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  1. Greeting Starsouls Thank you for your work in making wrecks. Blood and oil!
  2. Sure, the rewards might not be top tier for non-believers, you understand, but still substantial.
  3. Once we have Avatar vs Avatar combat, I will be offering a small starter ship and possibly other rewards for anyone willing to take the time to be a voluntary human sacrifice to the Wreck. You will have to become a worshipper of the Holy Wreck, but this doesn't take up much of your time. I'd be happy if you only put it on census sheets, for example. It's a very 'hands off' religion. Except where human sacrifice is concerned...
  4. Dispenser is up. Wish I could put a pic of the ship up, but I don't want to risk the wrath of the NDA monkey gods. Think of an arrow crossed with a accordian, but pretty.
  5. Do you have room for a very large temple to the Holy wreck? L core Ziggurat. Also: ok with self human sacrifice and semi-consensual heretic sublimation into smoke?
  6. Let their smoke become one with the Holy Smoke! Blood and oil!
  7. Come see the stunning new "Zinnea" pattern at our new Showroom at District 2. Pick up a Blueprint today! (When I put in a dispenser, later).
  8. The Ziggurat temple to the holy Wreck nears completion. Just needs a couple of doors, some decoration and a lower wall. Oh, and Wednesday is our Sabbath. Fri, Sat and Sunday were taken by the early adopters and everyone knows that British Chippies (Fish and chip shops) take Mondays off. Plus the whole W thing.
  9. Hmm, give me a bit to work a reason for this into Wrecker lore, I mean consult the Holy Smoke.
  10. When player death comes in, I may add in "Apeothis Prizes" where you agree to be a human sacrifice at the Temple of the Holy Wreck where your donation of blood and oil will be rewarded with m/l cores or difficult to make items. This would be open to existing members only (so it's not an entry gift).
  11. I've nearly finished the Temple to the Holy Wreck. Just the Altar, blood channel and spectator seating to go. It's a ziggurat base, with a W in Aluminium on it. It has two entrances in the bottom 'points' of the W, one for visitors and one for "offerings". Images to follow. W!
  12. Seems interesting. I'll be in touch when I get around to building a site for Aesthetic Shielding Limited (ships too pretty to shoot).
  13. The first Sacred Battle will be at a place outside of a safe zone after PvP is introduced. Planned for once a month. Could go every 2 week if demand shown. Coordinates will be given publicly after a claim has been made on the land. (Or near my base until territory claims are a thing). All are welcome. Sides are a bourgeoise concept and exist purely in an advisory context. Winner will be whoever says they are longest and loudest afterwards. Price of entry is leaving a wreck on the battle field. Fighting ships and elements limited to Small and below, to begin with. Bringing ships or elements that are too big may reintroduce the concept of "sides" rather quickly.
  14. Come along to the monthly Sacred Battle, with a disposable combat craft, and see for yourself. It's very freeform. The price is simply leaving one wreck at the battlefield.
