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  1. It will all depend on how much time you invest in the game. If someone says 2 weeks and you play 1 hour every day for 2 weeks, it won't be the same as 5 hours each day for 2 weeks. NQ wants this game to be an investment into learning aspects of the game. The more time you put in, the more skill you get out.
  2. I think it looks really cool. I really like the simplistic, Borderlands feel to the design. It's funny how you have normal characters like constructors, soldiers, and outlanders. Then you have NINJAS! Because no game is good without ninjas
  3. I believe in a Dev Diary or DevBlog they mentioned sizes for constructs. I don't remember which one it was though. Each one denotes a certain amount of voxels which in turn would be its general "size." The more voxels it covers, the larger the construct can be
  4. Unfortunately DU has players from across the globe so night in-game will still have a ton of players. That being said, secret bases are a sure fire thing with a lot of off limits testing happening. The possibilities are endless so start thinkin'
  5. Welcome to the DU community. Hope you enjoy scrolling through our ridiculous forum posts and banter. We shall see you in game o7
  6. The developers have gone over it, just never as an individual topic or video. They have mentioned how the market will start/emerge and how players will keep it growing. The market will start with bots that buy and sell based on everyone else to get the ball rolling. Then will slowly be taken out as the economy grows and people use the market more. Supply and demand will be the name of the game like everyone said. If mineral A takes 5 minutes to mine a single piece while mineral B takes 20 minutes to mine a single piece, the mineral B will be more expensive than mineral A (not actual times, just an example). Just like the real world
  7. First off, Welcome to the community and gl on your org. Second, will you be charging to attach a personal construct to the Cluster?
  8. That would be so hard to do. Someone's account would have to be dedicated to sitting atop a tower look down
  9. Again, the bigger the ship, the slower everything moves. If you build a Gargantia Ship, you better have 360 degree gun range or you are doomed. Mount them everywhere or make sure everyone knows this is a hub for something/a center that is used by all. If one group doesn't use the giant ship, it's game over for you
  10. You never dis-throned Sketch You are not King of the Hill
  11. Would we each then being playing private games that look public once each one of us dies? By this logic, once everyone has died we would all be in our own universes that look like the same universe
  12. By blocking the sun you put the world into an ice age causing the hill to ice over including you and the throne. I survive in an apocalypse shelter I built under my house Now the only one left, I drive an RV to the top I use a jackhammer to cut the iced throne and Eclipse913 from the hill and give you a small push leading to you sliding to the bottom I happily live in the RV atop the hill watching the SImpsons on my couch I Am the Lazy King of the Hill
  13. Welcome to DU. So with MASKED, you can be part of it without being part of it but if you want to be part of it you are also not part of it but still part of it without ever being part of it?
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