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    FireSoul reacted to Haunty in Solo Play Buffs   
    Something like that wouldn't work, then orgs would just have their miners not officially join so they get the solo buff.
    More people can get more work done, that's just how it goes.
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    FireSoul reacted to NQ-Naerais in NQ-Naeris, new Community Manager, has entered the game!   
    Hello Noveans! 
    As NQ-Nyzaltar said, I just joined the team here in Montreal. I'm very happy to be here, and excited to continue this amazing journey with all of you. I am quite new to the company so I do ask for a little patience while I get sorted here, I may not have all the answers right away but do know I will do my best to help make your experience with us the best it can be. 
    A bit about my background, I've worked on quite a few games of all varieties (MMO, Table Top, Card, Collectible, Board and more) for more years than I care to admit. I'm definitely an MMO fanatic and will be spending just as much of my free time along side you (in secret ) as you do. I'm convinced I'm a cat whisperer (though the same can be said for coffee), and a sci-fi fan. 
    I can't wait to see, share and celebrate all that you build in this amazing universe together!
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    FireSoul got a reaction from Haunty in "Funny" story and introducing myself   
    Since I have been around here from the end of 2016 I might as well write a juicy introduction of myself now.
    and welcome to my minecraft youtube chan... wait wrong website.
    Well that was enough cringe don´t you think?
    Anyway. Funny story, well actually a pretty sad one when I think about it.
    Remember when Alpha 2 launched? Yeah me neither cause I totally missed it.
    NOW I read an email from NQ which I kinda ignored at that time where they welcomed me to the glorious launch of alpha 2.
    Obviously it´s my fault there.
    At least I have another 2-3 months to test it... if I have time besides my occasional work at weekends and university ofc.
    But thats another story!
    Anyway. Where were we? Yeah right I was about to introduce myself so I´ll keep that short and simple.
    Name: FireSoul (but you can call me Simon ^^)
    Gender: DID YOU JUST ASSUME...! jk
    Age: 20
    What brought me here: The hell of a man @Will_i_craft
    Org: VMS (Vortrex Mining and Science, I know long name. Just call it VMS)
    Games: Tactical Shooter such as ARMA, CSGO 
                  Strategy games like Stellaris, Age of Empire, Medieval 2 TTW,...
                  and of course Sandbox games like Space Engineers or Minecraft.
    What I want to do ingame: Surely not mining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but transportation trading and marketing.
    Thats all I have to say ladies and gents!
    Cya in the Game or in the Forum!
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    FireSoul reacted to vylqun in Realistic incentives for City building   
    To have a somewhat imersive experience in Dual Universe we definitely need to see cities. But why exactly would people create cities in DU if just use a vast amount of resources without any real benefit except for showing off?
    Normally city planning depends on  a lot of different factors, like the environment, available resources, especially food, the condition of the ground, expected industries etc. Those are mostly things that wont work in DU. On the other hand, building cities in DU has quite a lot of disadvantages, like being target for raiders, warmongers or just griefplayers. So without any real benefit or need to create cities we will at most have very few large organization building and maintaining a city as HQ and maybe one or two trading hubs. Mostly we'll see well hidden factories and bases which are statistically placed across the planets with nearly no clustering.
    There are two possible ways to facilitate cities. One is giving artificial benefits like production bonus or similar things, i wont advocate that as it is unrealistic and just shows a lack of creativity in the game design. The second way is giving realistic incentives. The only incentives that work on larger scales in a mmorpg are economic or security benefits or needs. Social or educational facilities can be mostly ignored (there could be University-Type elements that increase the speed of accumulating xp for the first 20% or something of the skilltree, with which organizations can cater to new players, but that wont be a real incentive for creating a city).
