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  1. Just thought of another thing that might be interesting with scripting as well. The ability to install cameras and link them to those big data monitors they showcased in the videos. It would allow the creation of remote security monitoring.
  2. So what i'm hoping for is the possibility to control things like doors and turrets using scripts. It would be awesome to be able to set certain access rights to specific members for doors, for example. This would help create personal chambers for characters as well as allow only authorized personnel into specific research labs and such. They could be controlled from a placeable terminal inside the room/facility that allows the creator to modify the users that the door will open for. I would suggest the same for turrets, so that if someone unauthorized enters the area, even if it is someone from your own corp, the turret will fire at them. This would also make for more interesting ship boarding scenarios as boarders may have to blast their way through a few doors to get to the control room. Perhaps there are also other actuators that could be controlled through a similar method? Like, floodgates to allow water to flow, or even just lights. Thoughts?
  3. As I saw from the videos, we can already do the triangular prism and have it scale along two axis. i.e. having it 3 blocks high and 3 blocks wide results in a 45 degree straight surface. I do not think it would be too difficult to have the start and end points start tangent to the axis and curve to each other. Something like this image, where the X or Y can be different ratios. Here it is 1-1, but you could double the X axis and the curve would be 2-1. Pretty sure it only requires a change to the vector formula that draws the connecting line. Would make such a difference if they would implement this. Like, difference between minecraft ships and Star Wars episode 1-3 ships.
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