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    KurockNotabi reacted to CoreVamore in Swap Spot Grand Opening   
    Swap Spot swaps your Ore for Elements, you don’t need Quanta, nothing to buy, just Swap!
    Swap Spot is your own personal industry without you needing to know a thing about industry!

    Don’t waste time digging needlessly, comparing prices and traveling from market to market, get popular Elements at Swap Spot!
    Swap Spot is much more than a combination of Industry and Market!
    Swap Spot is hundreds of times faster than nano-pack crafting and substantially faster than traditional industry complexes.
    Swap Spot delivers a variety of Elements simultaneously and in volume, without you needing to touch an industry machine or know a single recipe!
    Swap Spot runs at maximum resource efficiency and evaluates ore fairly, unlike traditional markets that often pay a fraction of what its worth.
    Swap Spot is vertically integrated, cutting out all the middle men!
    Swap Spot’s efficiency and fairness means that your ore is worth more, which means more Elements and less digging!
    Swap Spot enables Ore Freedom! Only got coal to swap? No problem! Swap Spot will still make Elements for you!
    That’s right, you DO NOT need to provide the exact ore needed to make the elements you need!
    Just provide Swap Spot with the ore it needs. That’s Ore Freedom – that’s Swap Spot!
    How does Swap Spot work?
    * Your ore is assigned Resource Points, RP for short.
    * The higher the RP, the more valuable that ore is to the Swap Spot.
    * Elements have a set RP value.
    * Swap Spot swaps the ore RP value for the Element RP value.
    Step 1) Determine that you have enough ores at the value shown to order the elements you need.
    Step 2) Simply click the name of the element(s) you want on the screen.
    Step 3) Using the +1 / +10 / -1 / -10 buttons assign the number of element you want
    Step 4) you can use the <Page / Page> buttons to move through the several pages of available elements.
    Step 5) The total order value is shown on the top of the screen, assuming you have enough ores to start the transaction click on the ORDER button at the bottom of the screen.
    Note: You can order multiple different elements at the same time speeding up the process dramatically.
    Step 6) Once you order your elements simply deposit the ores you wish to swap in the provided container hubs.
    The ore gets removed and Resource Points, RP's, are assigned to your order and are tallied at the bottom of the screen.
    (Please make sure you have enough ore to fully pay for your order.)

    Step 7) Then simply wait for the Swap Spot to deliver your order - note deliveries can take several minutes, so please be patient.
    When an element arrives in a container hub the light next to it will flash
    Note: Swap Spot delivers the higher Resource Point elements first.

    Step 8 ) Once you have all your items simply leave the Swap Pod.
    This will auto end the transaction.
    Swap Spot makes getting Elements easy!
    Oh, you don't have ores? No problems! Swap Spot is surrounded by six, yes SIX hexes for surface rock gathering!  Sure, its not ideal, but, it means you can go from zero to hero in a very short time!
    (And its also great for parking!)
    Swap Spot is ideal for newbies, veterans, individuals and corps alike; anyone who wants the best value for their ore!
    Need Quanta? Sell Swap Spot Elements on the Market!
    Swap Spot is under construction and has a small, but growing selection of available Elements.
    We invite you to take advantage of Swap Spot TODAY!
    Location on Madis (Part of Tortuga) : ::pos{0,1,77.4321,73.2716,790.7706}
    Come join us on Discord to get daily prices: https://discord.gg/tvbADay
    Note: Tortuga is Dual Universes premier city state merchant hub, where the best come to play. An appropriate place for Swap Spots first location.
    *** Ore is swapped in batches off 100, so order everything together ***
    *** One item of fuel equals 100L ***
    *** Use multiple ore types at the same time to increase Payment Speed ***

