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    le_souriceau reacted to Daphne Jones in Hyacinth Partners Ltd.   
    Hyacinth Partners Ltd. is the org for the flight and ground crew of the Hyacinth - a medium hauler tramp spacer. We aren't planning to take over the galaxy or build a city in space... but we may provide the logistic support for those activities... for a price.
    Full flight crew complement is
    Pilot Navigator/Radar operator Engineer 3 gunners 2 stewards or 2 mission specialists (Yes the ship has bunks for all those people)
    Business focus:
    Transport and Logistics Trading Deep Space Salvage ops Special Courier Services.  
    Auxiliary activities
    Mining Security Combat  
    Currently recruiting
    Navigator/Radar Op Still working on what this job will be exactly. I expect to have software to improve navigation, plus a radar system for tracking and flagging hostiles for the pilot's combat display. (System design is WIP). Will be trained to pilot as well.
    Flight Engineer. Monitors Engine performance, fuel, and damage during flight. Fixes damage as needed. Advises pilot on best engine performance.
    Gunners. (3 positions) Protect the ship from hostiles. We will begin combat training in A3.  
    Stewards (2 position) Takes care of any passengers. This includes providing whatever they need in during the fight, but also controlling them. (Steward is a polite word for marine. After release, this job may include combat and we will train for it when AvA combat comes in game)
    Mission Specialist (several positions) Conducts non-flight mission activities. We will need miners and eventually EVA salvage. A courier might be a mission specialist for special courier services.
    Sales Rep (several position) Based on a planet and usually embedded with a nation-type org, reps will handle sales, provide fulfillment and collect payment especially when the Hyacinth is off planet.
    Miners (several positions). Gather resources for transport and sale for times when we don't have other contracts. Miners may double as mission specialists
    And most importantly.... Customers! While our customers will not generally be members of the org, they are highly valued and welcome at our in-game facilities and on our discord server...
    Speaking of which... find us on discord at https://discord.gg/Tgp4TZY
    If you think the tramp spacer life might be for you, you can apply at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/hyacinth-partners-ltd/
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    le_souriceau reacted to Aaron Cain in Tranquility, the ever moving City in space   
    @le_souriceauGood question. and good points
    Hmmmmm neutrality is  a simple concept but a hard one to nourish.
    So the concept sinful is a lot easier, and well there are alot of ways to look at this and to also look at non-neutrality.
    a Typical neutral should be able to have contact with or act with all kinds of entities, neutral or non neutral, it depends on what your point is, your morality.
    So is morality and neutrality the same? Nope it is not. Is being a parent a good lesson in neutrality? yeah in fact it is. as a parent you should hold both the neutral and the moral high ground.
    Fanatics are always wrong, i am no fanatic, i am just clear. That is a difference and ill try to explain before going to point 2 😛
    So am i neutral, Yes i am. Is the City neutral? Well that is the intention but that doesn't mean we don't have an opinion or we lay back and only smile.
    I act like the parent to keep both the neutral and moral high ground, all the groups i am in do not matter in this aspect, if an organization cannot stand alone its food for others, even if you call yourself neutral or a PvP org. One thing i am very curious about is why people think PvP and neutrality are not compatible.
    We are neutral and will communicate or deal with anyone who wants too, no restrictions but one.
    The restriction has to do with the moral highground we keep. Any organization breaching NQ rules Or behaving toxic to the community will be on the blacklist. Any supporting Grievers org, is on the black list, simply because we promote positive gaming and we wont work with people who deliberately want to make others life a hell.
    For your information if you look back you can find we do this since we were part of DU, that already was cause for a Casus belli  for one of the orgs towards us, we are prepared.
    So neutrality is not oooh i am so scared and oooh i dont want to pewpew. BRING THEM ON  Our ships are already armed to the teath, we will shoot people who are a threath, we already have a pre-emptive attack squad and we have friends and alies who are not virtual paper tigers but know what an ingame war is. As do I. Alliances are for fun and games not to be used for your defence, any organization withion an allyance should stand on its own feed. Partners are there to help and strike back while you defend and just strike the heard of the enemy. Or as i say, we will not sent our best to defend against your ships, we sent them to eliminate your leader and everyone that is around him/her. We are not a paperless tiger although we dont use words like Conquer or PvP or Purge or imply we are an empire or imperium.
