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    Mazillus reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in JeuxOnLine article about new investors   
    Official statement above updated.
    The confusion should be cleared up soon
    Best Regards,
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    Mazillus reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in JeuxOnLine article about new investors   
    Hi everyone, 
    On one hand, it's true that some words may have been indeed confusing in the press release from last week. 
    On the other hand, seeing some community/press websites not just stating the facts but starting to make assumptions without attempting to contact the studio (to check or ask for clarification) causes unnecessary troubles. It doesn't seem to be of any concern for the said websites but this is how the world works nowadays and we have to deal with it.
    Update 14/08/2017 6.30 pm (Paris hour):
    A JeuxOnline representative just contacted us to have some clarification about the unclear statement in the Press Release so the confusion should be cleared up soon.
    So to be clear:
    We still plan to give to Gold Founder backers (and above) and the ATV group access to our most recent stable version of the game (which will be - of course - still work in progress and far from being feature complete) at the end of September 2017. 
    We apologize for the confusion that this Press Release may have generated among the community.
    P.S: the delivery date on the Kickstarter page has never changed (and can't be changed once a Kickstarter campaign is finished). December 2018 has always referred to the Official Release and the physical reward delivery. It has never referred to the Alpha release.
    Best Regards,
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    Mazillus reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Welcome Players!   
    Hi everyone.
    We have already a game vision. But we are also aware it can always be perfectible.
    And for that, we need you: Help us improve the game in order to make the next best Sci-Fi MMORPG!
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    Mazillus reacted to Code24 in DU Memes   
    I've obtained a live feed from NovaQuark HQ.

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    Mazillus reacted to ATMLVE in DU Memes   
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    Mazillus reacted to Haunty in DU Memes   
    Collab fom the discord: Yama and CommanderLouiz

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    Mazillus reacted to Lau2356 in DU Memes   
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    Mazillus got a reaction from Kurock in Question about logging out/in   
    If a player disconnects in a multi-crew ship (ie moving construct not a cockpit) the game checks to see if the avatar has RDMS for a Cryo-pod (range within reason) on the construct and automatically deposits their avatar into the cryo-pod.
    Regardless if a cryo-pod is found if the avatar logs back in within 3-5 minutes they will be where they logged off on the construct.
    If they don't log off in a cryo-pod and don't return they are left in space in an escape pod (if in space) where they logged off. 
    If the ship/cryo-pod is destroyed in that 3-5 minute timer the avatar stored is killed (inventory loss/effect of death/skill loss)
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    Mazillus got a reaction from Elildar in Ship Shield Mechanics   
    After doing a search I wasn't able to find many discussions on shields other than 'twerks' long thought out post in regards to shield mathematics.
    Something I wanted to suggest is a mechanic that was used in Star Trek Online.
    Now I didn't care much for that game I thought it sucked really bad.
    But one thing I thought they did really well was the way your shields took damage based on which part of the shield was taking damage, allowing you to reduce power from aft to front or rotate your ship.
    This allowed for some really interesting combat and tactics.
    Naturally, on larger ships, you are going to need someone dedicated to looking after shields.

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    Mazillus reacted to Code24 in DU Memes   
    Thought I was going to take a break from DU memes, but when I saw this pic I knew what I had to do.
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    Mazillus reacted to ShinyMagnemite in DU Memes   
    Historical documents reveal the truth.

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    Mazillus reacted to Code24 in DU Memes   
    Someone stop me...

