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  1. Hi, Is there a list anywhere of talents that are not working as intended? I'd fed up of putting talents in a queue, going to work, coming home, and finding I've wasted a day's training on talents that do nothing, or in some cases, work backwards (making something harder). Yes, it would be lovely to know when NQ plan to fix these data entry errors / bugs, and we all know it's a beta and bugs are a part of that, but it would be a real help to customers if we knew what to avoid so we don't waste valuable training time. cheers
  2. with your 'uber cheap voxels' the only chance you're taking is not running into an actual warship the minute you cross paths with any real warship your 'fear' becomes a certainty, so you may as well just fly round space with your wallet hanging out your back pocket for anyone to take
  3. Except when it's vital... Cryolite seems to be a problem in itself and shows deeper problems potentially with the system and some of the proposals above. From personal experience I mined less than 25 kl of Cryolite from 111 territory scans. Cryolite is required for large dynamic and space cores, alongside gold nuggets and kolbeckite. This isn't the only thing it is needed for though. I found more gold from less than 20 scans. Maybe I was unlucky? Apparently not... It's currently on the market at over twice the price of kolbeckite and 50% higher than gold nuggets, even though I think most agree that gold armour is what's needed for serious PvP? At one point the lowest sale price for Cryolite was 1,600 quanta per litre, and there were only 3 orders with less than 50 kl of Cryolite on the markets, total. Even now there are only 13 sale orders, but 71 buy orders. The volumes are much higher now, so I'm wondering if smaller orgs had stockpiled, hoping to make L cores, but are now selling to afford the schematics they would need to make them. You need more Cryolite to make your L cores than either of the other two. It's not far short of the other two added together. So even before L cores became inaccessible to most, due to price hikes for direct sales and the industry revamp, the limited supply of Cryolite was what slowed us down as an Org. We wanted to make a really big space station that you could fly big ships into. The fact that the recent and upcoming updates give a significant PvP advantage to L dynamics just makes this problem worse. If the game's designers allow it to be looped in a viciously paradoxical cycle where you can't access L cores unless you already have L cores by placing the supply of Cryolite exclusively in a zone that could be relatively easily inderdicted by larger PvP orgs this would mean they are denying the game any serious potential for long term growth or for newer players to enter the game at or after full launch and ever stand any chance of creating any org that could ever be competitive in PvP. Why would any significant number of players ever move to such a game?
  4. This update was in many cases the cart full of goods, with no carthorse to pull it, which others have commented on. What really stood out for me though was one thing, Kergon prices, and how many players respond in 'community' games. The market response to the update making it impossible for many people to craft Kergon on Sanctuary or Alioth was to hike prices up tenfold. While you could pick T2 ores off the ground and buy kergon schematics in both places, you could not initially buy the schematics to refine T2 ores, they were not seeded on Alioth or Sanctuary. GG NQ I'm sure there were many examples of friends helping each other out, but if this ruthlessness is anything to go by, NQ had better be prepared for the bloodbath that will ensue when they open up territory warfare. Before this update I rarely traveled to Alioth districts due to lag. During this update I continue to try to avoid Alioth districts because of the number of AGG towers that often render at the last moment. There should be a kill count for each AGG tower, a tally of how many passing merchants and consumers each has downed. Forget scan results on the map, AGG towers should be added as known shipping hazards when your path to a destination goes near them.
  5. no - you are not alone - not sure which I hate most - when I fly away and a nearby ship follows me, when I fly away and the ship I thought was docked stays behind (in some cases causing me to crash as I fly into it instead of it flying away with me) or when ships follow me through docking bay walls, because the walls desynched. That last one really kills the immersion. Oh, I also had a magic carpet in my cargo hold once that fell through my ship's hull they really need something like the transponder, where it communicates data between two dynamics (or a dynamic and a space/static) one side asking for permission to dock, and the other granting it / refusing it with in game widgets for this and the same for bay doors I don't know, maybe this is already available if you know the right lua, but I've not seen it so far, and my experience with detection zones is that even the big ones would cause crashes if your crew sit at the back, like in a lot of the AGG ships you see
  6. I think you missed the main point of the post you replied to. It was asking the question of players: "Where does your primary enjoyment of the game come from, is it internal or external facing and will DU cater to it in future?" Yes, it is possible for groups to contain both types of individual, and yes, people are complex and varied. You can disagree with Myers Briggs. However, it isn't a 'black or white' worldview to point out the distinction that players in this game do generally fit into either introvert or extrovert personality stereotypes, that those stereotypes generally want different things from life, and that it would be helpful to clarify what future each can expect from NQ in DU.
