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  1. Adjustors only exert torque on a construct, i.e.: making it rotate. The amount that an adjustor applies towards a certain spin direction (axis) is dependant on the strength of the adjustor, and how far it is placed from the center of mass. Placing an adjustor that is looking directly at the center of mass will make it do nothing.
  2. Website was updated recently, force a cache refresh (with CTRL+F5 on most browsers)
  3. If you're parked in space at a distance where brakes are enough to keep you in place, consider doubling that distance until you stop moving towards the planet completely. (easily tested by showing trajectory view with 'x', and it not automatically pointing towards the planet the moment you stop to zero with brakes)
  4. If you were to join an organization and just be a "fly on the wall" to lend a hand to someone who is doing routine things, you'd get a taste for it rather quick. I do emphasise the 'join an organization' part. As this is a 'civilization MMO', which means it takes a Civilization working together to make it work. Most of the toxicity is stemming from players coming in expecting a good single-player solo experience. Insert pikatchu-face meme when they find out it is an impossible grind to do that effectively in a game about players needing to cooperate to achieve bigger goals. I think for $20 for a quarter, you can't go wrong with giving it a whirl. Edit: As for the current patch. It was definitely over-tuned, in regards to 'schematic' pricing, which lead to everyone's self-sustaining factories grinding to a halt. More-so than intended, probably. There is a hotfix coming to pull that back to be more manageable hopefully, later today, allegedly.
  5. This is easily remedied if you want such behavior by putting this at the end of the code in Unit > Start, inside your control seat. To add to this, if you want this behavior to always be the case while driving, you can find and comment (add -- to the beginning of) the following line everywhere you find it in the system tab: Happy free-floating mid-water!
  6. This is indeed the case for now.
  7. I think the Tier 2 ore refining schematics should have been up on Alioth from the get-go, because it is necessary for space fuel refining, and it would have been silly if there was no source of space-fuel to actually be able to go and get the other recipes scattered elsewhere. At least that's what I get from that.
  8. Yeah it's an unpopular patch now, but I see where they're coming from. Sure if you got used to being self-sufficient and being able to build large warping ships with just a small band of friends, then this patch will be a huge blow, because that was never the intention the way I see it. They want to build a 'civilization', and for people to interact more. I see people getting burnt out in droves at first, but in the long term this may have been a necessary evil. I'm not saying I'm a huge fan of this patch, I just don't see the big deal some people are making out of it. Yeah, game's changing, it's meant to do that in a Beta. Had they done this balance from the beginning people would not have gotten used to it and having Large engines would've actually meant something impactful, instead of being the go-to element for pretty much everything. Now it feels like something's being taken away and it feels bad. Sorry if I don't feel offended by this patch, but that's just my honest opinion.
  9. I'm on the camp of "it now makes sense for me to specialize in making my own niche of stuff", because everyone won't be able to make everything they need now. I can now build the few specfici parts that are used in the blueprints I'll be offering, and the spares go on the market, woo! I think it's an overreaction stemming from actually having to interact with people now, in an MMO. That said, bugs and disconnects that cause crashes will definitely be more salty. Buuuuut in theory if your ship keeps moving you should be able to use an ECU to keep your ship flying until you get back into your seat on login? In theory? If you have the right ECU to keep flying or stopping depending on circumstances? I dunno, yet to be seen.
  10. I've always thought that landing gear could be the element that formally handles the declaration of docking to another construct/station/planet/whatever, when some criteria are matched (size, relative speed, mass, etc.)
  11. https://dual-game-installer.s3.amazonaws.com/dual-installer.exe This seems to be the link I get on my profile when I log in.
  12. It's 100% possible that there's a cheeky mega-node hiding somewhere up to 3000m deep, but unlikely to be below 1km if it's T1 ore. It's also entirely possible that said mega-node has already been mined and is ghosted if you found a suspiciously large and man-made cave somewhere.
  13. I hope they still reconsider making auto-mining compete directly with hand-mining, and instead make it its own separate thing in space for asteroid mining of (hopefully) different resources. Just separate it from the hand-mining gameplay as much as possible, so both are unique and viable to do on their own.
  14. Yup.. it's fixed around the device itself. Great idea for a suggestion post in ideabox 😀
  15. Typically cores are removed with the planet element deploy tool, that looks like a core (outside of build mode), by holding ALT.
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