  15. Name: The Church of the Holy Wreck AKA: "The Wreckers", "Oh Heck, those Guys" Type: social group, PVP, Roleplay, Pirates, "non practicing believers" Membership: open and non exclusive Timezone: Open Language: English, but other language Branches welcome Website: under construction Discord: under construction Tenets of the Church of the Holy Wreck Wrecks are sacred. Make as many as you can. The Steel hungers. NQ staff are the Angelic crew of the Holy Wreck, and are there to help when you lose your ship. (After PVP is introduced) Join in Holy battle once or month (or more regularly) at the sacred Wrecking grounds. You don't have to come to all of them but you should try to make some of them. The Sacred Battleground will be designated once we know where the safe zones aren't. Try to convert others to the Holy Wreck or into holy wrecks, whatever is easier. Souls who flee Blessed combat are weak and their craft is not worth emulating the Holy Wreck. Traders may pay a penance to avoid their souls burning amid the steel. W! Greetings, my fellow Star Souls. (Makes the sign of the Wreck by describing a w shape denoting a ship bouncing off a planet followed by a closed fist opening indicating an explosion. W! is the text of this.) I am here to tell you about the Holy Wreck that crashed to save our souls and free us from our skins. Blessed be the Holy Wreck! W! The Wreck careth not about your base connections to other orgs, for the burning steel of the saviour loves all that lie in its screaming trajectory of peace. All the Wreck asks is that you recognise it has your one true God and you, from time to time, come and join us for family picnics, charity work and heretic burning. Being a forward looking Church, we have created several heresies for you to belong to, in case you are struggling to feel the dread love of impact. Each last Sunday of every Month, after Holy PVP has been instituted, Mother Church and the Heretics will meet at the Sacred Battleground to create Holy Ruin and litter the ground with our offerings of blood and ships. It's basically a free for all, demolition derby battle, (if only two sides show up it will be a miracle w!). Come and hone your combat skills in ships you don't mind losing. The only stipulation is that you leave at least one ship wreck behind on the battle field. The Official Heresies include; The Explodists: wicked folk who make the explosion symbol before describing the W. Their symbol is !W. The Graviticists: these infidels believe the important part of the faith is the gravity that caused the Wreck to hit Alioth. G! The Mechandrites: these philosophically feeble upstarts believe they are honouring the Holy Wreck by repairing the ships of strangers to ensure the Holy Wreck is the only wreck. Madness! M! The Wanderer Cult:. Thus frankly insane sect believes the holy Wreck bounced off Alioth and wanders the Galaxy looking for souls to crew it! W. Feel free to make your own cult, or stick to the Orthodoxy. It doesn't matter. The Holy Wreck knows all Star Souls and loves you all, even if you are burning on a stake. From time to time there will be an Holy Crusade where we convert non believers into wrecklets. Practically, this means we may decide to join in the wars of others on either side, or both. Donations to our Orphans and widow fund may sway us to one side or the other.
  16. Just a quick note to say I have built a base on Alioth (coords to follow). So far it's two L cores and an xs. It has a small theme park and a village, (construction ongoing) and a selection of craft I have built). Come along and join ALS and get permission to build along side or within.
  17. discordauth:Pr_e4lTG6Ljsn2Ad6L5xa3ioROW9LSpoNe6_edNkefo=

  18. While I can now see the arguments for this pay model, I still hope that skins for elements can, after vetting (handwaved as r&d time), becomes a thing. They wouldn't take up much of a work day since it will be a simple "does it have a swastika on it or does it look like a make member" yes or no question and swipe right operation.
  19. The gaming world appears to be moving away from monthly fees for games. Perhaps a flat fee would be better with payments for ENTIRELY non gameplay items like decorative elements, element skins or paying to import your own models/skins from Blender (subject to review before acceptance) etc? Edit: title fixed
  20. Oh you can and you shall. It's the after effects that will get you. In the dark. When you are alone with your thoughts. All alone. When your digital grand children ask you what's wrong. When your imaginary priest presses you about the one memory that makes you shake in the morning. All alone. Carry on.
  21. What is Aesthetic Shielding? It is the art of building a ship so beautiful that tears form in the eyes of the aggressor making it difficult for them to go through with firing. Even if they do, they will inevitably re-evaluate thier life choices and become better people. Joining ASL means having a commitment to creating only beautiful constructs. Not for us the brutal cubes and boxes of simple minds. Everything we make, from simple cargo craft to huge manufactories, will be pleasing to the eye and mind. Everything we write and proclaim will adhere to the strictest of values concerning beauty of expression. Do not mistake us for wilting lilies. We will be entirely willing to go to war to protect ourselves or to improve the universe through acts of applied aesthetics. If you wish to proclaim the lifting up of your soul by joining Aesthetic Shielding Limited as an affiliate, then please respond to this message. Website to follow, pending interest.
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