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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I appreciate it a lot.
  2. I have lost over 10 million credits in ships by trying to mine on asteroids in pvp zone. Last time I was found in 40 minutes. I could barely find and mine out one Tier 5 ore chunk or how you call it. There is no way to know when someone is approaching, if you are playing solo. So i can't actually defend myself, I don't know when to run. What's the point traveling hundreds of su-s, when I can barely mine out one chunk. I spend time building new ship, I travel for hours, and then I get blown up while mining. I dont know how fast do i have to mine.. I travel hundreds of su-s and then mine like 20 minutes? Sounds silly. I dont want to lose all my money, and I don't want to waste my time again, so i put this game on hold for now. Just a little feedback from me.
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