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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Naerais in Clarification regarding Bug Exploits & Griefing   
    Hello Noveans, 
    We realize there is some confusion regarding whether certain scenarios occurring within the game world are permitted or not, and would like to clarify these points for everyone.  In short, we’d like to ask our community to use common sense when encountering issues in the game;  If it looks like an exploit, smells like an exploit (do pixels smell?), or sounds like an exploit, chances are it is an exploit. Don’t DU it! Report it. (support.dualthegame.com)
    We are in a testing phase, and reporting these bugs/issues is important. Abusing them may lead to sanctions against accounts, up to and including removal from the game. We will not take ignorance as an excuse, especially in the following list of scenarios. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we will continue to expand upon it as needed: 
     “ALT + F4 Emergency Brake”: We acknowledge this is not an intended game play loop that is being intentionally used by players. We do plan to counter this action in the future but do not consider it high priority at this time. At this time, we will not take action against an account for using such. [Allowed]  
    Parenting Ships - Dragged to PVP Space: This is a hot topic and one we wish to be very clear on. Intentionally parenting any construct without permission of the owner is not intended for game play. A fix has been rolled out that will address the ability to parent constructs together via the maneuver tool. As we have not previously clarified this point, we will not retroactively punish this abuse, as of this moment forward abusing similar bugs/tools to replicate this maneuver in its current state can result in disciplinary actions on an account. [Not Allowed]  
    Attacking PVP Zone from Safe Space: Our team has been investigating complaints of ships being attacked in the PVP zone from ships outside of the zone. Our investigations strongly point to sync issues between clients. We will continue to work with this feature, but recommend players consider the zone lines for PVP to be somewhat fluid and not absolute. Our version of the neutral zone! We ask that you continue to report cases with positions, but will not action accounts at this time, unless an additional exploit is discovered. [Allowed]  
    Overlapping engines with other elements (obscuring): A fix will be rolled out that will prevent this from occurring. No action will be taken, unless additional abuse is occurring. [Allowed]  
    Theft Via RDMS: RDMS permissions and settings are the sole discretion of each player. We advise you take the time to get to know and understand the system and be cautious when making a construct or element usable by unknown players, including the use of your friends list. Not every player has your best interest at heart. We can not get involved with permission based theft, whether as an individual or an organization. We encourage you to review your friends list each time you add or remove someone and ensure your construct permissions are set accordingly. The context menu options that set public access currently do not have a confirmation prompt, be careful as setting public access to said construct will allow every player in Dual Universe to go into build mode and remove/place elements and voxels.  [Allowed]
    Environmental Walls/Creations: Use of the environmental and voxel tools allows the manipulation of terrain on owned and unowned tiles. You may build walls or other structures up to the allowed height, however, said constructions must not:  Block access to market places or tutorials Must abide by our Community Standards (phallic/sexual, political, religious or otherwise offensive shapes are not permitted) Must not be placed with the intention of interfering with neighboring players. When players can not agree, the final decision on what is and is not acceptable is decided on a case-by-case basis by Novaquark staff.
    Marketplace Construct Parking: Players are permitted to park at marketplaces with their transport vehicles so long as they are not preventing use to other players or obstructing entry or exit points. Vehicles whose purpose is advertising (organization, service or otherwise) must abide by the following rules.  Organizations and individuals wishing to advertise at markets may have one advertising construct per district maximum Constructs may not be larger than “Small” sized Constructs may not block access to any building, entry points or dispensers Advertisements must not be placed/parented on constructs that don’t belong to you Constructs that violate these terms will be removed from the game without warning or compensation.
      Mass Manipulation in Transportation:  Players who utilize bugs to bypass the weight penalty of their inventory, other players, other constructs, etc to move mass through the game are not permitted. This includes: Adding additional mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Docking mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Circumventing linked container range [Fix Pending] [Not Allowed]  
    Item Duplication: Any method of duplicating items or resources (including quanta) is not allowed at any time. Any incidents of bugs of this nature must be reported to the support team at support.dualthegame.com [Not Allowed]
    We do recommend you keep regular backups of your constructs in the form of blueprints in the case you lose a ship (through intended means (sale, give away etc),or undesired results such as in PVP, you can still recreate it later.    
    How to Blueprint (to save your ship/build):
    Enter build-mode on the construct, right click anywhere on the construct and click “Create Blueprint”. The blueprint will then be generated inside your currently active inventory. It is wise to keep hold of a copy of any of your blueprints inside your personal nanopack, as these are safe and not lost upon respawning.
    We realize this is not an exhaustive list, and we will expand upon it as time goes on. We also understand some members of our community feel that using a bug or exploit prior to acknowledgement by Novaquark is considered okay. We’d like to state that any intentional use of a  bug or exploit will be treated harshly going forward. This is the one and only warning we will issue on this topic. Please just don’t DU it! 

