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  1. discordauth:gmNmo22dLQcCApV82OIROMfiOF958Xp2UWQNGrnZjjY=

  2. Good to see MN represented!

  3. Subscriptions keep out the riff-raff. /thread
  4. Because they are terrible game design. Ready for every new player forums post to be "How do I make enough money to pay for Dac's" and "what's best income/hr" ? This promotes the catch 22 where people play to pay for the game that they are playing to pay for. God forbid people would log in to actually do something other than grind their subscription. Eve was a glorious universe before PLEX came along and completely destroyed everything.
  5. Never worry, its trendy to complain about subscription models but NovaQuark seems to have a backbone. I think Sub model fits their vision and they won't be swayed so easy.
  6. More important than the reasons already mentioned is the type of player or culture you're trying to foster when deciding on a payment model. I support NovaQuarks move for a subscription model for this reason and hope they never have to change it.
  7. I just want to show my support for the subscription model. I am also in favor of removing DACS completely but I understand that's probably unpopular. Edit for clarification - DACS wrongfully encourage players to play to pay their sub so they can continue to play to pay their sub. Popular forum topics will be "I'm new, what should I do to make the most currency/hr so I can afford DACS". This mindset really sets up new/trial players for failure when they have unrealistic expectations on how much in game currency they can earn early on, grinding for that currency even if it isn't "fun" for t
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