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  1. In case you're at one of the First-time-user spawn districts, the market is a short trek towards the (M) icon on the map. There's an elevator thingy on the side with arrows pointing up You stand on them and press C or Space to go up/down. The elevator element itself looks like this:
  2. It used to be an uncraftable joke item. It's actually pretty easy to craft now compared to what it used to be. --I mean, it clearly requires advanced super-conducting cryogenic ferromagnetic materials to levitate the bonsai with such precision and precession regardless of construct acceleration, yeah!
  3. First off , cool original ship design. This sounds like an engine tag porblem.
  4. If you're serious - heck no. The aero forces are practically made up and engine forces don't make full sense sometimes. Unless your entire curriculum is F = ma, you might find it more frustrating than fun. That said if it's just for an excuse to have videogames in class then go for it! That said for a programming curriculum and making something work around radians and vectors - it's great.
  5. I would try using mostly engines instead of adjustors for turning at that point, enable engine torque in build mode. Just make sure they have similar engine tags that the adjustors do. Adjustors aren't really meant for doing what you're doing to them.
  6. Every element that can be obstructed needs to check for being obstructed. Seeing as you have well in excess of 1000 such elements, it is no wonder that the PC can't keep up with the checks. Whilst the game probably has room for optimization in the performance regard (who woulda thunk it), you got to ask yourself, do you really need all 600 of those adjustors? There comes a point where the player becomes the optimization bottleneck. From my observation fuel ticks down every 3s or so, however you shouldn't be moving or accelerating slower just because you have a lower framerate. At least in theory anyway.
  7. I've seen most of these issues before and it doesn't look to me like some sort of major emergency that's been happening since yesterday, I haven't encountered any new issues myself in-game, only seeing old ones being posted now that voxels and their related problems have been brought to light more with the maintenance announcement.
  8. I think it would be infinitely more productive if you submited a ticket with all of the affected constructs and/or posted their names+owners so that something could be actually done about it rather than fearmongering and complaining loudly with little to know useful actionable information, other than "We have a problem". Posting "yeah i'm having this problem too" is super unhelpful all around, there's a bunch of different voxel issues, some present since the start of Beta. A screenshot with visible construct name is a start, it's hard to visually see trends otherwise I'm sure.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree, though fear this is due to a technical network/packet server limitation, because if you try to paste the maximum flat rectangle that you're allowed (max length and then width that it will allow) it becomes a 50/50 coin toss whether the operation fails due to some server error or not.
  10. That track is really cool, I love how it ties in two completely different look and feel tracks into one build. That is easily my favorite kind of level design! Toxic much? Look, I think we both can agree the take on the issue wasn't ideal, but reigning in your concerns about something completely off-topic like that you remind me of those un-moderated rednecks asking Elon Musk about toilets during his Mars presentation that one time.
  11. You need already existing terrain as a nucleation point to use your terrain tools on. Currently creating artificial asteroids is not possible and is unlikely to change soon. Finding an already existing asteroid and shaping it up how you like it is your best bet, but those currently only exist around Thades. Space asteroids coming in a future patch near you! (Hopefully sooner than later)
  12. All of these are good points, and would be a straight improvement across the board Indeed. I especially yearn for the default and multi-sorting points, so many clicks gone into the ether. #9 would be probably a massive feature in comparison, considering none of the large windows are actually movable/resizeable yet.
  13. I think what you're saying is that they need to fix element stacking, not add legitimate ways to do it.
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