    About the sugerdadies, we turned down 6 organizations from the first two pages already and will keep doing that. You dont need a big organization to be safe, you need a good organization and good friends behind the screens to be safe. If else who is safe when Empire calls in all members at once to obliterate you? Boo? Maybe Boo but thats it. Its pretty simple, in DU nobody is safe. You can build a massive ship or building with massive gun placement but if the right person is on the right spot and he works for the other side, your screwed.
    We indeed have alliances, visible and secret ones, we have friends visible and invisible ones, we have alts, good relations with numerous people. I must say i did smile about the " can have any decent fighting chance" Most of the members we got in our teams already fly in DU since pre-alpha or in EvE, emperion, SE, Starcontrol, you name it. Or hand to hand combat, we just think this is a more fun way to play This game and well neutrality does not mean sit back and die, actually to be neutral you need an even larger combat force to be able to enforce it. The reason we have al the little alliances with us is not to form a large force but to be helpfull together and get massive community projects done, it is not for security or to fill a list. Some ideas are just brilliant and if the owner of that idea comes for help I always try to help if i can, or sent him/her to someone who can, we can only build DU together.
    But in the end, In space nobody hears you scream
    I love your questions, lets keep them coming i hope i was able to answer some. As long as it is not interfering privacy or info on other organizations (also privacy) i will try to answer it all
    And about the tags, we dont fly with city tags, we fly with C.A.T.S. Tags and none of our members or CATS members is obliged to fly with them, we care for our own but everyone is free to do as they please.
    But i know someone who is already waiting for 6 months to get the order to strike Just wait a little longer my friend, War has not started yet and we are not the ones to start them But we will finish them.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Aaron Cain in So, construction buisness...   
    When taking this community into account, the PvP aspect, the proposed mining and flying abilities, 6 months to have a city running is fast. to answer your points:
    1 the actual building will need logistics and large industry and containers to even start, this will take some time. the amount of voxels needed for a city are Huge! However, if you can get all the people for a city to actually mine and build time could be reduced, but then i talk about hundrets of players, not in the ten'ths
     2 DU material handling, mining and logistics this will be weeks to months for mining these loads. It is a city not a small build. A city is only a city when it fills at least a full territory, preferably more. 
    3 yess, decoration will take even longer and i did not take that into account.
    4 indeed, the actual LUA needs and logistics, specially logistics need to be build prior to building the city. 
    This is also one aspect why it takes long, beside full logistics you need to build full industry capable of building a city that spans over a few Kilometers
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from DhuQarnayn in .   
    As it said:
    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
    Abraham Lincoln
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    le_souriceau reacted to DhuQarnayn in .   
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    le_souriceau reacted to DarkHorizon in Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue   
    Thanks for the question, indeed, that's very much a scenario that twenty people may not be able to take on in a timely manner. If it ever got that bad then we would more than likely reach out to our affiliates who are working with us to see if they can lend a direct hand in an unofficial logistical capacity. If such can't be achieved, then we'd stagger our resources with community assistance and assign unique IOU's to non-members that assist us which we will seek to return at the next available opportunity should they request it. Why we choose this option is to negate the need to return to restock on supplies (if possible) if we run out in our on-board storage. Not only does it allow for more timely assistance, but it also gets more people involved in a community directed force for the benefit of all.
    If worse really does come to worst and the outside assistance gets no outside assistance of its own, then people will simply need to wait. Since our objective is to get people up and running to a satisfactory degree so they can get someplace where they can properly repair themselves (especially for the larger vessels), we can't do that without the proper supplies, so why bother showing up empty handed? I hate telling people to hurry up and wait, but many will quickly come to realize that patience is a virtue.
    Of course, I fully expect more people to be interested in joining this team between now and the next year and a ~half when release comes, so having more hands on deck will most certainly lighten the individual load we all feel. Twenty people is already a fair lot of people in my mind, but when you consider the fact that organizations will probably be the first major wave that goes up and that they'll be looking after their own while the lone stragglers come up a fair bit later. By then I'm confident that Eyes & Ears will have the required infrastructure in place to handle the volume in a reasonable manner.
