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  1. that's for clarifying, I honestly wondered if I was going crazy, as I was sure they had said it would not be possible to pilot and shoot anything other than XS weapons - is this a thing that changed, or was it always possible in theory?
  2. so, what is an 'advanced motherboard' supposed to do? what is it for? online searches tend to lead to technical support fro RL hardware, not anything related to in game elements.
  3. ok, this is me showing how little I know about pvp or lua. this is two videos I've seen now where it looks like the person flying the ship is also firing large weapons. can anyone confirm if this is what is happening and how? I've always thought that was impossible. is it just custom interfaces showing pilot things to gunners and vice versa? one showed fuel, warp cooldown and L weapon ammo and targets - other is this one above - both from same group, I believe.
  4. this 'new' thing with passengers dying when the core pops - have they fixed that thing where everyone got booted from game when someone dies?
  5. am sure there was a Pratchett quote about stealing a loaf of bread making you a thief, but stealing a country got you a knighthood
  6. I'm sure there is, but probably not enough to repair the Atom after the pounding it took
  7. "Relief efforts"? You are pretending this is anything other than an attempt to establish a shared monopoly over gold with BOO? pmsl Really hope NQ resist all attempts by larger orgs to create closed gameplay loops only accessible if you're already on the inside. That really would turn off any new player once it goes out as a 'complete' game.
  8. yes, this is so frustrating - happened to me yesterday while landing on pad at top of space station (not had problem there before) what is really weird is the voxels trigger the vertical boosters, so I can just tilt nose forward and ship will glide perfectly in to exact place I want it, but then when I press c to descend, it just went right through the roof the ship (S core) has landing gears (4 S) - the station is an M core - the ship has docked on the pad many times before - some of it is 1 thick, but it has 2x2 beams all way across and they made no difference it reminds me of when I land an XS core in a voxel and force field enclosed S space core adjacent to the M space core if I have already parked my M dynamic anywhere on the M core in a comedy moment, the XS core just gets abducted - it's like the M dynamic has docking priority over the S space and the M space, and a control zone way bigger than it's build area it flies right through the walls, well, several walls (the ones on the S space and the M space)
  9. 5 org limit doesn't apply to child orgs set up main org with you as superlegate subdivide parent org into children (the org is the legate, not you, if you need to you can even have children of children) most members don't need to be in all the different branches (e.g. if you're a miner, you won't need to be in the military too) invite appropriate legates to sub-orgs as required
  10. To be honest, my main worry is that if NQ cannot competently deal with this problem, then I doubt they will be able to deal with the inevitable botters and gold spammers that have killed so many other MMOs.
  11. Just thinking out loud here - could you achieve the same effect by having child orgs?
  12. it looks that way, and IMO that is a huge mistake - the buy / sell / browse / transfer permissions should be separated out currently if you want someone to collect from your market container it's impossible this system should allow you to give secure collection only access I hear people say 'missions will allow that' - but why should I pay extra mission fees if all I want is an org buddy to pick up my stuff from a market he lives near, without giving him full access to spend all the org's cash? speaking of - there should absolutely be a daily maximum withdrawal allowance that can be set per player (per initiating player, and maybe also per recipient) - if you need inspiration for how to do that, check out the guild bank system in neverwinter
  13. another example of just how pervasive and damaging the schematic pricing error actually is uncommon assembly line L selling for 4 million, rather than 4.3 million - one sell order for 38, another for 25 only way they are selling in such bulk at less than cost is if they bought at less than cost - do something about these exploiters, or admit your failure to create anything like a realistic economy I won't be buying these, I'd rather pay 300k extra before give 3.9 million profit per schematic to another player for taking advantage of an obvious mistake ban the exploiters, or you will loose my custom, and that of any decent person who doesn't want to play in what is rapidly turning into a cess pit of a simulated economy
  14. Anyone else seen the missile stats and think the max ranges look totally wrong for the 'basic' and advanced versions? e.g. XS missile max range 1m (just same as all advanced versions) but rare defense missile has 3,612m max range (for all other weapons, the defense version has lower max range than basic version). Did they only get the stats in the tooltip wrong, or did they also get the stats on the elements in game wrong?
  15. I thought this was the case too, but an org mate that had given us no rights on his ship landed on our space station last week and when we flew away in the AG ship his little space scooter followed us (not directly in contact, was about 20-30m away). Is this a bug? We could not get his ship off, as I said, we had no rights to it. This is not an isolated incident, and it is not happening with just the one ship. M cores seem to snaffle up constructs way outside their build area. I suspect this may be similar to not being able to put down M cores anywhere near other cores due to the 'overlapping' zone actually being much bigger than the build area.
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