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  1. I have played Everquest Landmark which has exactly the same building system and to smoothen a whole selected area is a crucial function.
  2. please delete one as the forum created this thread twice..
  3. Title says it all. Also different colour tones would be pretty neat.
  4. Title says it all. Also different colour tones would be pretty neat.
  5. lol Of course, a polished and balanced release version should be priority number one.
  6. yes they should have their own tech indeed. So they would have to change the models of elements like thrusters etc. but it should be doable. Im not saying that this should be in the release version of the game but I really would like to see it as a major update some time after release.
  7. You dont seem to get my point. I know that there wont be any alien species on the ships. But that doesnt mean that there possibly could be other species in the universe. Thats why I suggested that they will be living very far from the arkships.
  8. of course there should be no differenes except for the looks. I just think it would add more variety to the game. I know exactly what this game is about since I follow its development since kickstarter. I really love the ideas they have! But having the Novark doesnt mean that there cant be other species as well.
  9. Wouldnt it be cool if the player could choose between multiple (human-like) species which live far seperated from each other? I also thought about each species having their own "language" and one must have some special translation skills to understand it. Kinda like ArcheAge has done it.
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