    Oh, and for those of you wondering where the updates have been. I haven't been feeling the desire to report on three hour tests and have instead opted to wait for more lengthy tests before bringing you all up to speed again. You won't be waiting long, this upcoming test is slated for 96 hours so an update will be coming sooner than you think!
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    le_souriceau reacted to Armedwithwings in So, construction buisness...   
    Here's my 2 cents on your train of thought...
    On launch, Alpha testers with their already functional blueprint designs will hold an edge over the common folk.
    Due to lack of experience, new players will shift focus on the market and make the "Alpha blueprint owners" a decent penny.
    Most of the stuff you'll be seeing flying around are most likely designs created during Alpha tests.
    Getting to make an actual space worthy ship takes time and on the race to leave Alioth, time is of the essence!
    Those reputable builders will always be popular candidates among orgs, and that's to be expected.
    Despite offering their skillsets to the cause, corporations will view them as a source of income.
    After all, having a certain profession in anything is always expected to be rewarded at an equivalent price, whether it's quanta, DACs or even status.
    Many people often find loyalty to that and act accordingly.
    But when it boils down, there's no right or wrong way to play the game.
    Poacher orgs are always gonna be a thing and whether anyone wants to be a part of them that's their own choice really.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Aaron Cain in So, construction buisness...   
    Let me add a few cents,
    Day one, we will see crappy bases springing into life everywhere, no design but effective. These will stay there till about a week or two. After that some orgs will start to build new bases not from blueprints as they discover that blueprints need so much inventory space to place it will need a whole base to place a bp one.
    Most bases will be practical and efficient, beauty will be from efficiency and only a few orgs will build for beauty.
    Who will survive? I have no idea but in general the people who can build with least materials, fastest and most effective will survive. The people who build gothic palaces will probably perish fast if they start doing that at day one. If they however first fly to a sanctuary moon they have a shot.
    Leaders and Orgs?
    There will be Drama, loads of it
    Some leaders will think their people will listen to their demands but when day one arrives and the promised PvP ship is not there, they will leave before telling goodby.
    Some leaders will be more friendly but lacking charm and vision and also the members there will be gone soon, or take over.
    Some leaders got there by manipulation and playing the field, now they need to play their members, that will probably last sometime untill a stronger charismatic leader emerges.
    Orgs is the same, Well organized orgs with dedicated people will lead the masses, even when these organizations are small. The largest organizations might fall if they cannot fulfill their promises to their members and people feel put back in favor of others.
    Some PvP orgs now see that PvP is not end game but a struggle to get too and they camp the starter zone hoping to get some loot, this can work for some days but in the end if there is no backbone and no-one wants to do the basics, muhhh
    We will not see cities the first 6 months
    Maybe villages that emerge unintended but cities like tortuga, tranquility and all the organization cities we will see after 6 months. Why? A good city will need a good background, organization and project management. Also there will be a need of stock-build on materials and probably something of 6 months will be needed to get the materials to actually build according to any design.
    For me, my DACS will be put in good for Tranquility, if using them for it is a viable solution. 
    First war:
    Day one
    Already about 7 organization have sent each other threats and war accusations and probably these will escalate at day one
    Sanctuary zone:
    Probably filled within a year
    Hmmm more questions?
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    le_souriceau reacted to BaileyVandenbroek in So, construction buisness...   
    Actually org with players that already played will know exactly what industry to make.. They'll be the first to go back to space they'll prob build a small spaceship to get their sanctuary moon before others haha and you stressed me out lol I really want the best spot for my city atleast some people have STus right on release! I also expect NQ to open the release earlier for Bakers only like 48 hours before or 96 hours before.. 
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    le_souriceau reacted to Anonymous in Project Tortuga   
    Rather than quote a wall of text:
    a) Single shard MMO means ALL players are on one server. This has never been done before, so any speculation about how a city will work is just that at this point.
    b) We actually have a lot of RL expertise in play with Tortuga, including professioanl urban designers, town planners, public/civil service designers and policy people, GIS types, transport planners - if any city will work in terms o sustainability, Tortuga will be one.
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    le_souriceau reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Community Portal: Alpha 3 transitional state   
    Hi everyone!
    With the Alpha 3 deployment around the corner and the RDMS implementation, we had to make significant changes in the background by connecting organizations data available on the Community Portal to the organizations data that will be available in-game. As it is a "Work in Progress", the Community Portal will switch in "Read Only" mode for the time being, to limit the probability of technical issues.
