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  1. Helik

    Basic LUA tutorial

    Now, I know it's 5.3, I just bought the book (Programming in Lua, 4th edition). Thanks for your answers.
  2. Helik

    Basic LUA tutorial

    What is the version of Lua that the game will use? I have the 5.1 programming in Lua paper book, I would like to know if I need to buy the new one since the current version is 5.3.4.
  3. Helik

    Door should have a lua status function

    Well, to feed a minimap of your ship on some control screen, for example. But there is many other uses.
  4. In the video just released we saw that there was a button with a getState(), but not the door. Every item in the game should have a getState() function. Also every item should have tags and a list so I can do something like "close all exterior doors of the ship", "is there any door open?", etc. Regards.
  5. Helik

    stimated Game requirements (PC/OS)

    That's a great news about the Linux support.