    On behalf of the entire team, we thank you for helping us make Dual Universe a better place! 
    The Novaquark Team
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from jmorrison51 in Post-Kickstarter Rewards   
    The founder (both Kickstarter and post-Kickstarter) rewards are as follows:

    But wait! There's more! Founders also get some of the Supporter pack goodies:
    For the full explanation on how name reservations work:
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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Naerais in Website & Program Updates   
    Dear Noveans,
    When we set out to launch our beta this summer, we also envisioned a series of major changes and improvements outside of the game. A major one was the complete redesign of the game’s website, as well as the migration to a brand new tech stack for the site’s front and back ends. We were also planning to launch several programs, such as a Content Creator program and a Recruit-a-Friend program, which relied on a new, versatile code system. That code system is also being used to grant our backers the beta invitations which are part of their Kickstarter or Alpha packs.
    Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, as you’ve been witnessing over the past few days (2020 strikes again...). We had to revert part of our tech migration, and postpone the move to a new authentication platform, among other things in our backend. So for the past few weeks we have been struggling to try and reconcile the new site and the code system with our legacy backend. This task has honestly been way more difficult than we had imagined. 
    We already missed the boat when it came down to allowing you to invite your friends a week earlier, and we’ve come to announce more delays, sadly. As we approach the launch of the beta, we have to be realistic about what we’ll be able to deliver, as we had to make tough choices:

    We will launch the new Dual Universe website tomorrow; it will have the most essential content and features, with some visual and quality of life improvements missing. We’ll add more content after beta.
    The Content Creator program will be ready, using the above code system (see potential limitation below). You should be able to get the invitations included in your beta packs on day 1, though the system may not be as easy to use as we wanted. Making sure you have these codes ready is one of our top priorities (see potential limitations below). You should be able to go to the website and upload images for publishing in Dual Universe, which will go through an internal review process to ensure that they follow the game’s Code of Conduct.  
    The Recruit-a-Friend program didn’t make the cut… and that sucks. We worked hard on it and we were really excited about it. The in-game content is ready, but the entitlement system isn’t. Unfortunately, we couldn’t work on all the entitlements in the limited time that we had these past few weeks.

