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  1. secret societys in DU? noooo https://discord.gg/G4A6Whd accepting new recruits for the illumanti! shhhhhhhhhh
  2. I like the fact your putting star wars mechanics into the game with the hover ability. Would be intresting to be in a space mall zooming through riding one.
  3. but if you think about it there must be some server wide rules itself to keep stable world. such as hacking. If there was some way to hack im sure someone would do it.
  4. This is an off topic topic post concerning the use of topics. Topics. What are topics. They make up our general discussion and idea boxes. Off topic posts impliment stupidity or just some help other than the game. That is all
  5. This is Elector Cale(wars) speaking. Lets say you decided to go blow a planet up on a server like DU. There would be no rules again'st it. What i'm saying is what server wide rules would there be, or would it be all player ran depending which territory you are in. Just like real life. Cloning a human is illegal in every country, but lets say you clone someone on mars. It's still illegal. The point is will there be massive server wide rules, or would rules be dependent upon Universal nations. I would assume the basic NO HACKING or don't abuse exploits would be added to a universal server rule list. IT may not even be. It may be completely player ruled. IF you like this post The Opean Federation offers many jobs for those who join our org. Find our discord to find a job from the varity we have.
  6. yes you can, but that is on a larger scale, lets say you see a space station. Looks very complex and cool. It is really a bunch of un decorated or sculpted blocks put together to make it look like that. I speak of it being down the the very last detail. Almost mini blocks and spheres to get the best precision.
  7. as I posted in my other post about this, it isn't much about making small objects for fun, but you could design very specific ships with it. Mainly from here would just be adding very precise and accurate sculpting tools. So it wouldn't be completely about making and selling toys or lamps.
  8. voxel building on large scales would be very complex and specific, but depending how detailed it actually gets would depend upon the designers. Like for example you had a normal block the size of half of you. How well could you model that into a chair with the big tools you already have. By adding smaller tools to work with doesn't just go along with my idea for all of these items, but a player willing to spend time could customize his own ship and make it look like it was from Gaurdians of the galaxy with almost every detail.
  9. There might possibly be, but it may be individual items that have already been considered into the game. What I display here is being able to do this but model it in different styles really. So how accurate and specific the voxel building is will vary.
  10. They are usless but i did include the buyer buys it because it is fun to just have. It doesnt have to have a need. Lets use your forum covor photo. Theres no need for it, its not any part of the game what so ever, but its fun to have to symbolise somthing or just to have to show off.
  11. I never said it was hard im saying its the hassle of having it to calculate how many materials you used to make these sculpted objects as i said if you made an object 9 mini blocks tall it would take that much away. It could be possible to upload models, but it would have to include managing a diversity of different files from different engines.
  12. This is Elector Cale(wars) bringing up some economics again. Lets say there was a DU mechanic where you could model small objects like a bobble head. You could sell them by producing them on the DU player market for fun and make profit. Instead of modeling with blender and having so much more mechanics to have to add and deal with. Why not make a in game model system similair to blender? Lets say you had 1 block worth of material to sculpt something. If you wanted to sculpt something that was the size of 10 cubes it would take 10 cubes from your invintory. Once one if made you could save it and it could be made with small factory units or it could be super scaled with more materials. Instead of having to use blender, skecthup. or something to that sort and go through the trouble of uploading it through the market. This could also bring more mechanics such as modeling chairs or tables maby even some sort of lighting systems to sculpt or buy. These would be able to be placed for decoration mainly. Some might say its a stupid idea and its usless. In real life toys are usless. Theres no point for toys or bobble heads. We do it for fun, or just to make a profit off of people who like stuff like that. People are doing this Now! People are already modeling various ships for dual later on. You can find them on various posts. If you liked this idea find a Opean Federation post off the community and give them a like! Even follow us on discord. We offer many jobs!
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