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  1. NQ should focus on the game-play and set up rules. As what yamamushi, anonymous and Lord_Void said. Players can make many things with enough resource (not limited to the mining-able ones) and under correct rules. If there is a robust rule set, let players create their own world will proved to be a epic success. Players have talent to ruin EVE (pardon me for saying that) also means we have the talent to build an excellent DU. Only depends on if there is a crack in the rule set to trigger the evil in humanity. Of course, building APIs is a low priority task at present. 2 yrs may be a good length of time to create a robust rule set. Alpha Academy always welcome to take part in tests and provide feedback.
  2. Additional 9: "Because the APIs will only provide public information." We collect info? Yes. Can bots also collect them? Yes but a little bit harder. Here is the point: We don't want to see hundreds of bot put stress on the server, so we provide you one. As for the Lua. I'm now using SystemVerilog and C++. I know learning Lua is easy but it's always easier to someone. All players are equal, but some players are more equal than others. For the disagreement on economic scheme. Time will prove all. 1) I don't access marketplace and i don't ignore brokers. I just tell everyone which broker should they choose. 2) Collectivism, right. But you have to trade. You have to pay for something. Or your org should be as robust as the TU. 3) Additional 9: "Because the APIs will only provide public information." I don't want to build a economic empire. Never wanted, not wanting nor going to want. I'm a programmer, not a investor. I have no interest in investment. I just want to build the stage, sit at the front row and watch their show. You might have seen the NQ's reply. Let them work out a solution on anti-bot. We may re-discuss this topic 2 years later. ------ I fully respect the opinion of NQ. If they think the platform should not exist. I will give up the whole project and destroy all existing source code. No matter how contradictory our positions are, our goal is at least the same: To build a better DUniverse.
  3. All right. We will not have to face it in 2 yrs. lol
  4. It's what Wall Street and NASDAQ do every day. I admit that I want to build a modern economic system in the game. But, don't forget the Lua Script in the game. Is it fair? No. I'm a programmer, I knew how to write Lua years ago. While others have no knowledge on it. But NQ still placed it into the game. It's because this society is a winner-take-all society, not a utopia. You can throw nuclear bombs, but I can destroy you with economic blockage, the third can win either of us because he has hi-tech. That's what we called "survival".
  5. That's a problem. So I PMed NQ, specially declare that the APIs are "authorized user only". So the situation is: the price is there, but HFT is impossible. (API data are NOT REALLY real-time, it may refresh 1 time / X minutes) If they dare use bot on the whole platform, they will get a IP ban with life-long duration. I will contact with NQ for setting up security measures and emergency procedures.
  6. The platform is more like a invest platform. For those who not only want to buy but also want to earn. It's true that brokers will not need a platform, but investors will. As we all know, the investors are gods and devils of economic. I just want the game has more fun and reality.
  7. No real money involved. And, the platform can provide tool sets useful for brokers. Don't let them research the list of orders alone. (Believe me, they will build a platform if they can't find one.)
