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  1. They are thinking about it. Nothing official as of yet.
  2. Feel free to use this script to make any application into a borderless window by pressing F12, works on most games too! (just install AutoHotkey first). Borderless Window F12.ahk
  3. The Pledge page already uses XSolla, which accepts a very wide range of payment options for purchasing the supporter packs, you should check out if they have something that works for you. We do not yet know if they will allow reselling of game-time codes or DACs for vendors (DACs are in-game game-time bond items).
  4. discordauth:GCIT_D8v04jb3cK0vYL0yCKQ7mh1_PIiQTQk06OnRVM=

  5. You're probably better off for waiting for public release then. The game is not released currently and is in pre-alpha. This is a real pre-alpha where most of the game is obviously not finished, not "fake pre-alpha" of a working game.
  6. IIRC The official stance is that player creations can look like something else, but they can not be actually named as something from another IP.
  7. Nobody but Novaquark could tell you that, but if I were to guess, there's a decent chance of it being a possibility at release. Perhaps sooner if they crowdsource their translation efforts from nda-backers.
  8. That will depend on the type of UI features and Elements we get for this purpose. Currently, nothing is publicly known about any such features. We are still too far away from any PVP features being introduced, which is when your question will likely be answered. P.s.: Seeing as you are a pre-alpha tester, you may get a better answer by posting in the NDA-section of the forum.
  9. This is something that is already in the works and emails are possibly already being retroactively sent out to those who bought supporter packs. You are absolutely right, it's such a simple thing to thank someone for putting their trust and support into the project. Because it's so obvious, it was most likely dismissed as something someone else is already working on. But since you haven't received yours yet - Thank you for supporting Dual Universe, I hope you enjoy the game once you gain access and get to discover how amazing it is for yourself ? Here's a link to the biggest DU Discord server if you'd like to hang out and chat with other DU fans: https://discord.gg/SsUBfJ
  10. This would breathe a new kind of atmosphere to player-made LUA content. It's not just night clubs. Think of all passive and reactive noises that come from a ship control room in your favourite sci-fi movie. In My opinion, any MMO where players could create and play their own music, usually through obscure notation systems like .abc or MML was always more engaging for a longer time, compared to those where you could not. Needless to say music brings people together. As a side-note - this would allow me to finish my Super Hexagon recreation in DU's LUA boards. :) P.s.: I have never seen a large-scale MMO that allowed you to create your own Sounds. They always either have a watered down midi system, or pre-defined sound packs. This would be a first MMO for me personally, where you can write your own synth. Reminds me of the Atari electronic music producing infancy. P.p.s.: Here's another cool example of what can be done with LUA synth.
  11. A lot of what you're suggesting should be readily achievable with in-game LUA scripting. However, something that functions like a Minecraft 'comparator', that gives a signal based on the state of what it is connected to, does indeed sound like a great addition to the link-based logic elements system (for those who do not wish to engage with LUA). Hopefully, basic Terminals/Displays/Interfaces are easy enough to set up even for the code-inexperienced on release, as you suggest. ?
  12. Currently Beta keys are as much a virtual commodity as SC ships. You can look at them, but can't really use them right now. Buuut if you're still interested shoot me a pm.
  13. They've publicly expressed, that while they are interested in the concept, these may not be in at launch, as it makes everything related to constructs that much more complicated (hitboxes/physics/connections/constraints/rendering/blueprinting/inheritence/optimization etc. etc.)
  14. While I can not tell you anything directly about the game, the last play-test being 5/12-14 is public information. I can, however, tell you that during those 3 days I slept for about 7-8 hours total, and about 80% of my waking time was spent at my computer, with most of that time being dedicated to video gaming. From that you may deduct as you wish.
  15. Have a look at Vesta, an asteroid with an average diameter of just over 500km. With that much of solid rock, it has a surface gravity of 0.025G. Unless they add gravity generator elements of sorts, constructs will most likely not have intrinsic gravity.
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