    There is a potential limitation with the code system, for both content creators and beta keys: in the next few days the codes may not be redeemable with existing accounts - only with new ones (like for the load test). We are trying to lift that limitation as soon as possible, as we know it’s not ideal. 
    So what’s next? All these new systems, the new website, and these new programs will be constantly improved in the days and weeks to come. Our priority will be to lift the code limitation and to launch the Recruit-a-Friend program as soon as possible. We don’t want to give you a date that we may not be able to hold, but know that we are doing everything we can to make it as early as possible. 
    Finally let’s tackle the question of “Why did we announce the Recruit-a-Friend program if it wasn’t going to be ready?” Well, that’s the point; we really thought it was going to be ready, just as when we announced the ability to invite your friends a week prior to beta. It’s disappointing, for you and for us. But we believe these programs are worth it, so we want to make them right.
    We hope you’ll bear with us, and that you’ll be able to enjoy the Dual Universe beta in the meantime.
    The Novaquark Team
    *Note: we unfortunately won’t be able to retrofit any recruitment that you may do between now and the official launch of the program. Recruitment will only count from the day of the launch of the program, when we can track who’s recruiting who properly.
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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Naerais in Volunteer Forum Moderator Program - NOW RECRUITING!   
    So, You Wanna Be a Moderator?
    Oh yeah, that’s right! We’re opening up recruitment for our forum moderation team! We are specifically looking to add additional language support so we’re seeking the following languages: 
    English English/French English/German  
    If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with Dual Universe on a deeper level and have some time to give, we’re looking for volunteers that can offer a few hours each week to check in on our forums, help approve posts, moderate reported content and help people find their way around. 
    How does it work? 
    All of our moderators are volunteers. Moderators are given a new account from which to do their duties from and their identity is kept secret. Moderators help to keep the forums clean and orderly. They are the front line for approving posts and content and handling reported issues. They work with and under the direction of the Community Management team. 
    The rules are below: 
    We will contact selected candidates quickly, so don’t delay. If you aren’t selected this round, we will be recruiting for the future and will retain applications for 6 months.  A short quiz/test of skills may be asked in a second round. 
    We are looking for three to five community members to help us with keeping an eye on the forums to make sure we continue to have one of the most helpful and inviting communities possible. This isn’t an opportunity for those who feel this is a chance to finally be recognized for your contributions because all volunteer moderators will be issued a new forum account to use only when performing their moderation duties. You also won’t be able to tell anyone you’ve been chosen. All community volunteer moderators must remain anonymous. This opportunity is for those who wish to help the Community Team maintain our high standards for an inviting, helpful, and respectful community.
    If you think this is something you’re interested in and you can be fair and impartial in your actions in the role of a community moderator, then you should apply. Before you do, you should know we have the following expectations and criteria:
    Requirements and Expectations
    Must have a clean community record. No warnings, infractions, etc. For at least the previous six months. No suspensions or bans. Posting history shows a helpful, constructive and respectful posting pattern. Apply the community rules in a fair and impartial manner to all members. You understand and accept that this role Is purely voluntary and carries no compensation or other consideration – financial or otherwise. Willing to be and remain anonymous. Ability to serve in this role for at least 6 months. Read and write fluent English for all roles. French, German, or Russian written fluency is a very big plus.
      You should also be comfortable with all the things a volunteer moderator will be asked to do. A Volunteer Community Moderator will have access to tools and forum functions that will allow them to take a variety of actions.
    Community Volunteer Moderators Can
    Move threads to the correct areas. Hide threads and posts they feel are inappropriate until they can be reviewed by the Community Team. Merge multiple threads on the same topic into a single thread. Approve posts by new members (required for first-time posts). Bring urgent matters to the direct attention of the Community Team. Getting Naerais her coffee.  
    Community Volunteer Moderators Cannot
    Delete any thread or post. Edit the text of any post. Suspend any account for any reason.
      Still with us? Ready to tell us how great you’d be at this? Excellent!  We’ll need you to send us a little information so we can get to know you.
    Once we’ve collected your applications the Community Team, and other members of the Novaquark staff, will review your information and reach out to those we feel would be a good fit. Those individuals will then need to pass one more round of questions before being selected. If you don’t hear from us, please don’t take offense. We expect to hear from many outstanding candidates. With only a small number of slots to fill not everyone will be chosen.
    We'll be taking applications starting today, Tuesday July 28, 2020  until Thursday, July 30th @ 12pm UTC. 

    What do you look for in a moderator?
    We’re looking for people who have shown they are helpful, well spoken, and welcoming. We expect moderators will be discrete, honest, and always have the best interests of the community along with a healthy dose of fairness and common sense guiding their decisions.
    How does my backer status affect my chances of becoming a mod?
    Simply put; it doesn’t. Your backer status, or lack thereof for that matter, does not factor into our decision. We are looking only at post histories, past behavior, and your application and follow up questions.
    How long will a Community Volunteer Moderator have their position?
    CVMs do not have a fixed term of service; however, we will do regular checkups with them every three to six months. This is to ensure they are still able and willing to continue with the tasks assigned. Of course, we reserve the right to remove any CVM we feel is not acting in a manner consistent with our policies and the community and moderator guidelines at any time and at our sole discretion.
    What happens if a volunteer mod abuses their position?
    We have a set of rules and guidelines for our volunteers to follow. They are publicly posted and if we find a volunteer is not abiding by those rules (both the letter and the spirit behind them) then the community team may choose to remove them from their position. Serious abuse or misuse of their role may result in additional actions if deemed warranted.
    While we will investigate moderator actions if abuse is reported, please be aware that false reports just to discredit a Moderator reputation will also be severely punished.
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from SimonVolcanov in Kill reports   
    I hope not. Kill boards advertise that the game is all about killing. If there are kill boards then there should also be "best build" boards, exploration boards, manufacturer boards, and mining boards.
    DU is not EVE. It should being DUing it's own thing, not making an EVE 2.0.
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from GraXXoR in Congrats to Yamamushi (and possible feedback on Novaquark Employee Policy)   
    The news is quite bittersweet.
    DU’s #1 fan turned NQ is, without doubt, a loss for the community, but a massive gain for NQ. 
    I expect more great things from NQ-Yama in the future xD
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from ParagonExploiter in A reason to claim all territories   
    Let players decide...
    Dual Universe is about having mechanics that gives players the say on how they want to have the universe to work (at least their small part of it). This player agency is what makes is sandbox game so appealing.
    The idea
    If a single organization (including subsidiaries) can claim percentage of a planet or moon (say 75+% as example) that organization is marked as owning the planet on the planetary map AND that organization gets special rights to create some game changing laws for the planets surrounding space (an example could be switching direct PvP on or off for others or everyone)