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    Mazillus reacted to Code24 in DU Memes   
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    Mazillus reacted to yamamushi in DU Memes   
    sorry, I had to
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    Mazillus reacted to mefsh in DU Memes   
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    Mazillus reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Huricanes, weather   
    Hi Arkythekiller,
    Climatic phenomena you describe are not on the list for the official release roadmap.
    However, it might be part of an expansion after the official release.
    Best Regards,
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    Mazillus reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Creative mode   
    Hi there, 
    It's true that:
    - Massive Constructs "battlestar cruiser" size or "death star" will require incredible amount of resources and may not (or hardly) be possible to build alone.
    - We don't plan to let players import design from 3D tools like 3DS Max, Blender or Zbrush.
    - It's also true that trial & errors will have a massive cost in resources if designing/prototyping a very large of spaceship must be done in the "real" in-game universe.
    - It's also true that it would force all large ship designers to get huge amount of resources just for designing, not even for building. The ideal situation would be that the designer role shouldn't be tied to gather huge amounts of resources (this should be left to the production role).
    In conclusion:
    Yes, having a creative mode inside the game, just for designing purpose (without giving any free resources in the "real" in-game universe) is something we are considering.
    However, this is a huge feature to develop, and while we would like to add it to the game, there is a high chance it won't be implemented before the official game release. If it's implemented at some point, it will be probably after, in an expansion.
    Best Regards,
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    Mazillus reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Simple Water Dynamics   
    Hi Wariscoming and welcome on the official Dual Universe forum.
    Referring to the game "7 days to die" would be a relevant example if it was a Massively Multiplayer game, and it's not.
    4 players, 8 players, or even 64 players on the same server isn't what we call a Massively Multiplayer game.
    As we already said in another topic, we have to make tough choices, as simulating water physics, physics applied on voxels, and other similar mechanics are extremely heavy in terms of calculation and is not currently compatible with a large scale multiplayer environment. What can be done with a few players can become a problem in a situation where thousands of players may gather in a specific area. It's the same problematic with games like Space Engineers or Empyrion. We have chosen to prioritize the massively multiplayer interaction instead of some aspects of physics simulation.
    Best Regards,
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    Mazillus reacted to Helik in Door should have a lua status function   
    In the video just released we saw that there was a button with a getState(), but not the door. Every item in the game should have a getState() function. Also every item should have tags and a list so I can do something like "close all exterior doors of the ship", "is there any door open?", etc.
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    Mazillus got a reaction from Lau2356 in Teleportation/transporter units   
    I like the idea of teleportation between ships but I think teleportation down to a planet is too much.
    Teleportation should require a lot of cpu/power.
    In addition to teleportation between ships you should still be able to physically dock via docking port or bay for the transfer of goods on larger vessels. 
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    Mazillus reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in LAG free battles   
    Hi ZipSnipe and Kirtis, 
    welcome on the official Dual Universe forum!
    - It's true the introduction post was a bit brutal. It's understandable as many developers released games promised a lot and didn't met the expectations of the players, and now every game projects having any significant ambition is welcome with caution, suspicion and/or disbelief. And that's okay. We don't ask to be believed just with words. We force no one to support us before having seen the game. We understand your decision. We have no problem with that.
    - It's also true vylqun's answer was a bit brutal as well. It's understandable as we had many aggressive introduction in the past from people who think to know what Dual Universe is about and bash it, before even inform themselves on the game. So those who took the time to inform themselves have sometimes to a hard time to answer kindly to this kind of introduction post.
    - Regarding the role of the veteran community members (and especially the members of the ATV group):
    True, we are happy to get feedback from the active members, but we are also happy if they welcome the new members and help them to integrate the community: "welcoming new comers and reply to their questions, even obvious ones without being rude" is one of the factor on which the ATV members can be selected as mentioned there. 
    Now to answer the main question of the topic:
    Games like Space Engineers or Empyrion were originally designed to be multiplayer for small groups of players, hosted on private/personal servers. Going this way has its pros and cons. Among the pros, there are some that made the popularity of these games like the physics applied to voxels where you can ram into a spaceship with another spaceship and breaking it in two parts moving independently. It's this kind of "waow" effect who made Space Engineers well known for example. The problem here is this kind of things is hardly compatible with massively multiplayer technology (if you want to avoid big lag problems), at least with the current level of technology across the world and the average internet bandwith of a player. 
    In Dual Universe, this is the kind of topic that we decided to "sacrifice": where Space Engineers put physics applied on voxels at the top priority (and it makes sense if you aim for a multiplayer game with a few friends), we put the priority on the massively multiplayer environment, while physics come second. This is essential for a single-shard universe (where the whole community is gathered on one server cluster). If we can implement physics in some aspects without stressing too much the server where we are in a situation with hundreds or event thousands of players gathering at the same place, then we will probably implement it. However, physics applied to voxels, water physics and other type of realistic features that are "unfriendly" with massively multiplayer environment will most probably never implemented unless there is a technology breakthrough to handle that properly in a MMORPG. 
    Large scale battles of Planetside 2 are also a great achievement, but they can't push much further as FPS real time mechanics can become a factor that limits the massively multiplayer environment. That's why we opted for a "lock and fire" mechanics in PvP combat similar to EvE Online, instead of FPS Mechanics a la Planetside 2. "lock and fire" mechanics enable us to refresh the position of players very far away less frequently without making it a gameplay issue = less data to transmit to all clients = more massively multiplayer friendly.
    In the nutshell:
    - We are favoring massively multiplayer environment (trying to avoid as much lag as possible) over physics.
    - We are favoring massively mutliplayer environment by chosing massively multiplayer PvP mechanics optimized for it ("Lock & Fire").
    So we are not trying to make a perfect game impossible to make.
    We had to take tough design decisions to make the best game possible while keeping in mind the constraints to make it doable.
    That doesn't mean either we promise there will never be any lag: so many factors come into play that there might be situations where you will have lag, depending on your computer configuration, your internet bandwith, the ping you have, etc... But we will do our best to minimize the lag whenever it's possible. That's one of our priorities.
    Best Regards,
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    Mazillus reacted to Kuritho in Flat Earth theorists, I have breaking news!!!   
    Also, the Earth isn't flat. Explain the hills and mountains. They're elevated.
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    Mazillus reacted to Hotwingz in Latest tweet,... Something big is coming.   
    So JC just tweeted something big is coming. That's very cryptic and could mean anything. 
    Yet he immediately sent another tweet announcing that NQ secured another 3.7 million dollar in funding! (private investors) source: https://t.co/XIlpqCGuGa?amp=1
    Total funding is now at 7.4 million including the kickstarter. 
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    Mazillus got a reaction from jmorrison51 in What will be in the alpha?   
    JC stated in the last dev video that they have outsourced pre-alpha testing. So here's hoping a lot of the game breaking bugs are gone before we get our grubby hands on it. 
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    Mazillus got a reaction from Kurosawa in Fast Track/Catch up Skills   
    This idea is that once you reach master level in your chosen profession you have the ability to give skill apprenticeships to players who don't already hold the skill. 1-5 apprenticeships depending on your training skill level.
    (The below example can be scaled to all skills)
    Miner Apprenticeship Miner (20% skill speed increase) Master Miner  
    Basically you can still buy and train the standard skill or you can take an apprenticeship with a master for faster training. (maybe there is another skill that increases a masters training ability).
    These speed increases are only applied when you complete jobs assigned to you by your trainer. (1 per day, lasts for one 1 day, repeatable until the skill is learned).
    These skill apprenticeships have to be initiated in person i.e not something that can be done remotely via markets etc. 
    On completion the trainer gains training skill points (increased skill training time bonus or more trainees) and the trainee gains the skill at a reduced time.
    Player made tutorial
    Player interaction
    Catch up system
    This is something that could be added after years full release. 
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