    In my mind there are three mechanics which would directly create the need for clustering buildings on a small area:
    1. Powergrid
    The first suggestion is, that all functional elements (Doors, electronics etc.) require electricity. Standard, small sized elements would need a marginal amount of power so, that a small generator that can easily be installed in every ship/building is sufficient to support them. More advanced facilities like factories, Elements with strong supporting effects (something like the University for example, or greenhouses), military elements (planetary turrets, shields, sensor units ...) however should have an exponential increase of the power required. Factory units for example should require enough power, that no stacking of small generators can support them.
    To support those power hungry elements players can build power plant elements which are extremely large on scale, like 64³m³. They would support buildings within a certain radius with a set amount of power and to increase that radius you could create power-relay stations. What does this do for city building? If players want to run a factory or other facilities they need to create a power plant. If a single power plant generates enough electricity to support several factories, then the economic way of action would be creating enough factories within the vicinity of a power plant to  effectively use the generated power. A large cluster of factories in turn needs military protection as it is a nice target for raiders, thus we have some kind of city growth. At the same time owners of those power plants could rent space in the effective radius for players which can afford to create a factory, but not the required power plant.
    This can be extended to every kind of large scale element which would be nice to have in a city, for example if we want a space port in the city. The simplest way would be to just create some flat areas for ships to land on. But what about quality of life services like refuelling or rearing constructs? Those actions can take ages. If we had large scale elements like a repair Dock, which repairs damaged ships in the vicinity if activated or refuelling stations, those can save a lot of time to players. Elements like that would also require a lot of power, thus the need for a power plant in the vicinity.
    In short, if every advanced element has a big size and a large power requirement, coupled with the need of power plants, we would by default see clusters of buildings which can be called cities.
    2. Resources
    We can see in some videos how the ground is removed with a tool, its fast, efficient and effortless. if we can mine resources in this way, then DU players will be like a big locust swarm, run across the surface of a planet, scanning and within hours mining all interesting resources. But a big influence on city-building is the need to create a permanent structure in specific places, thus mining resources should definitely not be near-instant. Optimally mining out a big underground ore vein should take years if done by hand or several months when done with elements for mining. If we have long term mining then locations get a certain economic and strategic importance. If an organization finds a large vein of a rare metal it can't just mine it and go away, it has to defend this place against other players. Thus they need to create defensive structures, which again need power plants. If you have defensive structures and power plants on a mining base and some power surplus due to it then its economic to just continue and create the needed refinery elements etc. too, which in turn leads to clusters of buildings again.
    3. Dependencies
    Similar as all functional elements require electricity there can be other dependencies which make it necessary to create several constructs at the same place. In the new content update we learn about market Bots, where resources can be sold for quanta and elements can be bought (probably very limited after crafting is implemented, but maybe some of the most basic elements can still be bought). Those Quanta and elements aren't created from void and the sold resources can't spontaneously vanish. So if someone wants to place market bots in his base, it would make sense to require a trading hub element in the vicinity. There are quite some heavy industries which are dependent on water as coolant, so some refinery elements could actually need water purification plants in the area, the same plants could be used to support greenhouses or other buildings with water. If several buildings depend on each other there is a huge potential to incline people to gather together and create cities. Especially as everyone has a limited amount of cores available.
    I really think that those three points are absolutely necessary for a good experience in DU and will lead to some pretty interesting results.
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    FireSoul reacted to blazemonger in Safe Zones   
    Dual Universe is not an open world PVP game, it is an open world civilization/community building game. PVP is part of that yes, but is not the main driver in my opinion. PVP as I see it will be a means to an end wit he purpose of settling disputes if all else fails. (source: the DU website front page)
    Now, obviously (and queue the proponents of this commenting) there will be those that just want their pewpew and so consider PVP to be the holy grail and expect PVP to be the main focus and driver for the game. I believe this will not be the case to a large extent because from what we know so far (large scale) PVP will not be as simple as jumping into a ship and raising hell.
    Players will have access to tools that will create personal safe zones and sanctuary but those tools will be (very) expensive.
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    FireSoul reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Winter Holidays Test!   
    Dear Alpha Testers,
    Today we have an awesome surprise to announce for the Winter Holidays!
