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  1. Thought this was the nda forums. Could someone move this?
  2. As the name implies, it would allow you to manipulate the build box. For example, say a large core is 128x128x128 and you just wanted something a bit longer but just a fraction of that width. Allows to subtract from unused axis to add to desired one. Keeping the same total build volume and game balance of various sizes cores. I don't know about y'all, but most ships I want to build are alot longer than they are wide or tall. This is something I brought up in game, but thought it appropriate to bring to the forums.
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  4. It'll truly impact how people design their warfighting vessels. Which will be interesting to say the least. Seems like a really effective and simple solution!
  5. discordauth:njFEDfWvsu78IRIdu-XsI-GdBPnrvP4nzoe5CgOBGv0=

  6. Are you? What is it to be human?
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