    Taking it one step further, if a majority of the planets in a system are claimed by the same organization (or subsidiaries), the same can be done for the system as a whole: the system is marked as belonging to that organization and the organization can set system-wide rules.
    Which rules can can be created are left to NQ to decide, though switching on/off PvP in controlled space could be a big one.
    Allow players to choose what “settings” they want on a planet/system they have a majority claim on. It gives a concrete mechanical goal that players could work towards to really make the game their own and territory warfare is meaningful.
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from ShioriStein in A reason to claim all territories   
    Let players decide...
    Dual Universe is about having mechanics that gives players the say on how they want to have the universe to work (at least their small part of it). This player agency is what makes is sandbox game so appealing.
    The idea
    If a single organization (including subsidiaries) can claim percentage of a planet or moon (say 75+% as example) that organization is marked as owning the planet on the planetary map AND that organization gets special rights to create some game changing laws for the planets surrounding space (an example could be switching direct PvP on or off for others or everyone)

    Taking it one step further, if a majority of the planets in a system are claimed by the same organization (or subsidiaries), the same can be done for the system as a whole: the system is marked as belonging to that organization and the organization can set system-wide rules.
    Which rules can can be created are left to NQ to decide, though switching on/off PvP in controlled space could be a big one.
    Allow players to choose what “settings” they want on a planet/system they have a majority claim on. It gives a concrete mechanical goal that players could work towards to really make the game their own and territory warfare is meaningful.
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    KurockNotabi reacted to BliitzTheFox in Territory Control And Warfare   
    Territory Control And Warfare

    A vision of how Territory warfare could exist in Dual Universe

        Territory in Dual Universe can be claimed, but to simply claim territory that can be quickly mined out is not sufficient with how large planets are in Dual Universe and how expensive Territory Control Units could be. In this post I will outline a system that would encourage players to build and maintain territory units in a fair manner without requiring millions of people to be playing the game while being able to scale to millions of people playing the game.
    Expanding Territory Units
        The first concept I would like to introduce is the idea of territory units being able to expand to adjacent hexes. The Planets are very big and having 100s if not 1000s of TCUs to defend is bad gameplay for such a small territory. In this concept, a territory unit when placed would cover one hex, then if the territory unit was fueled it would over an amount of time expand to nearby hexes to either some limit, or no limit (more on that later). This makes TCUs more valuable to protect as the loss of one TCU could result in the loss of multiple hexes of territory, also making them a better target for the sake of territory warfare. 
    What if expanding territory unit had no limit on radius?
        Lets say for instance you allowed any TCU with enough time and fuel to expand across the entire world. This is obviously in of itself not a viable solution and we need a new concept to balance it out. A concept called Claim Strength. The idea of claim strength is that a claim is strongest in close proximity to the claim and decreases as you get further away from the tcu. Starting at 1.0, then to 0.9, and eventually down to 0.001 at the extreme ranges. Then we restrict functions of the RDMS system to claim strength. For instance, in order to prevent PvP in your territory say you need that particular Hex to have a claim strength of 0.5 or greater, outside of that you still own the territory, but are not able to restrict pvp. Then we say that anyone can place a new TCU anywhere that has less than 0.1 claim strength. This would mean while you could, undisturbed take an entire planet with one TCU, it would be a very bad idea. Not only is there a single point of failure that would cost you the entire planet, but anyone can place new tcus down that challenge your control.
        Furthermore the more territory they control the more fuel they will take up, reducing in efficiency, thus each TCU has an optimal range. This also opens up the possibility of different TCU's with greats claim strengths that can push out further.

