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  1. Hey all, So I put together a sign for Dual Universe. I made it out of Padauk, Walnut, and Oak. These are natural wood colors, so no dying. I then traced a logo onto the wood and carved it out with my router. It isn't perfect, it is the first sign I've made, but I am really happy with it. After making the inlay i drilled holes, routed out the back of the piece, and added 24 LED diodes. Once i wired them up and everything was working, I mixed up epoxy with white pigment and poured it over the letters. After the epoxy dried, i sanded smooth, added some chamfers, and finished with Shellac. Here are some pics of me putting it together... I used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the wood and then used a router to carve out. What a mess? Maybe I should have used LED strips instead of this... Well, maybe next time. It works!! Finished Product.. I turned the lights off.. It is really shiny Hope you all like it!!
  2. I just made a new desk for my computer, but i measured wrong and it can't fit up the stairs... Oh well, I guess it can just go in the Dining room... I cut this tree down in my front yard, and because it looked so cool, i learned how to make stuff!
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