    The test next week won’t last 48h as usual. It won’t last 72h either, nor 1 week. Instead, we plan to open the Server for over two entire weeks! 
    Starting on Thursday, December 20th, 14:00 UTC, testing will last until Monday, January 7th, 14:00 UTC. However, while we will do our best to ensure the best server uptime possible, please keep in mind the following things: 
    As the Winter Holidays are approaching, Novaquark will be short staffed. Expect limited support during the Winter Holidays (starting Friday, December 21st).
      All Kickstarter Backers who have previously created their Dual Universe account now have access to the game. If you haven’t created your Dual Universe account and contacted our Customer Support (support@novaquark.com) before Wednesday, December 19th, you won’t gain access to the game before the end of the year due to the aforementioned limited support. In such case, you will gain access early 2019.
      We are only in Alpha and this is the first test of this duration we are scheduling with all Alpha testers. Server downtime and/or server reboots should be expected. In the off chance that  a significant and/or recurring technical issue occurs during the test, its duration may be shortened.
      “Garbage Collection” of abandoned Constructs/wrecks will occur after a certain period of time. As this is the first test to closely resemble a 24/7 server uptime,  we are enacting a set of basic rules regarding the cleanup of unused Constructs that may further change and evolve through future development.   
    What are these rules?
    Constructs matching all the following criteria will be deleted regularly:
    No customized name. Made on the UEF Hovercraft Blueprint basis (even tweaked afterwards) Not used during the last 24 hours. Staying on any Market Hub parking lot.  
    In other words, if you’re keen to keep your first Construct and you’ll be offline for more than 48 hours during the test, just rename it and the Construct will stay safe.
    We hope you’ll enjoy this holiday surprise and we wish all of you the best!
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team
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    FireSoul reacted to Kuritho in General Relativistic Time   
    I wish people knew how this stuff would work inside a game.
    You'd have to save every voxel modification with a timestamp if you wanted time travel if we're really going to add the whole Einstein stuff I ignored in school.
    Also, from a gameplay perspective, "moving faster makes you time move slower" basically opens a whole can of worms of pointless problems.
    If I wanted to play a physics simulator, I'd go outside.
    Verdict: Just because Star Kek has it doesn't mean Dual Galaxy should.
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    FireSoul reacted to Lethys in Alioth Map on Website   
    DIY. Such things are a powerful tool and will be made by players anyway
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    FireSoul reacted to ShioriStein in Alioth Map on Website   
    It very awesome if we can implement Kuritho idea. Adding map only waste of resource like he say =]]
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    FireSoul reacted to Kuritho in Alioth Map on Website   
    It wastes resources that could be used on more important things, like adding cat people into the game.
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    FireSoul reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Gamescom 2018 MeetUp!   
    Hi everyone!
    Here's an update on the MeetUp taking place on Thursday, August 23rd, in Cologne:
    1) More members of the Novaquark team will join us for the MeetUp!
    For those coming to see us on site, you will be able to meet:
    NQ-Sophon (JC Baillie) NQ-Entropy NQ-Spiral NQ-Nyzaltar NQ-Nomad NQ-Oli NQ-Diesel 2) As an experimental test, we will try to organize a Live Stream (about 1-hour duration max). As we don't force anyone to be filmed, There will be two tables (one that will be filmed during the stream, and one that won't be). As we don't know yet if all the conditions required will be met, if it's not possible, we will make at least a video that will be uploaded on YouTube later (again, only those who are ok to appear on camera will be seen in this video).
    3) An AMA with JC will be organized during the event!
    If you won't be able to be participate in real time to the Live Stream, or in the case the Live Stream doesn't happen and you won't be able to come to the MeetUp, don't hesitate to pass your questions to those who will attend, or send your questions to us in advance at community@novaquark.com (you'll have until August 20th to submit your questions)!
    Best Regards,
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    FireSoul reacted to KurockNotabi in Kill reports   
    I hope not. Kill boards advertise that the game is all about killing. If there are kill boards then there should also be "best build" boards, exploration boards, manufacturer boards, and mining boards.
