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  1. they arlready have "overflow parking" they just need some system to automate it for them
  2. I would like to see some type of stealth. Say you have a small stealth unit on your ship then the enemy detection range on your ship is reduced by 1 core size. I.E. you have a medium core with a small stealth unit makes you have the same detection range of a small core. Or you have a large core with a medium stealth unit that also makes your detection range, as in the enemy detecting you, the same as a small core. Once they implement power in the game I believe a lot of this will be balanced. Enjoy the meta while you can.
  3. It was a discussion which was never confirmed. We are no longer in Alpha. Just because something was discussed in Alpha does not mean it can not be discussed again. Let me rephrase it: Are there any plans on letting anybody control a planet/moon if they control x amount of territories? If so how much of said planet/moon would need to be controlled by a player.
  4. What percentage of territories do you need to own to control/own the planet/moon? I know in alpha they tossed around 70%. Have they implemented this feature yet? Have they settled on a number?
  5. discordauth:UNim3ePWwvC4lvZHND5B0O7OorZsA7eK0Z7K73c0nhk=

  6. I would like to have a way to see what all I will be getting for what I have pledge. The reason I ask is because I was a founder and forgot what I am getting for what I pledged. Also, reading through the news it said some packages that did not have name reservations are now getting 3rd or 4th priority. If I am missing something please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  7. I have some codes for something in the game but don't play it. First come first serve. Don't bother saying they don't work, I will just assume somebody else already claimed. If somebody enters them into their system please let me know and I will update the topic. I guess they are all claimed
  8. I know this post is old but I stumbled onto it and started using codecombat to learn lua. I have taken intro couse to C so I know the basics. If anybody needs to learn from scratch I think this website would be good but they do not support LUA, as in support staff, so if you have any problems you have to post in forums and hope someone can help you.
  9. You are completely right, thought I was. Pre-alpha section is the only section I ever go to. Thanks for the catch.
  10. You can steal master blueprints.
  11. I personally would like to have moving parts. However, I think they will not implement it partly because of what you stated but also because that would help to automate a lot of things which they don't want.
  12. That is what I though and hope for, just hearing mixed responses on different topics. Do you have a quote from the Devs or anything? The video that I watched showed them mining and when they placed the voxels back it looked like ore that they mined and not the top 4 feet of dirt that was showed in the video. If we have dirt to fill back in the hole I wouldn't mind doing some landscaping.
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