    Planetary Ownership
        Finally there is the concept of Planetary ownership which could yield its own benefits to whoever controls the most Hexs on a planet. The majority controller of the planet get's their organization's name on it on the map. and perhaps other low level RDMS benefits or resource benefits.

    The overall idea is that the more land that we can claim the faster territory warfare can be in the game, and thanks to Claim strength in the beginning anyone who can build a TCU can join in claiming territory. This adds to the value of attacking Tcu's that are taking up too much territory without completely forcing everyone under someone else's rules in rdms.
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from yamamushi in Congrats to Yamamushi (and possible feedback on Novaquark Employee Policy)   
    The news is quite bittersweet.
    DU’s #1 fan turned NQ is, without doubt, a loss for the community, but a massive gain for NQ. 
    I expect more great things from NQ-Yama in the future xD
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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Congrats to Yamamushi (and possible feedback on Novaquark Employee Policy)   
    Congrats Yamamushi for joining the Novaquark team!  
    If you want to join us in congratulating Yamamushi (and/or give your feedback on the Novaquark Employee Policy), you can post below in this topic!  
    Best Regards,
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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Novaquark welcomes Yamamushi to the team!   
    Dear Community Members,
    We have some very exciting news to share. Many of you who have been here for a long time probably already know Yamamushi. As one of the co-founders of the official community Discord and an early Kickstarter backer, Yamamushi has been around as a very active and well known community member for almost 4 years now. 
    We are excited to have him joining the team. With him coming on board, a few important things are going to change and we wanted to be transparent about this with you all.  We have always valued neutrality for our employees and we try to avoid any conflict of interests. Like all other employees he is bound to some important communication restrictions. Yamamushi must discontinue being a community figure while he is employed with Novaquark. This means stepping down as a moderator on Discord and our public forums, while retaining some limited administrative rights (precisely to maintain the DU Bot). He is also bound by an internal NDA contract and won’t be able to share everything as a Novaquark employee. For those who are friends with him, we ask you to avoid attempting to get behind-the-scene information from him, regarding the game or the company. 
    He won’t be able to communicate or play anymore as Yamamushi, but his love for the community is strong and he will continue to follow the community from the Dev side. He will also not be permitted to be a part of a player-run organization. We know this can be hard to face for such an integral part of our community and this has been a hard decision that may feel frustrating (at least it is for us and for him) but a necessary step to avoid any suspicion of favorizing any group of players in the community.
    We would also like to take this opportunity to explain what are our internal rules when a member of our community becomes a Novaquark employee:
    His/her personal accounts are suspended for the time he/she is a Novaquark employee.
      He/she is given an anonymous player account so he/she could still continue to play the game, however, some specific rules apply to such an account:
      a. The Novaquark employee behind should not reveal his/her real identity and/or he’s part of the company. 
      b. He/she shouldn’t join a player-run organization with this account either, for neutrality reasons.
      He/she is given a NQ account, mostly to test things, and occasionally to communicate with the community in-game (if such opportunity arises). Nothing done on this account (coming usually with more powers/rights than a player account) will be transferred on any personal account.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this, please join us in welcoming Yamamushi to the team here!
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in NQ-Naeris, new Community Manager, has entered the game!   
    Dear Community members, 
    As announced in the news available here, we are glad to welcome a new Community Manager in the team!
    She will be the Community Manager at Novaquark Montreal, which means we will now be able to cover more time zone.
    We are really happy to have her on board!
    Give a warm welcome to NQ-Naerais!  
    Best Regards,
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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Naerais in NQ-Naeris, new Community Manager, has entered the game!   
    Hello Noveans! 
    As NQ-Nyzaltar said, I just joined the team here in Montreal. I'm very happy to be here, and excited to continue this amazing journey with all of you. I am quite new to the company so I do ask for a little patience while I get sorted here, I may not have all the answers right away but do know I will do my best to help make your experience with us the best it can be. 
    A bit about my background, I've worked on quite a few games of all varieties (MMO, Table Top, Card, Collectible, Board and more) for more years than I care to admit. I'm definitely an MMO fanatic and will be spending just as much of my free time along side you (in secret ) as you do. I'm convinced I'm a cat whisperer (though the same can be said for coffee), and a sci-fi fan. 
    I can't wait to see, share and celebrate all that you build in this amazing universe together!
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from Murgos in Loners in an MMO like Dual Universe?   
    Why solo in an MMO? Are they missing the point? Are they just doing it wrong?
    This GDC 2011 talk discusses the notion, presenting 10 types of loners and how they could be addressed in an MMO.
    How relevant are these 10 types of loner in Dual Universe?
    1) New Kid In Town
    A new player, fresh off the arkship. Full of hopes and dreams but have no connections and have no idea how to proceed.
    Some believe getting organizations to recruit them as fast as possible is the answer but is that really the best way? Overly aggressive advertising puts some people off and others first want to get a handle on the game before they even think of joining an organization.
    2) The Daria
    To this type of player, other players are tragic. A joke. To this player, others are content to be watched with a side of popcorn.
    There are already plenty of opportunities to watch others, for example, at events. Just show up. Bring your own popcorn.