    DU is not EVE. It should being DUing it's own thing, not making an EVE 2.0.
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    FireSoul reacted to CoreVamore in .Penalty Of Death.Scaling Ideas.   
    Being penalised for killing someone is the same as penalising a miner for getting too much ore.
    Penalising a gameplay lifestyle is bad for any sandbox game and so would be bad for DU.
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    FireSoul reacted to Lethys in .Penalty Of Death.Scaling Ideas.   
    Yeah. Glad you don't get to decide about gameplay. Wouldn't even bother to play a game with such bad mechanics which only work against the Playerbase instead of creating a fun and rewarding environment
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    FireSoul reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in r0.10 and beyond: improvements not related to gameplay mechanics   
    Hi everyone,
    A few weeks ago, we’ve discussed about the major content coming in the r0.10 build planned for the month of May. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find the DevBlog article here on our website! 
    However, we want to give you a little more information about what’s coming beyond and not related to gameplay mechanics. For the r0.11, you can expect considerable voxel loading improvements on loading speed as well as on frame rate. The new character models you may have seen on the Social Media will also be implemented in the r0.11 with new basic - and more realistic - movement animations. 
    However, you won’t see the scanning animations we published in January 2017, at least not now, and not under this form. These animations were made at a time where we didn’t have a nearly final version of the 3D Character model. Moreover, the middleware we used at that time for UI isn’t the same that we are currently using now. For all these reasons, these animations and FX need a lot of reworking.
    We also plan to implement a setting parameter that will enable players to customize the maximum distance where the voxels are loaded, to let you find the best compromise between voxel display precision and playable frame rate, depending of your PC config specs. This will give opportunities to make “high definition” sceneries like the recent saturday screenshots we’ve released in the past few weeks. We can’t give you (yet) a clear ETA for this feature, but it’s definitely coming!
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team
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    FireSoul reacted to NQ-Nomad in [Pre-Alpha Event] Build the first City!   
    Hi guys, 
    The weekend test that occurred on Saturday, April 7th, showed that the community is creative!  Not that we had any doubts, if you take a look the recent Outpost Contest too as an example.
    It was a lot of fun and, as expected, it was a little bit hectic 
    That was kind of the point, though, beyond just giving a simple goal to the Pre-Alpha testers. We were curious to see players' behavior, of course, but also to perform a technical test too. 
    That ended up stressing this "old" r0.8 version of the game beyond reasonable and it's currently hard to continue building in good conditions in the dedicated zone. We have around 412 constructs as of posting this message and some customized Lua scripted ones are responsible for lowering performances for many players. 

    This "old" version of the game is of course not as optimized as it would be ideal, the game is still in Pre-Alpha and that's to be expected at this development stage. 
    As the next Pre-Alpha test will happen tomorrow April 12th, and -let's be honest- performances are not going to get any better with even more constructs being added, we have to cancel the event. 
    In consequence, we kindly ask our Pre-Alpha testers to avoid pos{0,2,-37.2769,175.8497,0.0000} and the surrounding tiles for a better gaming experience
    If the Pre-Alpha testers had any issue to reconnect to the game and an impossibility to use the Force Respawn feature, they'll have to contact our Support staff and we'll teleport players elsewhere to make sure they can play. 
    In any case: data collected are of a tremendous help and we already planned the necessary improvements for the future versions of the game. Some of them should be available in the next r0.10 build and we're working hard to make sure that things will be running correctly (at least at 30 FPS) for the Alpha 1. 
    Talking about the next r0.10 version of the game, make sure to read this article on our website if you missed it! It contains elements that you might be interested in. 
    We're amazed by what the community already does in the Pre-Alpha and the help it provides to Novaquark to improve and refine everything along the road. Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and commitment! 
    The Novaquark Team
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    FireSoul reacted to NanoDot in Obsolescence   
    "Obsolescence" is the wrong term in this case, that refers to items that are superseded by new and improved designs. Obsolete items still work perfectly, there's just something better that can be used instead.
