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  1. discordauth:Jt0w09KJhi1AKcqHNNWutKEMHchMiJXSMa0W_epOgxg=

  2. Well, my vote was preselected for me, how convenient <3
  3. Chuckling Casket www.ChucklingCasket.com A thousand years before the SKiD our ancestors sailed the seas of Old Earth preying on the shipping lanes of the British Empire and any other merchants who were unlucky enough to cross paths with them. From Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard; to "Calico Jack" Rackham and Anne Bonny; to Admiral Sir Henry Morgan. These names struck fear into the hardest of hearts. Pirates are not just thieves and murderers, though. We are farmers and miners and engineers and businessmen. Being a pirate in Dual Universe will be far more challenging than this
  4. But will it be cheap enough for kamikaze pilots? You know, strap some extra fuel tanks on it and ram it into capital ships type runs?
  5. I approve of this idea. (This should frighten you.)
  6. Suicide is for filthy casuals.
  7. Ransom. Or, ya know, pay for transport to civilization.
  8. But I got banned before Lights Why ain't I in the poll
  9. I don't believe in random harassment. There is a time and a place for griefing. But I do agree, greifing should be restricted to the game. It should not include people sending messages because you won't do X. It shouldn't involve anything personal outside of the game. People shouldn't be harassed into quitting a game. I am hopeful that people will band together and fight against us. Even if it does take us reappropriating some cargoes We don't discriminate. You can be fighting us while taking advantage of our grey-area services as well
  10. Like Lethys said, true pirates are content creators, unless you want the simple mindless interaction with NPCs and AI-driven combat rather than the challenge of another person. But if that's the case, go play a game we've abandoned due to boredom. Or, ya know, Farmville.
  11. "A pleasure to be in an alliance with" yet you got your org banned from CSYN.. so odd..
  12. I am a terrible person. I care about my own orgs fun. Any other org's fun is not my problem.
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