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  1. Just gonna stick this here while things are quiet.
  2. The sandbox isn't a game you can traditionally win. Usually your wins are defined by completing your objective in that given moment.
  3. Mazillus

    Clone Idea

    I agree. I will probably use a second account as well but not everyone will be able/willing to invest in a second account.
  4. Mazillus

    Clone Idea

    Rather than log out and log back into different chars. When you log in, you log into your active clone. Adds an additial function to bases, territories and L ships to house clones. It would also do away with the need for a fast travel mechanic as people would be able to have a clone where they need to be. For example, having a clone at their territory ready to defend perhaps their main and another clone on a mining expedition on another planet. From a PVP standpoint, you would want to defend your clone room wether it's on a ship or a base.
  5. Mazillus

    Clone Idea

    So I was thinking about how EVE handles the cloning mechanic where you can spawn into a clone across the other side of the system. I think that is a system that could work well with DU. The number of clones you could have would be limited to around 2 or 3 because for obvious reasons it would be broken to have unlimited clones. On the creation of a clone that clone will have no skill points at all. Once you transfer into that clone it becomes the active clone and starts to collect skill points like normal which can be used to skill up that clone. Essentially allowing you to have
  6. I'd like to see dialing. I just find it more interesting than having fixed point to point gates. Gates codes as well which could be leaked. Just makes for really interesting gameplay. Also, watching a massive structure powering up and orienting itself towards its destination would look amazing. While the original probe idea sounds fine. I would like to see players instead having to physically travel to the location where they want to place the stargate.
  7. Was interested in seeing an Arma 3 post but I mostly play wasteland, koth, and exile. With 10k hours it's probably my most played game.
  8. This. Let's do some basic maths. Sapphire cost 287$ and gives me 50 DACS. Which, according to the crowdfunding page are 50 months of play time. Of course, we have no idea how much it will cost per month to play but let's work out how much my 50 DACS might be worth. 50 months of play time is 749$ @ 14.99$ pm (current world of Warcraft/EVE online monthly cost) 50 months of play time is 450$ @ 9$ pm 50 months of play time is 250$ @ 5$ pm *this doesn't take into account for bulk buying 3m, 6m. Let's say it is around the same price as EVE/WO
  9. It was to be expected. Depending on how things go, it may be up for longer or less. Really would depends how things go with the test on the 23rd.
  10. Can't wait. NDA confirmed. Gutted I didn't make the ATV. What do you think guys?
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