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  1. Yup.. it's fixed around the device itself. Great idea for a suggestion post in ideabox 😀
  2. Typically cores are removed with the planet element deploy tool, that looks like a core (outside of build mode), by holding ALT.
  3. Ideally the skin will allow choosing material surface features/pattern/color separately.
  4. The developers are well aware that making new material types for new shades and surface patterns is not sustainable. Current plan is to roll out just one type of material/pattern and add colour skins for them. Soon™
  5. Generally fighting gravity with engines is bad. You will burn a lot of fuel for not a lot of benefit. Airfoils and forward speed should be used to stay aloft instead, it is much more efficient to do it that way. If your objective is to slow re-entry speed I would instead recommend you use air/space brakes (airbrake/retro-rocket) to do that instead.
  6. You will want to rightclick the items with white lines on the bottom of their icon and select 'clear dynamic properties'
  7. Try increasing disk cache and seeing if that stops the crashes, if it does you'll need more RAM. Some people play fine on 16GB. I ordered a second 16GB kit, because my PC keeps bouncing around the maximum possible memory usage even with 20GB of disk cache enabled. Whenever I hear that windows warning sound I need to rush to task manager to kill Dual.exe, otherwise random things will start crashing, and when display drivers or something else important crashes, you basically need to restart the PC. So that's a fun experience I'm working with until I get my extra RAM. 😁
  8. Hope the lesson on moral ambiguity and a sandbox that enables it wasn't too expensive! Might want to take a closer peek at all those actors/rights/tags/permissions.
  9. Good post. My only hope is that they take their time to implement the signature size from cross-section deal, everything else is just balancing from existing mechanics standpoint.
  10. This is how you optimize for the short term - by not wasting time creating optimization systems in the first place!😀
  11. The idea for the sanctuary tile is to be a safe stash for anything ytou no matter what. (PvP is coming to planets, only the arkship area and sanctuary moon will be safe!) Yes, indeed you must venture out into the vast world to continue progressing. However it is perfectly viable to set up a manufacturing plant to buy ores and sell what you produce. It's up to you what playstyle you choose to pursue from this point on.
  12. Agreed, voxels need to 'break' differently depending on the weapon/ammo type and the voxel type. e.g.: kinetic cannon ammo makes longer narrow holes, thermal/laser ammo does little deformations over a much larger area, missiles can stay a big round bang we have now, and railguns could be a combination of laser/kinetic deformation. Voxels should not only have more 'health' or resistance to damage overall, but also be categorized by their main material property which defines how they take damage from the different weapon/ammo types, e.g.: soft, heat conductive metal | hard, heat resistive metal | brittle | fibre. The following are example material qualities that would form a 4-way PvP "triangle" for the existing damage types with a little lore backing (may not be 100% scientifically accurate): Soft, conductive metals do not get deformed as much by railguns, but act more of a cushion to slow them down - this leaves a tiny surgical hole and decreases the area of effect, good electrical conductivity spreads out electrical damage over a much larger area making them very effective at negating EM damage, however get absolutely shredded by slower HEAT impacts (think playdoh catching a steel bearing), and have only an average resistance to explosions. Hard, more heat resistive metals simply mushroom under lower yield kinetic impacts from cannons - absorbing them easily, and have very good explosion resistance spreading out the damage over a large area and negating most of it, however railguns leave large exit holes or damage voxels in a quickly expanding cone, and the worse thermal performance only gives them average EM resistance. Brittle materials, ceramics or carbon fibre for example, crack instead of deform upon high velocity impacts, absorbing them almost completely without much voxel damage, however they mass-shatter and get blown away easily by explosions, and only have average heat/em performance. Fibres have generally the least health, because they're the lightest materials, however have excellent stopping power against lower-velocity HEAT rounds, but burn like kindling in the presence of lasers/EM damage, showing only average high-speed kinetic and explosion resistance. I fully agree that elements damaged to 'red' in PvP need to be simply removed. Only in crashes should they be 'restored' by scrap. I thought this was already the case, however if not then we have some bell-ringing to do for the economist at NQ. Voxel damage/resistance mspaint for reference:
  13. Great workaround until we get talent effects / modifiers in element report 😉
  14. It's not a bugged industry. It's a server-side fix to prevent industry operation spam, which saved the performance and made the game playable for the time being. The industries shagging the server with requests every few seconds made everything burn haha. For the time being you can only craft small batches in your nanopack. Gonna have to sell the excess you don't need in the meantime.
  15. Good rule of thumb is if your graph is climbing, do a 180°. If it's level, do a 90° turn in any direction. Repeat till you're within 30m to use the directional scanner (or arrive at the ore). I do agree there should be more instantaneous feedback whether you're coming closer or not.
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