    During this transitional period, All management actions for the organizations will be done in-game.
    You will also note that the number of legates per organizations isn't displayed anymore.
    We are aware the situation isn't ideal, but it's a temporary and necessary step.
    Update: Wednesday, January 22th, 16:15 UTC
    What's the current situation?
    To be clear:
    - Posting/Editing News have been deactivated on the Community Portal.
    - It will still be possible to post/edit News on the Community Portal through the in-game User Interface (assuming you have the proper rights to do such thing).
    - Posting/Editing News will remain in a minimal state for the time being (only simple text. HTML code for formating options and image insertion will came back later).
    - Posting/Editing News directly through the Community Portal should come back at a later stage.
    - The "Join Organization / Accept application" feature remains active.
    - The applications pending before the maintenance today should still be there after.
    - Features such promoting or demoting a member will now exclusively in-game (as the process may now involve other game mechanics).
    - Displaying the number of legates on the Organization Ranking page has been deactivated (as an intermediary step of the coming changes in the future).
    What's coming in the future?
    (please keep in mind that the features described below are work in progress and might change before their release)
    Organization Ranking by the number of Active Members.
    As the Community Portal will evolve, we plan to display the number "Active Members" and the number "Honorary Members" for each organization in the future.
    The Organization Ranking will be done by the number of Active Members in decreasing order.
    What will be "Active Members" and "Honorary Members"?
    "Honorary Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal but haven't access to the game.
    "Active Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal and have access to the game.
    Accounts joining an organization directly in-game will be automatically validated as "Active Members" in an organization.
    Only "Active Members" will be eligible to legate status, as most organization management actions will be only possible in-game.
    Why planning this?
    This is planned for two reasons:
    1) To give a better visibility for newcomers regarding the activity potential of each organization (which can impact the decision of joining one organization or another).
    2) To discourage unfair practices such as creating ghost accounts and making them join an org to inflate artificially its size (and get undeserved visibility).
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in The Outpost called Zebra   
    This cool "State of Affair" thing must be more regular, like every quarter. And also we need some kind of fast special reportages, if hot chocolate massively hits proverbial fan.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Aaron Cain in Tranquility, the ever moving City in space   
    Thank you! And feel very free to join, or visit, or anything at all.  
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    le_souriceau reacted to Aaron Cain in Tranquility, the ever moving City in space   
    Ahhh i love these questions, And i will try to answer them all.
    First what is a leader, there are several ways to be one. But are all leaders or just heads of an organization/business.
    I have been in MMO-land since the first GuildWars and have been an officer or organization head ever-since.
    Not by choice but by vote and i think that is the difference between MMO-Land and the real world organizations. 
    So what is a leader in my vision, a leader should coach his/her people to become better people in either profession or in Life.
    A leader should bring out the best of people, inspire them to be all they can be, give then self-confidence, challenge their ideas and believes respectfully with the intent to inspire the person.
    A leader is not an owner, not someone to follow blindly with fear of repercussion. That is a Tyrant. 
    A leader should indeed be a respected person who is either chosen by the people or who people choose to be with freely.
    I hope to indeed build a Dynamic Flying City for the people, by the people and With the people. Not for my glory but for the glory of all. Thats also why the city will be neutral, that way everyone who would like to contribute is able to. And about our expansionism, yeah it is there and we really do not hide it but it is also a neutral version, we want to build bases on moons and planets that hold markets, residential zones and some small industrial areas. 
    So do we think small and only one city? Nope, we are thinking very Big
    There is a team that coaches all aspects of a large Multinational with the idea to become one big happy community. Already the plans for a second flying city are there as can be read in our lore and we will build the remnands of a past civilization, also in our lore, specially for those who like to roleplay abit. 
    The idea is to use our neutrality to be able to provide stories and meaning, a background in gaming for people who like to dive deep in DU with some background story. And so there is room for that.
    We already promote to take up refugees and others in need and to provide sanctuary for those that need it. And there will be a lot more on that chapter.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Vyz Ejstu in The Outpost called Zebra   
    Outpost Zebra  
    It has been a labour of love, it has. For weeks, a dedicated team worked tirelessly to achieve a goal. A goal not driven by the reward of money or the promise of fame; a goal unaltered by difficulties and undimmed by rumours. That goal, my friends, is Outpost Zebra.
