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  1. Yes, I know you reincarnate (naked per lore) at your linked reincarnation point. I take it naked means in your space suit since that seems to be as naked as we get. Do you lose the contents of your nanopack? Do you lose any land you have claimed? Do you lose any constructs you have spawned in the world? Do you lose your money? Do you lose "skills"?
  2. DaphneJones

    Safe Zones

    I thought there was a device you could put down that created a safe zone. Maybe I'm thinking of the land claim device. Without a sz device the game will be unplayable... or not fun anyway. I'll just stay on a safe moon and build spaceships. Sounds like the rest of the game will just be a gank fest. yuck. And I guess there's leveling? So it will just be high level bullies abusing low levels.
  3. DaphneJones

    Safe Zones

    I think any sensible org is going to put down a SZ marker on any hex where they have considerable assets.
  4. DaphneJones

    No access to the NDA forums

    Same issue. No response from support yet. Maybe Monday.
  5. DaphneJones

    Star Citizen

    That's true. Single shard wasn't in the original SC design, so they're playing catch up. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they buy a license for the tech from Novaquark. (Also won't be surprised if they do it all on their own.)
  6. DaphneJones

    Star Citizen

    A single persistent universe implemented with a server mesh. What other game does that? Oh... that's right... DU.
  7. DaphneJones

    Star Citizen

    Like they say, that's why it's called game development and not game construction. Sure, it's not as easy to build as DU, but they keep solving these problems. I don't see any logic in thinking the next problem will stump them when the last 1000 problems haven't.
  8. DaphneJones

    Safe Zones

    Would you really play a game where everything you build 1) has to be built from expensive resources and 2) is persistent but there's no safe zone to put it in? I wouldn't. You can't build civilization if you can't make your cities safe... that would be called building barbarism.
  9. DaphneJones

    Star Citizen

    Chris Roberts has a pretty long history of doing things in PC games that "weren't possible" at the time. *shrug* I suspect bullet calculations happen client side. How they'll do that is they'll have 1000 clients working on it when there are 1000 ships shooting.
  10. DaphneJones

    Star Citizen

    Yet that is the plan. As for "even 100", they've already done that with their current tech, although public servers are limited to 50 (and usually full)
  11. DaphneJones

    Star Citizen

    The plan is for Star Citizen to be single shard just like DU. AKAIK, they haven't started work on server meshing yet.
  12. DaphneJones

    The Dyson Sphere Initiative

    You would need the total mass of several star systems to do it... maybe several hundred. And there wouldn't be any way to create gravity on the inner surface unless they add artificial gravity to the game. (Gravitational forces inside a sphere cancel out. Do the math) I suspect the orgs whose planets you were stealing would stop you. Update: OK, I actually looked some stuff up and did the calculations. All of the non-stellar mass of a single system should be enough, so if your org went and found a system and mined all of the planets into non-existence, I guess you could build a Dyson sphere. You still have the gravity problem though.
  13. DaphneJones

    SHIP Ideas Box

    I'll play... Here's my ship concept built to standards that I think I'll be able to meet in DU. Oh that's annoying. I can only upload one picture, lol. And can't even delete this one to replace it with a better one. Oh well.
  14. DaphneJones

    Help getting started

    I tried to keep the questions vague enough not to break the NDA. Still waiting for access to the sub-forum. Thanks.
  15. DaphneJones

    Help getting started

    Everything about building in this game seems really counter-intuitive to me. Is there a document that discusses how to do it or is solving the puzzle intended to be part of the game play? I found this https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Builder_Guide The system makes a little sense now although I'm still a bit lost on what keys to press etc. Is there a test level available where we can learn to build without having to spend 90% of the time gathering resources (or 99% of the time gathering scarce resources)? This is certainly an alpha sub-forum question. Thanks.