  7. NQ, if you could make only one more change ever in your game, this is the one you should make. There can be no 'community' without communication.
  8. Core destruction in crashes is vile atm, especially if you're in anything larger than XS and crash on a planet/moon with no cores on the 'local' markets. Especially given the seemingly random way the game assigns damage during crashes.
  9. Can't you just take the parts off the one you have? Place element with invert (alt) key.
  10. If mining is anything to go by you have to try all directions until you find the one that works, and then you get distracted due to an equidistant node
  11. So, does the friend even still play the game? Your case has pointed out that there could be players in the game with locked lua and inoperable ships where the original creator doesn't even play the game anymore. I guess the solution is a total rebuild by stripping the parts you have, but what a waste of time that is, they really should have checked permission before assuming all creators wanted existing lua locked.
  12. This is just going to lead to lots of new players flying ugly looking basic speeders with no honeycomb because they want to add in the autopilot, or wings.
  13. I had problem yesterday with basic speeder - had put wings on sides - like in tutorial - and reset to flying - 0.23 reset this to ground controls - reconfig on chair alone did not work, so had to go into Lua and apply - now I guess I can't even do that - wonder if they have changed that tutorial yet?
  14. I guess the easiest thing would be showing account age and Steam like 'hours played', but that could be misleading / open to exploits. I know it's not an easy fix, but it would be good to know they appreciate there is a problem and want to fix it, rather than head in a bucket time. Other games I play go to great lengths to prevent burner accounts being used to spam cash for in game money trades. NQ need to be ready for that.
  15. Hi, there's a topic I have strong opinions on, but I'm genuinely curious what other people think and why. Trade in this game on the markets is anonymous. This is the only MMO, from the many I've played, where this is the case. It has consequences, most of them bad. While it does mean you can't pirate your buyer, steal goods back and re-sell them (which may be irrelevant now anyway), it also means you can't tell if the people you are buying from are the same people who just stole from you, or people you are currently at war with (when that comes in). JC claims to be all about the realism, but in what world can buyers not make any choice about who they buy from? This takes a significant choice away from players. The only choice I can make to e.g. not fund BOO is to not play this game at all. Anger about the latest update just funding insider info fueled mega-corps would be confirmed or refuted if we had trade transparency. It would also give us a choice about what to do with that anger. I want economic choice. The obvious glitch here is alts. IMO that's a cancer in MMOs. We have means in the real world to protect ourselves from fraud, but nothing exists in DU to enable services like SMTH to actually 'credit check' avatars. Small orgs are hamstrung with recruitment because it is too easy to create burner alts to infiltrate, gain intel on and attempt to asset strip smaller orgs. All it takes for you to be targeted in deep space by pvp with a hold full of ore is that one guy, who came along mining and wanted a lift back, who's friends with a guy, who can lock on target and head straight for you. Before anyone says 'you're imagining the problem' consider a conversation I had in forums the other day. Someone claimed to 'represent the community', despite the fact that the account they posted on was only one day old. When challenged for trolling, they explained this was an alt account they were posting on because their main account had been banned from posting on forums due to profanity. I tried to explain that the ban applies to the player, not the account, but that call to logic fell on the deaf ears of "I've paid for it, so I'm entitled to it", to paraphrase. I understand that dynamic IPs and remote machine access make it impossible to accurately identify where alt accounts are all controlled by one player. What I really want in this game is to have ways to see info on other avatars that help me make an informed decision about whether that avatar is just a burner alt / puppet account controlled by someone with a very different agenda. I'm not asking NQ to make spying impossible, that would end the fun for a lot of players. What I'm asking is that they put something into the game universe that is similar to the kinds of tools employers in the real world can have access to when offering jobs, or that banks can have access to when offering a loan. JC claims to want to build a community, but how can we do that when we can't even send mail to other players in game, or when avatar names are not linked to forum / discord names? Call me cynical, but my first thought when JC talked about the mission system was 'how can it work outside the safe zone'? why pay for a delivery when you can just get your mates to gank the courier en route.
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