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  1. Hey all. After reading through the forums and watching the recent videos, I think I've decided what role I want to play in DU will be. Based on the recent videos, it looks like the scope of the worlds and space is massive, so I'm hoping that I can do what I had hoped for in Eve Online, but couldn't, which is Exploration Prospector. Basically, wander into the unknown to find what no one else has seen yet. Including ore veins, which I'll sometimes mine myself to pay for costs, pass the coordinates on to my guild, or, thanks to non-regenerating resources, maybe sell it to the highest bidder. Although I would probably prefer to help out a guild. I'm basically a hermit who likes to come into town every so often and it would be nice to have a welcoming place. I've seen one or two guilds in the forums I'm going to approach and talk to, but if anyone thinks they might be a good fit, send me a PM. I'm particularly interested in anyone who is planning to build a stargate. Being one of the first to scout out a new system definitely ranks high on my list. I'll probably also do a little LUA scripting on the side if I get the hang of it.
  2. Hey all. I've been going through the settings and can't find this. Is there a way to change the look of the forums from the black background with white text I see when i use my PC. It is a massive strain on my eyes and I can't bear to look at it for more than 5 minutes. The mobile site is fine, but it is tough to write on that.
  3. HI all. So I decided to take the plunge and give a gold pledge. I'm still reading through everything but I was wondering if anyone was planning to create a Gambling Syndicate organization(kind of like IwantISK from Eve). It might be fun to see if the LUA scripting is extensive enough to create basic slot machines or recreate simple games. Probably nothing too complex, but something along the lines of it rolls 2 dice and if the total is greater than 7, you win. And lotteries are always a good staple to run. I suspect that scams will be prevalent, so a reputable organization could do well.
  4. The only thing on the Silver Founder early bird package that could possibly be physiCal is the ID Card Arkship Passenger, which my understanding was just a way to reserve a character name. Are you saying that there is something physical that will be shipped to to represent that item?
  5. Why is there a shipping cost on the kickstarter if the game is a digital download?
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