    This humble Outpost has no other purpose, but to spread the news of Dual Universe far and wide, to provide a platform for interaction between organisations and players alike. Consider it a home away from home, the figurative middle ground where parties on both sides of the spectrum meet to discuss events, share ideas, express opinions, promote their interests, find new friends…recruit new members.
    In the words of Falstaf:
    Today, that idea has finally taken form. Aided by the ever ready help of ATMLVE, the skill of Epidemic, the expertise of Kael and the knowledge of Anonymous, and the quiet support from members of this Community, Falstaf’s dream of the platform for ideas and opinions to be shared has come true.
    “Oz”, as we affectionately call it, is still in its infancy. It will mature in due time, and grow greater than many believe it can. However, for that to happen, Oz will need your patronage and your help.
    Its goal is not to replace the Dual Universe Forums. No. That is neither our plan nor its purpose. Its goal is to complement the Forums, reach a wider audience, provide a place where conflicts are set aside and new ideas are birthed over jokes, galleries, articles, stories and media.
    Outpost Zebra is a vantage point, looking over Dual Universe and bringing its best to you without the need to login and play.
    Hopefully, it will convince thousands that Dual Universe is a life worth living.
    It’s online now – the Outpost is active.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Outpost_Zebra 
    Website: http://www.outpostzebra.com/
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    le_souriceau reacted to vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    You're welcome - no worries! On the contrary - thanks for bumping the cc0 to the top of the list. And thanks for your inquiries indeed, they help me advance as well. It's awesome to get new perspectives and inspiration this way ❤️
    cc0 is merely a reaction to some people getting overly afraid of not being able to lock down everything they create. We don't even know if we will be able to lock down code and design - maybe this whole idea won't even find any application in DU.
    I don't speak for everyone now, but at least I don't have a desire to piss at the legs of fair trading builders. Only in the soup of those that scream "product piracy" from the top of their lungs even before they made any product or started selling. Those who claim DU will fail if we can't secure "intellectual property" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    Oh, thank you : ) Then your mission not so bad. I was thinking of far more evil plans, misunderstood whole concept : ) Like copying even poor maidens trying to hide in their towers.
    Modifiying already sold blueprints looks like somewhat sketchy too... but mostly ok. More grey area then dark.

    Sorry for flooding your thread little bit.
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    le_souriceau reacted to vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    Thanks for the nice feedback - I too think it's fun
    One thing you got wrong tho: We don't aim at cheap knock-offs. I get how that feels implied - like some dude at the australian bazar selling cheap "Roolex" - but that's far from what we would do. We're more like that tuning garage, where you drive your shiny sports car in and get it back with improved stats. Nobody would call that a cheap copy - not only because copying something will be everything but cheap, but because we'll be even more expensive than the original, because we will provide full access to everything and won't do mass-production or whatever.
    So far it's unclear if we even got the skills or manpower needed - or if anyone likes to do anything at all. Sadly the org news got wiped, where I said that the only serious rule in cc0 is "no obligations" - so there might as well be lots of people in our org that just want to make a statement, but will never move a finger to actually copy anything.
    You said it: the idea is fun. That's what it's all about - the idea. Tho if someone really puts down the coin, cc0 will most probably get active on the job. Just that nobody will call this cheap - it's the opposite - it's people wealthy enough to afford not only the original, but a dedicated group of "tuners" that take the original and create a copy from it, which will take a long time and for an exact replica we'll need access to the original. We liberate proprietary design and a liberated version of an otherwise locked-down construct will be much more expensive. That was my main argument in previous discussions - a DRM infected product should sell for way less, because the buyer gets way less for the money.
    For all I care you could just as well ask the original designer, if he's willing to provide you an unlocked version if you pay him just as much as you'd pay us. Given that through mass-production of locked down constructs you can sell cheaper to the masses, he might even be inclined to setup a contract and get this one-time big bonus  
    Oh, I've put that "no obligations" bit into the OP too. Ha, cool.
    Just thought about some crazy designer may ask an incredible amount of money for his proprietary crap. In that case, well, we might be cheaper, true, but it would be an even sweeter treat if we can provide a better version at lower cost 
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from vertex in COPYCAT - Free code and design!   