    3) The Sociopath
    Sometimes called a griefer, this player type likes to watch everyone burn.  
    The smart ones will stay within the rules (barely), while the not-so-smart ones will feel the ban hammer. Moving on.
    4) Mr Lunch At His Desk
    Those with little time, playing in the few breaks they have; like during lunch or after the kids are asleep.
    Some activities will simply take too long for this type of player, but as long as there are viable and reliable workarounds (like taking a DUber) this type of play is possible.
    5) The Introvert
    Talking to people is scary and this type of player doesn't want to ask anyone else for anything.
    The sandbox nature of DU means that unlike some other MMOs, players are not forced to do anything if they don't want to. Players don't need to do anything at all if they so choose.
    6) The Adrift
    Groups break up. Organizations will dissolve and some players will be kicked out of groups for various reasons. These are players that really don't mind the social interactions but find themselves without a group. Sometimes this sours the players outlook on the game as a whole and they leave game.
    Alliances between similar organizations will help a player find a place they are comfortable in the unfortunate event of a liquidation. 
    7) The Unworthy
    These are the players that don't know whether they are "good enough".
    DU: This is more of a problem in a hard leveling system. In DU, every hand is valuable.
    8) The Vacationer
    The players of this type want to take a break, be it from organization responsibilities or to do something different.
    Three characters per Dual Universe account may provide a player with a level of anonymity if they so choose. Or they can take their main character to relax in a specially built resort on that tropical island planet.
    9) The Commitment Phobic
    The commitment phobic have been burned by organization drama or by joining an incompatible organization. Or this type of player believes others are idiots.
    Joining an organization is a commitment, some bigger than others. Joining a voice chat shows a level of commitment, which is why (among other reasons) many organizations require a voice chat interview.
    10) The Garbo
    No, he is not calling this type of player garbage. These types of players, like Greta Garbo, just want to be left alone.
    In Dual Universe, everything is player run. If an item can be bought at a market it's because players collected the required ores, built it and put it up for sale. Besides going full hermit, a solo player will still need to interact with other players, even if it is indirectly.
    Can a player play Dual Universe solo? Yes.
    Will that solo player be able to control a vast empire that includes huge fleets and multiple planets? No.
    Do you agree? Disagree?  Or is this talk old and no longer applicable if it ever was? Like, comment and subscribe.
    What? This isn't the YouTubes? Just DU it anyway.
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    KurockNotabi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Community Portal: Alpha 3 transitional state   
    Hi everyone!
    With the Alpha 3 deployment around the corner and the RDMS implementation, we had to make significant changes in the background by connecting organizations data available on the Community Portal to the organizations data that will be available in-game. As it is a "Work in Progress", the Community Portal will switch in "Read Only" mode for the time being, to limit the probability of technical issues.
    During this transitional period, All management actions for the organizations will be done in-game.
    You will also note that the number of legates per organizations isn't displayed anymore.
    We are aware the situation isn't ideal, but it's a temporary and necessary step.
    Update: Wednesday, January 22th, 16:15 UTC
    What's the current situation?
    To be clear:
    - Posting/Editing News have been deactivated on the Community Portal.
    - It will still be possible to post/edit News on the Community Portal through the in-game User Interface (assuming you have the proper rights to do such thing).
    - Posting/Editing News will remain in a minimal state for the time being (only simple text. HTML code for formating options and image insertion will came back later).
    - Posting/Editing News directly through the Community Portal should come back at a later stage.
    - The "Join Organization / Accept application" feature remains active.
    - The applications pending before the maintenance today should still be there after.
    - Features such promoting or demoting a member will now exclusively in-game (as the process may now involve other game mechanics).
    - Displaying the number of legates on the Organization Ranking page has been deactivated (as an intermediary step of the coming changes in the future).
    What's coming in the future?
    (please keep in mind that the features described below are work in progress and might change before their release)
    Organization Ranking by the number of Active Members.
    As the Community Portal will evolve, we plan to display the number "Active Members" and the number "Honorary Members" for each organization in the future.
    The Organization Ranking will be done by the number of Active Members in decreasing order.
    What will be "Active Members" and "Honorary Members"?
    "Honorary Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal but haven't access to the game.
    "Active Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal and have access to the game.
    Accounts joining an organization directly in-game will be automatically validated as "Active Members" in an organization.
    Only "Active Members" will be eligible to legate status, as most organization management actions will be only possible in-game.
    Why planning this?
    This is planned for two reasons:
    1) To give a better visibility for newcomers regarding the activity potential of each organization (which can impact the decision of joining one organization or another).
    2) To discourage unfair practices such as creating ghost accounts and making them join an org to inflate artificially its size (and get undeserved visibility).
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    KurockNotabi reacted to Agilulf in Organization count legitimacy   
    Manually datamined from the community page. Pledge status, join date and similar information can be viewed there. But of course you can't see past activities, especially players joining and leaving organizations, so the second infographic only shows players that joined and stayed.
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    KurockNotabi reacted to Agilulf in Organization count legitimacy   
    Since nobody asked, here's some impregnated data!