  8. API could be toggled on and off by the market unit owners, and the access could be restricted as well. ---- That's the reason I want APIs not direct data access. Also, as what I wrote in the reply to Lethys, it's a public-information-only API
  9. I think NQ will let every player know what we can get from the API. And a public-information-only API will not break your confidentiality work. If there is no API, we can build a spider to do the exactly same things. So it shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Idea: Please provide read-only game data APIs for user info (level, orgs joined, current planet, etc.) and market info (price, quantity, orders list, etc.) Reason: I want to build a trade platform and a credit platform with some advanced features. That requires to fetch some in-game data. PS. All trade will happen in-game, so the API could be read-only. The relationship between the game and the plat is the relationship between Steam and SteamDB. (At the level of information provision) Pros: - The platform is independent from the game. So some updates will not affect each other. - I will make a mobile app for the platform in the future. Where the main game cannot run on. - A off-game platform can promote the in-game economy. - The platform provides some advanced features, some of which may not appear in the game. - It's a third-party project, which means that the project is self-financing. - The platform also has a publicity effect on the game. - A senior financial markets can help stimulate the player's vitality. - The existence of credit platform can indirectly help maintain the order of the game. - The platform will not pose a hazard to the game mechanism. - The platform can promote the development of the gaming community. Cons: - Game developers have to maintain a set of read-only APIs. Promises: - I will not abuse the APIs and provide necessary protections to the data obtained. - Fully respect the views of game developers. - I will try to eliminate the competition between the platform and the game. - We will help counteract the behavior that undermines in-game economy. - The platform will not provide any transaction function which could bypass the game. ------------------------------------------ADDITIONAL---------------------------------------------- 1. To be clear. Here I say "trade platform" is a one with ADVANCED ECONOMICAL FEATURES (AEF). Which means auction, mortgage, futures, blockage (blacklist) and other things. It's not simply a data aggregation site nor a trade market, it will be a universal trade platform. Also, real-time data are needed for make those AEFs come true. 2. Everything in the platform involved NO REAL MONEY. RMT is dangerous. 3. When I say "need API", yes, without API access we can also build a platform. But not a convenient one. Also, ability management is a cool idea. So if NQ allowed, please provide skill API. (This is a separate request from the above one) 4. The in-game one is only a list of buy and sell orders and have some simple filter. That's why I want to make a platform with many other features. 5. When we say "first person". Our starting point is always our own rather than the character in game. You HAVE to decide whether b/s or not. You HAVE to make your own decision. And you HAVE to trade them with your in-game character. The platform, just like UI of the game, is for convenience and be concise. If we pursue the first person experience, please turn off UI components first. 6. The most important: When you leave the game. The in-game time will NOT freeze! That's different from non-Online games. We need a platform to track market when we are not online. Imagine that you are hiking now, suddenly you see some one said in the Discord "Metal prices are soaring", would you like to check by yourself or say "hey, give me a screenshot"? 7. We cannot run and understand the market in our mind. But charts and indexes can help us. We need data collected from APIs to draw charts and indexes. Also, charts and indexes are helpful to brokers and analyzers. 8. DU has no bot station but we have DIFFERENT PLANETS. Price may be varied by planets (even locations). So we still need a platform. 9. Black / Hidden market. I said in 1: "blockage (blacklist)". It will perform the function. And it can also be used in the event of war or even you just hate someone. But, if one could find the hidden market in the in-game trade system. It's not hidden any more. Therefore, confidentiality should be the player, not the API thing. Because the APIs will only provide public information. It just make the whole thing more simple. HimeIX, A member of Alpha Academy.
  11. Asia-Pacific Unity is recruiting. Link: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/asia-pacific-unity Discord: https://discord.gg/eqPF9u4 Discription: For a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious universe. Asia-Pacific Unity is a loose league of Asia-Pacific players. Provides a platform for Asians and Oceanians in advantage of time zone sharing and cultural common. We will never assign any unnecessary tasks to members of APU, which means you do not have to bear any burdens over the bottom line for joining APU. What we want is to provide a free space for players from the same region to play and have fun together. No worry about the time zone, culture difference and language barrier. That's all. We will not competing with other organizations, or have a fight with them. We will never prohibit our member from joining other organizations or working for them. We know everyone in Dual Universe is equal. So we will try not to stop them from having fun in their own way. We promise, the Asia-Pacific Unity: NO ATTACHED STRINGS AND DUTIES. FOREVER NEUTRAL. Here you can: 1. Find partners in the same time zone 2. Use your mother tongue instead of English to communicate with your friends 3. Bargain & trade based on domestic intelligence. 4. Looking for like-minded partners to build a universe with the characteristics of your culture together. Possible "necessary tasks" includes: 1. Do not argue with others unreasonable. 2. Be kind and friendly to each other. 3. Do not personal attacks. 4. Discrimination and racism are strictly prohibited. 5. Provide assistance when organizational functioning is impeded based on a voluntary basis. We always look forward to your participation. Also welcome non-Asians & non-Oceanians. Link: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/asia-pacific-unity Discord: https://discord.gg/eqPF9u4
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