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Hello there! 


I was recently thinking about functional Elements in the game and came up with the, I hope not already mentioned idea that the functional elements could be "worn out" after a certain time of use.

For example;

If you use the same engine for 100+ hours the performance of it decreases. Or

If you use the Radar for a certain time the range decreases.

etc. etc. 


What do you think?

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"Obsolescence" is the wrong term in this case, that refers to items that are superseded by new and improved designs. Obsolete items still work perfectly, there's just something better that can be used instead.


The OP seems to be talking about "wear and tear", which occurs through repeated use of a specific item, leading to it eventually breaking if it's not repaired or maintained.

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On 4.3.2018 at 10:18 PM, Mod-Merwyn said:

@Takao could you link it here for reference?

I don't remember to have seen it myself.


~ Merwyn

I don't know exactly where it was, it may be was in a thread where the original topic was a different one -.-

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