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  1. I have to say that I don't think I have ever been looking forward to a game as much as this. I had high hopes for Destiny when it was first announced, but that turned out to be a very different game to the one that I imagined. The same goes for No Man's Sky. But Dual Universe, from all that has been revealed so far, is shaping up to be the game that I (and most people on here I'm guessing) have always wanted to play. I think the scope for role-play is going to be incredible. Example: I was watching a documentary on the development of the SR-71 blackbird, and realised that having an underground research and building base, that is only accessible to a select group, is totally possible in Dual Universe. Keeping the development secret could be done by flight testing the constructs at night, and then perhaps only selling the blueprints to select people within a specific organisation or those with a particular political leaning. Only a small example, but the possibilities seem endless at this point!
  2. I was thinking about this the other day actually: would be very cool to see decaying buildings that are now uninhabited, and perhaps in a few months or years of game time city ruins that are deserted once people have moved on. Will give the world a very "lived in" feel I think.
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