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    Arma 3

    Was interested in seeing an Arma 3 post but I mostly play wasteland, koth, and exile. With 10k hours it's probably my most played game.
  2. Mazillus

    So.. How did it go this weekend

    Yeah, ATV's start talking.
  3. Mazillus

    Last Post Wins

    How long is a piece of string?
  4. Mazillus

    Last Post Wins

    Damn those are rookie numbers.
  5. Mazillus

    Supporter Packs cost less?

    This. Let's do some basic maths. Sapphire cost 287$ and gives me 50 DACS. Which, according to the crowdfunding page are 50 months of play time. Of course, we have no idea how much it will cost per month to play but let's work out how much my 50 DACS might be worth. 50 months of play time is 749$ @ 14.99$ pm (current world of Warcraft/EVE online monthly cost) 50 months of play time is 450$ @ 9$ pm 50 months of play time is 250$ @ 5$ pm *this doesn't take into account for bulk buying 3m, 6m. Let's say it is around the same price as EVE/WOW. 749-287=462 So hypothetically speaking if I could sell my DACS in the real world (which you can't) I've essentially made a profit/saving of 462$ (obviously no one is paying full price for unofficial DACS when you could buy official for the same price.) Of course, this is based on the game staying P2P for the required 4.1 years. For comparison, Elder Scrolls Online went F2P on the 17th of March 2015. Roughly 11 months after it released on 4th of April 2014. Of course, ESO going F2P was to be expected as you can't expect fans of Morrowind to pay monthly when past standalone games where B2P.
  6. Can't wait. NDA confirmed. Gutted I didn't make the ATV. What do you think guys?
  7. Mazillus

    [Discussion] Pre-Alpha FAQ and Rules

    It was to be expected. Depending on how things go, it may be up for longer or less. Really would depends how things go with the test on the 23rd.
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    Last Post Wins

    Huh? *wakes up* Wozzat?
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    Last Post Wins

    The video only lasts for 10 hours so it has an end.
  10. Mazillus

    System for purely commercial contracts

    My guess of the RDMS system was that it wasn't tied directly to an org but tied to territory control units and ship control units. I'm sure an org will have their own simpler RDMS system.
  11. Mazillus

    Will there be an NDA on the Pre-Alpha?

    Depends on how the NDA is worded. It might state you are not permitted to release any information from the pre-alpha at any time. A permanent NDA with no expiry date. Most likely will be that you can record and release after the NDA is lifted. Be aware that you are responsible for the recording. So if someone gains access to it and makes it public, you are held accountable for breach of contract and subject to legal action. Again it's all down to how the NDA is worded. Don't take the risk. NDA's are serious business and could harm you, me, the community and the game we are currently invested in.
  12. Mazillus

    Will there be an NDA on the Pre-Alpha?

    I'd say a NDA is a good shout.
  13. Something I wanted to say was that I really love that they JC, developers and community really take on board ideas and game mechanics that work well in other games like EVE online. A lot of times in the past if you mention another competing game you ended being told: "This is not x game". There is a lot of game mechanics out there that simply work well and the fact that DU is taking inspiration from those games is great in my opinion.
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    Newest DevDiary

    I'm a big fan of advancements in gaming and DU, in my opinion, is miles ahead. If they can pull this off they will be setting a new bar in gaming history. The game they are trying to build is on the edge of what is possible. pre-alpha: 1000 players 1000 constructs 1000 planet voxel edits per/s It reminds me of CCP when they released their single shard universe back in 2003. Now 14 years later its Novaquarks chance to make gaming history.
  15. The enclosures themselves cost about as much as a mid-range card. The rate that they release new pin connectors as well makes them not very future proof.
  16. https://egpu.io/forums/mac-setup/pcie-slot-dgpu-vs-thunderbolt-3-egpu-internal-display-test/ Stats for eGPU to thunderbolt 1/2/3
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    Newest DevDiary

    That ship texture though.
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    gathering materials

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    Reduce mining/building radius

    I actually find the scanning to be a bit simple. I'd like to see directional scanning to work on only surface level ores and have a deployable 3/4/5 point sensor matrix for deeper more valuable ores. (like EVE sensor probes) Scanning and mapping ores should be something that you could skill heavy into.
  21. Mazillus

    Gamescom insights

    Thanks for sharing. 2 weeks is reasonable. It's not too long and not too short. Can see corps building seed ships. They'll be able to see how many players are traveling and allocate resources as needed.
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    Hello, new pilot here!

  23. Mazillus

    Reduce mining/building radius

    I remember that as well. To be honest I was stunned that was going to be the size at release. Perhaps that's just the size for dirt and mining an ore requires extra time.