    The OP seems to be talking about "wear and tear", which occurs through repeated use of a specific item, leading to it eventually breaking if it's not repaired or maintained.
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    FireSoul reacted to Shynras in Jetpack alternatives and "safe-designing"   
    I want to highlight a few key point of the building system, that I think are actually bad design choices and that are going to make the game worse (relative to its original concept of a massive openworld sandbox with emergent gameplay). This is just my opinion, so don't take it personally. 
    Devs mentioned a safe environment where you could design and create blueprints of ships. I'm not sure if it's still planned but I want to address this anyway:
    (1)A "safe-designing" environment keeps players away from the open world, less social interactions, the world feels emptier, and this lack of activity (even if it's not a total absence of activity but a reduced rate) is going to damage the game in the long run, since the game would still feel, even if by a little, worse. It's never a good idea to split or "hide" the playerbase, expecially in a game like DU and when you don't know if there'll be enough players in the first place.
    (2)We know there'll be elements capable of "printing" ships. This means that you just have to design, while the building part is left to those elements. But if you let people design in a safe environment, and then you let them build automatically with elements, you'll never see players build in the open world. So I can't see those 2 features coexist.
    (3)We know that you'll be able to build with a jetpack, that will give you very good mobility. I don't like this at all, since it feels a little bit like "cheating" or "creative mode", it's not immersive. I want the jetpack to be an option, but why can't scaffolding be an alternative too? Why not a grappling hook? Why not a builder-construct? That jetpack is way too strong, it provides unmatched mobility/agility and doesn't have drawbacks. 
    (1)I know there are people out there that want to design constructs, and do that only, safely, without participating in other activities. And i'm fine with that, I think everyone should be taken into account. But if you give "a better way" to do things, stay sure that everyone will do it, you'll not see a single player build in the open world. Since there are multiple safezones already, spread over the universe, I don't really think there's need for anything else. In the worse case you could be a new player, that only wants to build, that joined after release and all the safezone land is gone:  join an org, rent a land or gain enough money to buy one. This game is not about getting what you want istantly anyway, so if you need a safe place to build, work hard and get one first.
    Regarding the "I live in a war zone and I want to build safely" argument, do I even have to answer? If you're so worried about getting griefed while building in the open world, just send your builders to the closest safezone.
    Regarding the "I don't have the blocks, I just want to create a blueprint": just create the possibility to enter a "design mode" where people can build with unlimited "hologram blocks", that look slightly different, so that they can still design in the open world and create anything they want.
    (2)I don't think it's a bad idea by itself to have elements print ships (that you've already designed aka built), since it's usually boring to create copies manually. I just hope that doing that manually it's still going to be an viable option, so those elements should probably be less efficient and requires more energy/resources. 
    (3)This is something i really care about. There are people that want unlimited freedom while designing (i seriously don't get why they don't just play with a 3d modeling software) and other that want immersion. Again, I think is important to keep different approaches viable, to let everyone choose their preferred way:
    -Jetpack: consume fuel, it's the best but most expensive way to build
    -Scaffolding: similar to the "scaffold" block in tekkit minecraft (not sure what was the mod), there's a scaffold element in DU. It's very cheap and reusable, easy to place and remove (and maybe you can climb it like a ladder). Doesn't offer the same mobility of the jetpack but it's cheaper
    -Grappling hook: i'm not sure it's possible with the Du engine (I'd guess it is), but if it is, then you have to add it to the game. It's always a lot of fun and people love it.
    Then, in the "skill tree" where you can specialize yourself, you can actually improve pros and cons of those methods. A specialized builder may have a very low fuel consumption on the jetpack, and be very fast, while a newbie builder (or any guy with a different specialization), may find more convenient to use scaffolding or a grappling hook as a cheaper method.
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    FireSoul reacted to mefsh in Furry Dual Universe players?   
    Cool, I like cheese.
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