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  1. They seem to have been too busy trying to perfect the technology of a single-shard MMO which in turn can only go so far, yea cool everyone can play on the same server but if the gameplay is absolute dog shit and forces you to be the consumer and apart of the market it originally said you didn't need to participate in what's the point? Yes I understand games like these take time but with the immense amount of crowdfunding and private investments put into the game you cannot promise a game and slowly alter it without notice for what it was originally supposed to be, its senseless to have a game to big with such a small community behind it because 90% of them were driven off by beta release.
  2. Under consideration that the community is enraged as it is and whether or not the NQ development team and JC himself is willing to make a compromise or take into consideration everyones concerns will depict the long term running of the game and its willingness to try to make the entire community happy or at least content. Otherwise the continuous running of this and the willingness to drive large portions of the community away from the game with a single vision and closed mind is bad game development plain and simple under consideration the game was built with the communities money which will be proven wasted. The more this game takes a turn for the worst the more I and others will want to be refunded for the money we put into the game and the time we spent in the game we will never get back.
  3. This is a well worded statement and so agree with this but the largest factor thats being taken away from the game in its own right was the simplicity of the game and how it operated and made everyone happy but gives more power to those who understand these specialized skills taking away the simplicity and the inability of becoming a solo creator with limiting factors, I cant log on singleplayer and build that deathstar or emerald city that would look cool in the game. Enabling economists to have an upper hand on how the game functions is comparable to real life and the manipulation of the average consumer to buy a specific product vs being able to do so by yourself, if people wanted an economy system like this in a game they could go to star citizen, eve or other genre based MMORPG, but the limitless factor DU offered became more limited having to rely on societal and economic standards given by those who worked their way into those spots which could limit others from achieving those goals through realistic scenarios which are already occurring involving espionage and monopolization of the market in favor of those who control it.
  4. I want everyone to become a creator in their own right, not a consumer under requirement.
  5. I talked with many of the original core members of the Opean Federation almost immediately after the twitch stream from NQ yesterday, Monday December 7th. I wanted to raise many of my concerns revolving around what is going to happen in the game and the community and how it's killing the creativity that was originally offered to the community almost forcing players to come together in a senseless fashion. The new update is going to make small, medium and somewhat sizeable factories obsolete killing any kind of start up for small organizations that even range in the 100s making people incapable of getting off planet without participating in the in game economy and even larger organizations will have trouble surviving this update especially DSI who has recently lost a mega factory and suffered substantial losses on the battlefield putting them in a unrecoverable setback after this update. Taking away the creativity and inspiration that originally brought the community together in the first place is going to kill whatever community is still left playing considering the average activity rate on the server is 200 players. I originally came to the game because I loved the balance between the in game market place and the creative aspect of it. This update hinders so many possibilities small organizations are achieving and a timely basis and goal to goal trend and going to nerf the idea of small organizations or clans making a difference or becoming sizeable in game without having a massive player-base compared to organizations like the Empire which currently has 1.7K members in their community which compared to the game and what it is turning into solidifying their power (be aware I'm using the empire has an example) but small organizations competing with the giants is no longer a possibility but irrefutable and obsolete. The idea that I and my friends could log into this game and work on an ever expanding factory and going into space to form the empire we originally wanted too is now not a possibility that this update is forcing players to become Consumers instead of Creators like originally intended. The only organizations that will welcome and benefit off this update are the largest of organizations or the most well setup corporations that have little to lose except against espionage considering corporations at this point will become an essential piece of the game and will force players to rely on them monopolizing creativity in its process killing the game's freedom and expansion it offers severely limiting it. Yours truly - The Elector of the Opean Federation, Council members, and core members.
  6. secret societys in DU? noooo https://discord.gg/G4A6Whd accepting new recruits for the illumanti! shhhhhhhhhh
  7. I like the fact your putting star wars mechanics into the game with the hover ability. Would be intresting to be in a space mall zooming through riding one.
  8. but if you think about it there must be some server wide rules itself to keep stable world. such as hacking. If there was some way to hack im sure someone would do it.
  9. This is an off topic topic post concerning the use of topics. Topics. What are topics. They make up our general discussion and idea boxes. Off topic posts impliment stupidity or just some help other than the game. That is all
  10. This is Elector Cale(wars) speaking. Lets say you decided to go blow a planet up on a server like DU. There would be no rules again'st it. What i'm saying is what server wide rules would there be, or would it be all player ran depending which territory you are in. Just like real life. Cloning a human is illegal in every country, but lets say you clone someone on mars. It's still illegal. The point is will there be massive server wide rules, or would rules be dependent upon Universal nations. I would assume the basic NO HACKING or don't abuse exploits would be added to a universal server rule list. IT may not even be. It may be completely player ruled. IF you like this post The Opean Federation offers many jobs for those who join our org. Find our discord to find a job from the varity we have.
  11. yes you can, but that is on a larger scale, lets say you see a space station. Looks very complex and cool. It is really a bunch of un decorated or sculpted blocks put together to make it look like that. I speak of it being down the the very last detail. Almost mini blocks and spheres to get the best precision.
  12. as I posted in my other post about this, it isn't much about making small objects for fun, but you could design very specific ships with it. Mainly from here would just be adding very precise and accurate sculpting tools. So it wouldn't be completely about making and selling toys or lamps.
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