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  1. Because it is useless to post a new one and a year is nothing compared to eternity.
  2. Very interesting. Pareto efficiency - Wikipedia It reminds me the Monopoly which was "an educational tool to highlight the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies." Does someone knows a more boring game ? (I mean Monopoly, not DU)
  3. @Guest Kray I agree with the first post : copying Eve online is a bad idea. It is a financial idea, NQ is a financial firm I suppose. Thanks for the description of what is DU in 2020. I tried to connect but I was ... confined in a building (-> ragequit) ... Are NQ players ? are they even human ? I didn't know Empyrion when I backed Eve online Dual universe. I wish I could go back in time. I tried Eve online twice. It is a toxic gameplay. What I did ? learn and teach, because it is the only "elitist" behaviour that seems interesting to me, better than ganking and make people ragequit, or steal trade. I apreciate the wormhole idea. PS : see Valheim, I love it, I am sure the devs are gamers and think about the experience, which is the only thing to think about. They copy all kind of games but throw away all the boring gameplay, and it even make me like to... dig.
  4. I wish I could explore the universe and let automatic gas stations behind me, on my way back I would take the money, meet some people and when fed up with humanity, explore again. This can be possible only if I can build automatic payment terminals.
  5. Having more money is having more power. This economic system is pay to have, having weapons, human slaves... that is the reason of XP and Skills system in the games you listed : make other constraints to limit a pay2win, so this is only a "limited pay2win", skill system make limitation on the paytofast side, etc. If it is not a paytowin, it will be a "be-the-bank-to-win" game. People who can seduce other people in order to exploit them will not need to pay to win. money can buy everything ... but love ?
  6. how much do you pay ? in real money ? is this really interesting ?
  7. You may work at Goldman's sachs ^^
  8. I am (will be) an alpha player. I played Eve online. I stopped EVE because of the brutality of the economy, and the skill system which means "if you want to play another way, you can : just buy several accounts". If DU is so close to EVE ONLINE, will players feel really free in this infinite universe ?
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