it's likely going to look awfully similar to something already existing either in fiction or RL. I could build you a fighter and someone come up and say, "Hey that looks like a Z-95 Head Hunter." Or, "That looks like an F-18 ect ect. Just look at Youtube's current system of DMCA claims. Designs are inspired by, if not modeled after or in some cases, straight carbon copy replicas. You would think, however, that in a game where it's all about player creative freedom to build whatever they want. If the entire population wants to fly around in X-wings. There's not really a whole lot that can be done about it from Disney, other than them telling the developers to delete all the ships that look like stuff from their IP. Then you could have any nation's air force even coming in and saying, "Hey those look like our jets. Get rid of them." So then we're stuck having to fly around in cubes. Where Star Trek comes in and says, "Hey those all borg cubes, get rid of them." You see the conundrum that that opens up? I mean. Show me something that someone claims is completely 100% original in design, and I'll show you other designs that are similar enough you can make an argument that it's been used elsewhere. It's really a problem with today's entertainment as a whole. Sure games, movies, TV shows have different stories. But the plots are all the same. Maybe I'm just rambling at this point cause its 7 am. But hey could be a good topic to discuss.
  7. So sitting here working on some ship designs in Space Engineers while waiting for DU. I find myself asking, what kind of ship would I want to build. As I plan to make it as a ship designer in DU and hope to see many of my designs being flown by all you lovely people. So in terms of single seat, small exploration craft. What do you guys like more? Some custom new design? Or would you rather be flying around in replica ships like an X-wing, Tie Fighter, Federation Shuttle, Battlestar fighter, to name a few. As I'm sure there is already going to be several variations of x-wings in the game I'm just curious what the general populace would be looking for in terms of small 1 man ships. Do you want raw combat potential, or maybe something long range exploration with endurance and survivability in mind. Curious to hear what you guys think, and also curious to hear what other designers are looking to doing as well.
  8. I've not been able to see this stated anywhere else but I'll also admit to not looking that carefully either. However. What I'm curious about is that for the pre alpha test coming up at the end of the month. The date and time listed for it is only like half a day for the pre alpha test. Now I understand that the main reason for this is likely to just test the server system out to make sure it works. Which is totally fine. You can only run so many in house tests before its time to release it to the unwashed masses for us to break for you. But my question is, seeing that the pre alpha is only going to be running for a few hours and not a few days, will we have the ability to download and install the game prior to the test start. Not everyone has the internet speeds I do where I can download say Fallout 4 and install it in 10-15 minutes. Others may take hours and so people could even require a couple days to download and install things depending on the size. I ask this mainly for a buddy of mine cause I bought his gold status for him, but his internet download speed is pretty crap and tbf. I'm not waiting for however many hours it'll take him to get the game ready to go when the gates are opened. But I'd rather he be there ready with me. Also a side question if anyone can tell me when the next test will likely be and hopefully be up for longer cause I've been here dancing in my chair waiting to get my hands on this and see what I can do so much that I've been having to try and keep myself occupied playing space engineers to go over some potential ship designs I may try to convert over into DU.
  9. Oh I'm not at all worried about someone trying to raid my place. I'm a very creative person after all when it comes to base defenses. Sure I'll likely get raided a couple times. But then I'll just analyze the break in points, check for the weak points. And then proceed to modify to make repeat attempts hell and not worth it. I'm not coming into this thinking its Space Engineers the MMO. I've got a few years of EVE under my belt as alliance fleet commander and I don't shy away from PVP either. When I build. I build for looks and security. With traps hidden from all angles of view. Think of me as that crazy hermit out in the woods. You'd want my help with things, but would be afraid to come find me after rumors of missing people started popping up from the area around where I'm said to live. Of course all this all is dependant on the mechanics we have to work with in terms of base and defense construction. But again. I'm creative and learn to adapt ^.^
  10. I've got a couple thousand hours in SE myself. While I've watched the game grow and develop over the course of the years. It still does have some lack luster to it in the form of the block shapes we're allowed and the multiplayer net code. I will say though that the multiplayer has gotten a lot better, allowing me and my friends to play on servers with over 200 mods and a lot of stuff going on, and still managing a sim speed of about .7. Which considering the game a year ago... even running it vanilla with just 2 people was horrendous. It's still a fun game. But DU has just.. so much more to it and so much more promise. Seeing all the tech demos and what the technology running DU is gonna be like. I'm excited. I'm skeptical still about the game running as great as its being said it will run. But perhaps thats just the years of SE making me feel nervous about letting a bunch of people have massive capital ships in close proximity to one another and fully expecting a hard crash of the game in response. Time will tell! The Devs can only test and show off so much after all. It real testing is when the masses get our hands on the product and really put the system through its paces.
  11. So I just became a pledger. Got the gold package cause I really want in on the alpha. But I was looking at the screenshots and the videos and well. It got me thinking. I'm sure I'm not the only one with these thoughts and maybe someone can even confirm some things to me. See. I'm one of those types that when it comes down to building up my main base of operations/home. It's location location location. I can quite literally see myself roaming around the planet for a few days on end trying to find that perfect spot. I like scenic views, rivers, water falls. Forests. Things like that. Now someone that's played a lot of space engineers, and I'm relieved to see that the water on the starting planet is actually water and not vast bodies of solid ice. (At least that's what I'm assuming based off the videos I've seen. But what I'm most curious about is, are there things like lakes, rivers, water falls. Those breath taking beautiful natural views of the scenery. I don't care if I have to travel miles upon miles on foot to find these little natural gems of beauty. But knowing things like that exist, will be enough to make me pick up a walking stick and go hiking to find them. Any others out there that think similar to what I do in terms of finding that perfect beautiful view? And can anyone confirm the existence of rivers/waterfalls?
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