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    KurockNotabi reacted to Agilulf in Organization count legitimacy   
    Since nobody asked, here's some important data!

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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in [Novawrimo2019] The Forgotten   
    Don't forget to remember to read this ~4000 word short story about The Forgotten.
    The Forgotten.pdf
    The Forgotten.docx
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    KurockNotabi reacted to Vyz Ejstu in [Novawrimo2019] Feels Like Pain   
    This contest submission is a continuation from my previous Novawrimo entry: That Bright Dawn. 'Feels Like Pain' is much shorter and I hope to do more stories like this in the future. 
    I can only hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. 
    Kind regards, 
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from Sigtyr in So how can I be a part of the community?   
    You already are part of the community.  Welcome.
    There is a bit of frustration stemming from the NDA. It does enhance the perception that those with packs are *in* and those without aren’t.
    This is cemented with the fact that only backers can create organizations. (This used to be open to all, but was abused so it was changed to what we have today.)
    So what can be done?
    Discord and Forums (the non-NDA parts) are open for anyone. Throw down your thoughts and have a chat (like you DU)
    To create an organization without owning a pack you would have to either team up with someone with a pack or create your  organizations discord server or both.
    The NDA is being lifted later this year and with Beta access to the game will be much simpler/easier with all the beta keys floating around.
    Hope this helps.
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from SirJohn85 in [Novawrimo2019] The Forgotten   
    Don't forget to remember to read this ~4000 word short story about The Forgotten.
    The Forgotten.pdf
    The Forgotten.docx
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    KurockNotabi got a reaction from TheEmpress in [Novawrimo2019] The Forgotten   
    Don't forget to remember to read this ~4000 word short story about The Forgotten.
    The Forgotten.pdf
    The Forgotten.docx
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