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  1. the problem is even if you fill in the hole again with dirt it will be a smooth dark brown surface (if i interpret what i have seen in the demos correctly). i am not asking to smooth out the holes or fill them up or ores to regenerate, but what i would like to see is for grass and trees to regrow (or alternatively the ability to "build" plantlife ourselves)
  2. I hope this is the right place for this and that it hasnt been discussed in detail before... it seems to be fixed that planets and ressources in general will not regenerate, so i would like to hear opinions and maybe feedback from the developers on the following problems i see: 1. the pretty looking environment will very soon look very ugly once everybody starts digging everywhere (especially for players who join in later stages). i hope that plants and grass at least will regenerate.... 2. if i understand it correctly ressources are limited and fuel for example will be consumed by aircraft, so this would mean that there will come a point where the fuel on a planet will be depleted and new players will have no way to leave the planet (or do anything besides the absolute basics. i imagine this would greatle decourage new players) 3. in an interview i heard that caves and the likes will not collapse even if they are physically unstable. So as i miner will i be able to cave out the whole planet (in theory) ? and to continue this question will the territory be a horizontal restriction or will it be spherical? so would it include a no fly zone (for what range), what happens if you dig underground and you leave the territory zone on the surface? what happens if i dig into a restricted territory from the outside? (in my opinion a spherical or hexagonal-cube would be the most logical solution....)
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