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  1. Gentlemen, you have given me excellent details, and a lot to consider. I'm glad the skill tree thing is cleared up (whoops). It seems like every time a question is answer another one comes up. After reviewing this forum it sounds like I've been asking everyone what R&D is, and how to do it (which I was). I am also looking for the right question to ask, I think we're close. How could a large org R&D department promote innovation, by investing in small groups and offer salaries, or search for single achievements and offer a single compensating payment or commission percent? How do you put a value on, or bargain for someones idea or mind? How do you protect intellectual property (in-game)? I appreciate everyone taking the time to think about my questions. If any other forum has similar ideal already explored please share it with me, I want to avoid being repetitive. Downloading..., BruceWilly
  2. Hey, thanks for the warm welcome! Let me see if I understand everyone: Croomar, you're saying in the alpha and beta we will try to break the universe, and help the developers. Shinymagnemite, you say break the game, do crazy things, and skills trees. That helps dev too. Lethys, mechanics. Yup! Aesras, break stuff, crazy things, man-power / out-sourcing. It sounds like we can agree that the alpha and beta will be bit of a “goof-off”, where our actions will help develop DU. The lore says (I think) that alpha and beta access are a simulation to teach X number of people about Alioth before the Arkship arrives and wakes everyone up. Which means we keep our skills and reset the universe. Is that right? That would make exploring the skill tree permanent. You guys are helping, I have a few more questions. Other than Aesras, everyone has given an answer for pre-launch (alpha and beta). What do you think will happen when the full game is released? How could our governing organization handle their research and development? What keeps coming to my mind is an observe and report approach, initially. There is so many unknowns that we must wait and see to figure out what we really don’t know. Now I have more questions. Research and development seems like a black-hole right now, how will we know our taxes are paying off in this department? Do we really need a research and development department? Downloading…, BruceWilly.
  3. Hello everyone, When Dual Universe opens (alpha, beta, ect), what do you think will be the most important factors for large organizations like Terran Union to focus their research and development on, and why? Should they focus on energy (batteries, everything need batteries), recon (detention, exploration), firepower (weapons and defense), infrastructure (buildings on ground and in space), or anything else you can think of? First post, BruceWilly.
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