    Thing is (if plan works) you will be mostly asked to copy something cool and, most often then not -- rather big. From skilled builders. Who will be known in community. And I'm seriously doubt it will be practical and profitable (not only in material sense) to copy serious "signature" builds, because its more things of artistic prestige and show-offing then any material use. And if everyone knows that its just "stolen copy" (and they generaly will) -- new owner ending percieved kind of bouffun in gentlemen part of community. Like cheap guy with obviously fake expensive watch.
    Also, issues with original disign owners can go south (and completly out of hand) extreamly fast. And far beyond gameplay borders. Like they not simply attack your ship, but will hate you as person, seeking all kinds of vengeance.
    With smaller and less known things it can work, to extent. 
    Generaly, idea is fun (as some kind freedom-protest mentality), but potential complications are very harsh. 
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    le_souriceau reacted to Roxalanna in Bonjour aux Novéens et Novéennes   
    Je suis Roxalanna et je viens de souscrire un pack, tout d'abord, parce que c'est un moyen de soutenir les studios francophones (quoique cela ne semble pas se traduire concrètement 😉 ).
    Ma première visite, en jeu, me conduit  à ressentir un fort besoin d'accéder au discord sous nda, parce que tout n'est pas … totalement … intuitif …. à ce stade d'alpha 3. Mes premiers essais pour lier le compte n'ont pas semblé couronnés de succès… mais je serai persévérante.
    A bientôt.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from GraXXoR in What does it mean to "win" in a game like DU?   
    You win in MMO when:
    1) Having lots of fun;
    2) Making new real friends (even if they 10.000 km afar);
    3) Quit just in time, with bit of bright sorrow, but firm hand at "uninstall"...
    Everythings else will fade away in global scale of things.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Armedwithwings in What does it mean to "win" in a game like DU?   
    Personally speaking, winning is the ability to enjoy myself regardless of the outcome.
    I'll give an example...
    Couple of sessions ago, i volunteered to drop some folks on a nearby planet.
    I'm not over-reacting  when i say that anything that could go wrong - went wrong.
    Had one poor guy lose his speeder, ship being too heavy and crashing like a million times and to top it all off, a passenger somehow ejected out in space.
    Yet regardless of how much suffering we had to go through,  it was a one of a time experience.
     I fondly remember the motivational chants when trying to break off the atmosphere, enjoyed the view from space and chatted together for 3 hours about random stuff - everyone had fun
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    le_souriceau reacted to Borb_1 in What does it mean to "win" in a game like DU?   
    Winning = Increasing Understanding. In that sense for each player it is subjective. In the sense of comparing players, it is relative.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Ghoster in How hard (or easy) will it be to earn DAC?   
    I'm strongly for unlootable, safe DACs.
    Main reasons:
    1) Lootable DACs will lead to rapid escalation of hatred in our community and poisoning of overall game atmosphere by constant fear.
    2) In-game trade development will be crippled by need of using only safe-zone hubs.
    3) Players, who enjoy suffering of others (and present in every game) will be extreamly motivated to do their worst with lootable DACs.  
    4) Many people will not take lightly loosing DACs and quit the game, with very bad feelings. DACs cost real money and its simply immoral to take them from people just for "game mistake". They will be pushished enough by loosing inventory/ships.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Deacon in First in game credits/money   
    Everything will be okay, not so drammatic : )
    Devs can regulate cash flow by monitoring of statistics and editing bot-vendor buying prices. When its too much money - they lower prices (and by so - emission) and players will be more motivated to trade with other players. If money supply is low - they just up the vendor prices and by that pump up some cash in hands and balance situtation.
    I doubt there will be some kind of full stop of money-generation, its will rise problems with new players. Just some sort of regulation and balancing. Money will leave system with players who quit. If contolled territory will be taxed (and its very viable solution) - money be leaving economy like river. And, after all, its nothing too bad with little inflation over time. It is realistic.
    About hoarding organizations - some infuence is possible (this is by the way is idea of game), but is not likely they will be so powerful as in their todays dreams and adverts. "Corporate conspiracies" will take time and devs always can react with some soft countermeasures.
    So many of this twerk guy in every thread. I think its called narcissistic personality disorder.
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